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Toonces' Oldest Daughter Gently Taunts the Local Gamers
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Saturday, April 5, 2007 2:00PM CDT

Do not be surprised if you see yourself in this video...

Earlier this year, Delia, my oldest daughter paid her Grandmother a visit in Southern Illinois. While there, she dropped in on the local gaming scene at the Dragon's Den Cyber-Cafe. Delia made a video that's now posted on her blog. The humor is seriously arcane and won't be obvious to any non-gamers. Most of you will understand it as you're either going to know all the people that she's talking one incarnation or another...or, you are one of the people she's talking to!

Click the link if you'd like to visit Delia's Blogspot at Zaadz:

Delia's Blogspot at Zaadz


The Return of the Dead Kitty's UT2004 Server is Imminent
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Saturday, March 17, 2007 6:00PM CDT

The 170.204 will become the 1.199 and UT2K4 rides again...

New Background for the Student Machines

It's finally time to say goodbye to the Stuffed Cats Inc .56 Server and UT99. Later this month all 16 machines located in the UTPA Student Union will be replaced with much more powerful and faster boxes that are all capable of running UT2004 at 1024x768 with almost everything turned up to the highest settings. The UT2K4 server will take over the IP address which will continue to ensure off-campus clients very low ping times and near zero percent packet loss.

The new server will kick things off with 130 maps spread out across four different game-types including: Capture the Flag (CTF), Onslaught (ONS), Vehicle Capture the Flag (VCTF), and the modification game-type Vehicle Invasion (INVO). The game play will mimic that of the UT99 server as closely as is possible. Game speed will be set at 130% of normal and air-control will hold at 35%. Low Gravity will continue to be the standard as will the Translocator in all game-types. The classic UT99 Sniper Rifle will be available on most of the maps and it will provide "Boost" to same team players. New mutators will include the Quad Jump, which perfectly suits the many large and open levels available, and "Vehicle Unlock" which makes all vehicles and turrets available to both teams at all times...The option of car-jacking the enemy's vehicles adds another dimension to the games.

The server will be set to have a minimum of 8 Bots in the game, but with the students playing, they will rarely be seen. If you're looking for players on the box, the students begin to populate the machine at around 8:15AM CST and usually, by Noon, there are 12 to 14 people in the game. The Student Union stays open until around 8:00PM CST and there will be at least a few students playing until they kick them out and lock the doors.

And remember the complete new IP address is:

Several of the Special Weapons Also Return

Four of the Special Weapons will be also be making an encore in the maps annotated with the (SW) designation in the level name. They include the MP5 Sub-Machine Gun/Rocket Launcher and the incredibly powerful Benneli Shotgun courtesy of ZenCoder. Both of these weapons will, for obvious reasons, have their ammo capacity limited and additional pick-ups will be somewhat rare.

Also returning will be Mr. Evil's fantastic Firechucker, or Flame-Thrower, which is the ultimate weapon in Car Park's corrugated pipe passages. The Red Team's weapons will throw red through yellow flames, while the Blue Team's will shoot blue to white colored flames. Either variety of fire will burn an enemy to cinders in mere seconds. Finally, Mr. Evil's wonderful PIC, or Personal Ion Cannon, is also back. Be sure to leave yourself plenty of room when using this puppy as the splash damage will kill you as quickly as the other team if you're in range.

A New Cat Girl Model and 4 New Skins

Models and skins have not been left out of the equation with a number of new offerings and the return of what is, in your humble Server Admin's opinion, the greatest model and skin ever created for UT2004. First up among the new models and skins are four excellent Cat Girls to choose from. Included are Leopard, Tiger, and Cheetah looks along with a really cute Anime version of the model.

The Unreal Wolf Model in 4 New Skins

Although they're not exactly the UT99 Dog Bots, the Unreal Wolf model and skins will be available and they are actually pretty spiffy looking inside the game. The Unreal Wolf model is a constant, but it does come in Black, Gray, White, and Brown skins.

The Astonishing "Effigy" Model and Skin

And finally, back for an encore appearance is the absolutely amazing Effigy model and skin. The detail on this thing (for lack of a better term) is stunning! It is a real hoot to watch a few of these monsters running around inside the game levels...It is truly the stuff of nightmares.

All of these skins and models are available for download and use on the server. Please see the LINKS below.

To take a much closer look at the new UT2004 Models and Skins click this link:

UT2K4 Models & Skins

To download all the filez you'll need to play on the Dead Kitty's UT2004 Server click this link:

Essential UT2004 Filez


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