Top left: Inside the big dome

Top right: The structures under the beacon

Bottom left: One of the dome's elevators

Bottom right: Top of the dome...How does that work?

Top left: In the airduct above the warehouse

Top right: The reactor pool at the base of the dome

Bottom left: The third floor level in the outer area of the dome

Bottom right: The base of the main reactor

Top left: The main drag

Top right: The view from above the drag

Bottom left: Another mysterious structure

Bottom right: The tunnel at the end of the drag

Top left: On top of the crossing structure

Top right: The pipe passage in one of the buildings

Bottom left: Directly beneath the main beacon's beams

Bottom right: The base of the beams...four stories down

Top left: The view from the warehouse catwalk

Top right: On the main warehouse floor

Bottom left: A three-way junction in the sewer complex

Bottom right: The drainage system below the sewers

Top left: The button and wheel assembly open the sliding grate

Top right: Manhole covers may swing open to let you access the sewers

Bottom left: The view from the top of the warehouse

Bottom right: The main beams of the space beacon in the distance

Top left: On the mountains above the main space beacon

Top right: The primary ground level elevator shaft

Bottom left: The secondary cooling tower in the small dome

Bottom right: A view of the entire beacon complex from the mountains

Gotta keep 'em seperated

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