Using the "Carry the Flag CTF" Mod

Carry The Flag is CTF like it should have been. You can't return your flag by simply touching it. You have to carry it back to your home base. There are also a lot of extra options for changing the way CarryTF is played. The Server Admin sets these options from the rules menu.

Effect on the Game
Turn this on and you can score by taking the enemy flag to your own flag, no matter where it is. For example, you could grab you own flag, drop it outside the enemy base, run in and get their flag, then run back out and capture the enemy flag by touching your own flag that is just lying there on the ground.
Capture without the Flag With this feature enabled, you can capture the enemy's flag even if your flag is not located at your base. If you are carrying the enemy flag, find your own flag, run over it and score. If an enemy player has your flag, kill them and then run over the flag to score. This switch setting works regardless of which flag is in your possession at the time. This mode is highly recommended for use with the Team Fortress mode.
Take the Friendly Flag If this switch is enabled, then you can take your own flag from it's base by pushing the Pickup/Drop Flag key (configured at the keyboard setup page), so you can run around with your own in order to hide and defend it or to go for a dropcap on the enemy flag.
Cat Bot Dropcap With this enabled the Cat Bots will attempt to dropcap the enemy flag. Don't be surprised if you see them taking their own flag and storming your base.
Team Fortress Mode Check this to have CarryTF play like Team Fortress. You cannot carry your own flag. There is no way to get it to return to your base except for waiting for it to respawn. You will have to guard it from the enemy, where ever it happens to be located, while you wait for it to be sent back to your base.
Dropped Flag Timeout This is the number of seconds the flag can lie on the ground before it is automatically sent back to the base. Set it to zero to have the flag never get sent back... this might cause some problems with the flag getting lost if something weird happens though. But nothing like that has ever happened during my testing.
TF Freeze Timer If this is enabled, the timer will not reset when the flag is picked up by an enemy in Team Fortress mode. It simply freezes, making it easier to return the flag. Recommended if Capture without Flag is off.
Send Flag
With this option checked, the flag will not return to base if it is dropped in lava or slime. Instead it will be moved to the nearest PathNode. Use this option to prevent people from committing suicide on maps like Lava Giant to get their flag back to base.

Some Recommended Options Congifurations

Carry The Flag

Leave all options off, and set Dropped TimeOut to 0. This is just regular CTF without magic teleporting flags.

Dropcap The Flag

Turn on Dropcap, Take friendly flag, Bot Dropcap and leave Dropped TimeOut at 0. This will create a faster paced and less base orientated CTF.

Team Fortress CTF

Team Fortress on, Cap without flag on, Dropped Timeout at 60. Pretend you are playing TFC.

Mobile Bases

Dropcap on, Team Fortress on, Dropped Timeout at 0. Make sure bots dropcap and you have send to pathnode on. Now when your flag gets taken then dropped, you have to defend it there no matter where it is...

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