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Puma Explains Carry the Flag's Rules and Strategies

Sorting Out the Carry the Flag Mod

Okay, where to start...Well the MOD that I had put up yesterday didn't get the response and welcome I was expecting. So Toonces and I took it down..but the more I thought about it last night the more I decided that this MOD is really to good too just give up on, just yet. I think it received such a "lack luster" response because the majority of the people just didn't understand how it worked, and for that I apologize. I should have put up something to explain it better. So I'm going to try, with Toonces help, to explain it in more detail before running it again. First I will illustrate how we currently play our typical CTF games (This of course everybody understands.) However I feel that I need to emphasize our way of playing so that I can more easily contrast it to the "Carry the Flag-CTF" method of play that was tried yesterday. So here goes (Current CTF Method:)

Objective: Capture enemy Flag and return to home base, to score points.

Exceptions to Scoring: NONE (Home flag must be on pedestal for Flag runner, with enemy flag, to "CAP-Flag" and score point.)


Q1) How can player return HOME flag if enemy has it?

A1) Player with the enemy's HOME flag may be killed by the opposing team player, at which point the player touches his flag and it AUTOMATICALLY returns to its HOME pedestal.

Q2) How important is TEAM Play strategy?

A2) As in any CTF game TEAM Play and it's strategies is very important but lopsided.

Q3) What do you mean, lopsided PUMA? (ya idget)

A3) In typical CTF you don't worry to much about the defense of your home flag, beyond the point of making it difficult for the other team to grab and run with it (Now I don't mean that no one cares about guarding the Home Flag.) What I am trying to emphasize is that it is not super critical because you know if an enemy player does succeed in grabbing your flag and running with it, you may not kill him, but you have a good chance of hurting him with at least one or two good shots before he is really on "the move" out of your base.

Q4) Well he is out of my home base, and with my Flag, should I worry now PUMA?

A4) Hell yes you should worry, but still chances are your enemy "flag carrying friend" is taking all sorts of flack from your over digitally stimulated teammates. But still it remains lopsided.

Q5) Why is it still lopsided, WHY!?!

A5) Okay, I'm getting to that...So in the interim, during your enemy's player's Wiley Coyote "snatch and grab" flag maneuver (the poor player who is mentioned above) several of your teammates RUSHED the opposing teams base and accomplished the same thing and are now headed back to your base with the other teams flag. (Hold the Phone PUMA)

Q6) Sounds like things are pretty even to me!?! Both teams have the flag, both teams rushed the base, and now both teams are heading how to score. That's Team Play for ya, right PUMA?

A6) Yes, very much so, but still lopsided...(stay with me) the TEAM moves in a SINGLE WAVE (yes you have that one or two players who might stay in your home base or find their favorite camping hole), but basically you move as a single "stream" or wave with the objective of grabbing the flag and running home with it. Why? Because you know that once you have the enemy flag the HARDEST thing you have to do is just hold onto it, because all you need is for one of your teammates, with a few seconds of good skill or luck, to get a well planted shot off (or in some cases wait for the enemy flag carrier to kill his dumb self - done it) and then "swoop" in and simply "tap" the flag and PRESTO it will appear in front of your flag carrier, on your pedestal all nice and neat. Now, if you're the lucky flag carrier, you simply needs to execute that nice "double lendy" across your flag "zone" to score.

Q7) Sounds like a great game PUMA, So whets wrong with that?

A7) Nothing is wrong, nor does it sound like something that is not fun. Hell I love it! (except for Tack, BK, Woof, Frisky, oh heck I don't like any of ya unless you're on my team - LOL) but I think the game may be a more interesting (given the chance) if we were to spread that "SINGLE" or wave of required strategy across a more broader spectrum.

Q8) Okay I think I follow you, despite all of your insane ramblings, so how do we do that? Even out the "lopsided" strategy?

A8) Well we try the MOD I came across. And to show how it compares I will take us back down the UT rabbit hole and replay the game (as illustrated in the above Q&A) to show you. (Now I ask everyone to spit out their "everlasting Gobstopers" and wave to the Umpalumpa because "Kansas is going Bye Bye!")

CTF Running Under Puma's Twisted MOD

Objective: Capture enemy Flag and return to home base, to score points.

Exceptions to Scoring: TWO: 1) Home flag must be on pedestal for Flag runner, with enemy flag, to "CAP-Flag" and score point (same as above); 2) Flag runner may encounter or seek out and destroy the enemy player who is currently holding his teams flag (i.e. Flag runner Vs. Flag runner - He/She who losses the head-to-head confrontation drops the enemy's flag in their own pool of blood, upon which (if you're the last one standing and none of his buddies are around) can quickly "swoop" down and run over the flag where it lays, to score.

Q1) Well wait PUMA, that sounds pretty risky, If I was the flag runner, to get into a "scrap" with the other flag carrier and run the chance of costing my team a point right then and there, right?

A1) You got genius, as in most cases, if you have the flag...get the HELL out of the enemies way (how many times have we seen one of your own bots, with the enemy flag in tow, fighting it out instead of running like a mad-cat because one of them shot their pinky toe?? Pisses ya off right? well I think that goes for most of us if you're a human player too.) What happens the person looses, drops the flag and POOF it is returned. In most cases no big deal you have a few teammates already on their way back or possibly were sitting already in the enemy flag room....just waiting for the flag to return to start the run again (we all know what I'm talking about here right? You return the flag and almost instantly you hear that hideous "Brrrriiiiinggg" and warning message "Enemy has your flag" (heck it's only been back for 500ms.)

Q2) Well duh, PUMA that's how it is done.

A2) Why? the only reason that your flag was taken in 500ms is because none of your teammates are staying in their own flag room to guard it...because they are moving with one objective on their mind "Get to the other base to grab the flag WHEN it is automatically returned because I know one of my teammates will get that lucky shot and tap it! Well guess what folk, in this MOD that can't happen..If you are the flag runner with the enemy flag in tow and you are "fragged" by any of the opposing team forces (other than the flag runner with your flag - see above questions if you're lost) they CAN NOT simply touch their flag and send it magically back to their home base. They have to drag it gun's blazing and scream all the way back and RE-PLANT it on their own flag post before they can take the enemy flag and PLANT it as well to score.)

Q3) Wait, I think I'm starting to understand PUMA, you mean I have to have MY flag in MY base before I can Score with the OPPOSING teams flag?

A3) YES, and this is how we play it anyhow, right? I mean you have to have your flag in the base to score with the other teams flag, right? Hell yes I'm right! However it has become very critical to the game play to have your flag guarded. The fact that some of your teammates must truly try to keep the flag at it's home location so that when you're "flag-running" teammates return with the enemy flag, all shot up and bleeding and low on health that they have something to plant it on, and score!

Q4) But what if the enemy grabs my flag and runs out of the base anyhow, what do we do?

A4) Well go after it!! You will have to drag it back before your team can score...But look at it this way the other team will have to do it to. Plus just because your team drops the flag doesn't mean everything is over...REMEMBER the other team can't simply "tap" the flag to return it...they two have to drag it back under some "nasty" fire (if Tack or Frisky have anything to say about it - damn mini-gun freaks! LOL) back to their flag pedestal too.

Q5) Didn't you say the flag runner could "CAP" the flag and score a point for his or her team if he killed the other team player, who had their flag.

A5) YES, he is the only one. The reasoning behind this is that if the flag runner, in my opinion, is stupid enough to "risk it all" and go after the other person with the flag and try to kill him right then and there for the point....then their should be some risk. For example lets say you have the flag...you think you're Mr./Mrs. Bad Ass and you're tired of waiting for your teammates to bring you the flag so you decided to do it all on your own (Not a team player) and go after the other flag carrier....Well you get there and things don't go well he/she has some buddies waiting that you didn't expect and BAM you get killed...Well I'll tell you what If I'm the other flag runner...who you thought you were coming to kill because you were such a bad ass.....I'll stand over your corpse and thank you with all my UT-Heart "FOR BRINGING THE FLAG TO MY FRONT DOOR" and upon doing so I'll move my bandaged pinky-toe over the flag you once held so confidently, and SCORE for my Team! You "NO TEAM PLAYING FOOL!" LOL

Q6) So how is this all around good team play, PUMA?

A6) Well as I hope I was able to illustrate you really need some well rounded team play, some to help guard the flag so the runners can have something to return home to. Some well coordinated runners to go after the flag and back each other up, so as to make it out alive and as far as they can to return home and score with the enemy flag. And a group of team players who can be at the ready to pick up the enemy flag when it is dropped to continue running it home or to intercept the enemy, kill them and drag their flag home so your teammates can score. AS you can see this MOD is all about team play and nothing else.

Q7) What about our high flag scores, and in 10 minutes time?

A7) Well that just will not happen in most cases, the scores will be much lower...because as you can see unless your team is a fine oiled machine it gets very difficult if not imposable to score...This MOD truly points out if a group of people can play as a team, or are really in it for the freelancing fun of it.

Q8) What's wrong with the Freelancing fun of it, ya Idget!?!

A8) Nothing at all CTF is still fun to play, but if you want true team play and that's what you're looking for then this MOD, I believe, accomplishes it.

Q9) If we still don't like it PUMA, are you going to be pissed and leave like a little school kid?

A9) LOL, Hell you all aren't that lucky. I'll be a digital "pain" in many of your asses for a long time...I just think if we all gave this MOD a chance and fully understood how it works (which once again I'm sorry for not expanding on it before running it)...we might actually like it use it. Well that's all, I'm done, and I think all this typing has sprained my "trigger-finger" so I hope you're happy!

A Critical Point to Keep in Mind:

You cannot score a capture while you are carrying your own flag. If you have your own flag and you come across the enemy flag, you will need to drop your own flag...by Feigning Death which is the "F" key in the default settings...and pick up the enemy flag and then run over your own. Or, you may drop your own flag and let a bot or another player pick it up and score. The main thing that you have to keep squarely in mind, is that YOU MUST BE HOLDING THE ENEMY FLAG TO SCORE. There is simply no way around this short of allowing the bots to drop capture the flag and that's not good as they all just take their own flag and storm the other base.

"If you're stuck half way down a rabbit hole....SCREAM like HELL! because who wants to be stuck in a hole! Duh!"

Contributed by: [DC] Puma


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