Dance SnowLlama Dance!

                           Name:      SnowLlama...aka SnowCat

                              Age:       18 in chronological terms...around 7 to 9 in the maturity zone

          Llama Behavior:       Attempted Elf Bot user...which was forgiven...when he then proceeded to rip off
                                             all of the TeamUT skins packs and made them available for downloading on
                                             another clan's website.

  This Llama seems to suffer from a disconnect with reality. After 7 failed attempts to
  get on the Stuffed Cats Inc. server with an aim bot, he came up with the incredibly
  lame excuse that he was "...just testing it, but couldn't get it to work." Yeah right!
  And about that bridge you were thinking about buying...Being the understanding
  type of clan that we are, we let it slide only to have this special little Llama stab all
  of TeamUT in the back by jacking our skins and setting up a download directory on
  the [SNM] UT Clan Site. The [SNM] clan members have shown themselves to be
  good and honorable folk as they quickly removed the skins from their site and the
  lamer,SnowLlama, from their clan roster.


Standing Out From the Herd
RapLlama ~ JazzLlama ~ DizziLlama

                           Name:      Rap, Jazz, and Dizzifox...Who really knows? Who really cares?

                              Age:       43, 24, or 7...Take your pick.

          Llama Behavior:       A compulsive liar with a penchant for cruel and twisted practical
                                             jokes, this very sick individual is to be avoided at all times.

  This Llama has a complete lack of common decency. By impersonating a terminally
  ill child this piece of human flotsam gained sympathy from, and did as much harm
  as possible to, a number of kind and considerate people. He is, like all forms of pond
  scum, not very dangerous in an Unreal Tournament game. As the slime spewing fake
  that this Llama is, he presents a threat only when armed with an Aim Bot.


  • AKA:                    Master Killer

  • Age:                      Immature and childish

  • Llama Behavior:  Excessive bad taste, incessant
                                      type-chatting, and ripping-off
                                      clan identifiers

       Killer Priest is an extremely annoying
       presence whenever he appears on a
       server. He is, however, rather harmless
       as his deep love for all things Hispanic
       only allows his Flak Cannon to fire a
       blend of tortilla chips and guacamole

  • How to spot this Llama:

       This Llama uses vile, racist, and generally offensive
       language when type chatting. He also often wears
       clan designations he has not earned.


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