Title of us...
Gotta Kep 'em seperated
O0o.Our Server.o0O

Gotta keep'em seperated
The NET DOG...
Stuffed Cats Inc.
Low Gravity & Vicious Bots

IP Address:


  • UT Bonus Packs & Custom Skins & Voices


  • Honkin' Big Maps with Low Grav & Exploding Ammo


  • Level -5 "Masterful", all attribs set to max

    Hours of Operation:

  • Fri. 5:00pm - Mon. 7:00am weekends
  • 5:00pm - 7:00am weeknights - CST
  • Gotta keep 'em seperated

    The Server's Rulez

    1.) Keep it clean...There are kids on the server. Everyone cuts loose once in a while, but
         don't make it a habit or get excessively foul.

    2.) Be respectful at all times and DO NOT MAKE IT PERSONAL....EVER! A little
         bit of smack talk goes a long way. Keep it light and say it in good humor.

    3.) No auto-taunts...Turned those darned things off now!

    4.) Team switching:

              a.) This is a good thing if you're doing it to get a better team balance and make
                    the game fairer for everyone. In fact it is encouraged when it is done for those

              b.) This is a very bad thing when it's done just to be on the winning side or to
                    change so you can kill someone you dislike. In fact, it is so bad that if I catch
                    you doing it, I will kick you the first time and repeat offenders will be banned
                    from the server.

              c.) UT's team balancing sucks! This is just a fact. Even if it is 8 vs. 2, if the team
                    that has 2 is ahead you will not be able to join it...There is no way to fix this.
                    Please stop asking me to fix it.

    5.) Camping is a part of the game. If you do not like campers, stop complaining about it
         and go kill a few of them.

    6.) Toonces' critter maps suck!...Learn to live with it as Toonces loves his critters.

    Gotta keep 'em seperated

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