Final version - 13th May 2003

Miles Asvachin




Weapon model by Rachel Cordone a.k.a. Angel Mapper



Two new weapons for UT2003 along with two mutators to add them.

N.B. requires UT2003 v2225 or newer.

Originally developed as an anti-aircraft weapon, the Helios uses a revolutionary new form of micro-fusion reactor to produce large quantities of both neutrons and gamma rays, which are collected in a reflection chamber to be columnated and accelerated out of the barrel with a linear accelerator. This beam of radiation is so energetic that it can compress and heat even the very air to such a degree that spontaneous nuclear fusion occurs, leaving a trail of what are literally miniature stars in its wake. It takes two seconds to fully recharge after each shot, but the Helios may be re-fired before that at a reduced power output if required.

Also available is the Steorra, an enhanced version of the Helios featuring a larger, more efficient reflection chamber and a higher power accelerator. Equip your armed forces with a couple of these and you will gain instant respect from other major governments. Please note that the Steorra is banned by interstellar treaty in many parts of the galaxy due to the large quantities of highly radioactive waste it produces; Please check with your superiors before committing to a purchase.


Put the following files in the indicated directories:

Helios.u                             ->        UT2003\System
Helios.int                           ->        UT2003\System
HeliosMeshes.uax              ->        UT2003\Animations
HeliosStaticMeshes.uax     ->        UT2003\StaticMeshes
HeliosSounds.uax              ->        UT2003\Sounds
HeliosTextures.utx             ->        UT2003\Textures



The HeliosReplacer mutator will replace a single weapon with the Helios. It has a configuration menu so you can choose which weapon. The setting will be stored in 'Helios.ini'. If you need more flexible control of weapon replacement, I suggest you try one of the many excellent mutators already available for the purpose (e.g. SwitchArsenal).

The SteorraInstaGib mutator is an alternative to ZoomInstagib: one-shot kills using the Steorra.

Mappers can place individual instances of the weapons in maps in the same manner as any other weapon. Open 'Helios.u' in the editor and they will be available. Ammo for the Helios can be found along with all the standard ammo classes. The Steorra doesn't use any ammo. Please think carefully before placing a weapon as powerful as the Steorra in an ordinary map.

The Helios and the Steorra are identical in operation except that the Steorra is much more powerful, doing a minimum of 100 damage, and it doesn't need any ammo.

If you run a server with either mutator, you must add the package to the server packages list in UT2003.ini. Add the line 'ServerPackages=Helios' under the section labelled '[Engine.GameEngine]'.

Known bugs: