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Bone_UK's Rave from the Steam User Forums

Posted December 17, 2004

From the Topic:

Thank You Valve

Well I would just like to put my bit in.

First of all 8am UK time I sweated a bit and started up steam. It was fantastic to see Steam connect and unlock my files in apx 2 minutes. So first of all Well done for this.

Sencond is the game. What can I say !! It is everyting and more than I expected. 5 hours played so far I wonder how much to go.

Thank you for your great work.

I do hope for the people having trouble will soon be fixed and working.

Keep up thje hard work


Crosing fingers hoping DOD source asap !!

Androvic's BBC Rant and Steam Rave from the Steam User Forums

Posted December 18, 2004

From the Topic:

Look at what you've done!

Check out this BBC link: BBC News Piece On Half-Life 2 & Steam

Half-Life 2 computer game was marred by problems with its registration system!!!

Marred: To inflict damage, especially disfiguring damage.

You people have clouded the release of the BEST game to be released EVER!!! I can't believe how pathetic some people are... Seriously now... You forgot the great advantages that we have because of STEAM, the fact that most people in the world can buy HL2 at a discount!!! Instant updates, friends lists. The fact that retail Giants no longer control prices and in this Capitalist world we live in, a company has been able to break the choke-hold and OFFER THE WORLDS MOST POPULAR GAME AT A DISCOUNT! Most of us save around 20-30 dollars by using steam.

I suggest that you have some patience, I haven't even bought HL2 yet (and I intend to soon) but my steam hasn't been able to connect most of the time. I am suffering because all of you want HL2 NOW and you clogged steam so bad the rest of us can't even play games, not to mention be able to purchase any new ones.

My friend bought HL2 last Saturday, yet he only got to play CS:S last night, HL2 hasn't even finished d/loading yet!

My advice to you people is to CHILL OUT, consider yourselves lucky that we have steam and be more flexible. We are witnessing a GIANT LEAP FORWARD in the world of PC games yet we put it at risk by WHINING TOO MUCH!!!!


Great Spirie's Steam Rave from the Steam User Forums

Posted November 19, 2004

From the Topic:

Steam?? Why flame??

I just dont understand it.. I have had steam on my computers for well over a year now.. Without a single problem other than maybe a busy server (wow what a surprise a busy server on the internet) < sarcasm... All I see on these forums are people flaming about how screwed up steam is or its a ripoff that they have to authenticate thru steam.. (what do these people have to hide that they dont want to authenticate and protect thier copies of HL2?) I dont ever see a post about how good steam is..well Here is one..

Steam brought me the following things that I feel are just plain fabulous..

1. automatic updates

2. SECURE online purchase of games

3. did I mention AUTOMATIC UPDATES !!

4. ok so friends doesnt work all the time. so what thats what Msn messenger is for..

5. I can take my games anywhere that I can get online.. which happens to be anywhere in the world that I go. except maybe in the middle of the desert somewhere( cant afford satellite uplink) but hell with cellular technologies advancing maybe I can use my cell for a highspeed modem currently it only gets me 14k yikes... too slow for HL..

6. Best of all.. If I lose my discs. or have a HDD crash.. All I have to do is dl the steam client and Im back in business. What more could you ask for? Perfection? get a life.. no such animal.. every thing out there has bugs dont expect anything more from steam. All software has problems. Shoot look at any MS software.. why do you think they update so much.. BUGS ! and they are a billion dollar company..

So give the guys at valve a break and lay off Steam. It is in it's infancy.. growning and changing. Anything worth developing takes time to tweak the bugs out.. so lay off I am sure the majority of people here are tired of seeing the flame jobs on the forums..


Ok Flamers your turn flame on as I know you will…

-Great Spirie

Xaviar's Good Thoughts on Steam from the Steam User Forums

Posted November 19, 2004

From the Topic:

Thoughts on Steam

I wrote this quite a bit earlier, but I just now finished up having my forum account set up.


You know? I see a lot of badmouthing of Steam around, and a lot of people simply talking about how the cracks will be or are out, and people should just use those instead of supporting Valve.

I'm sorry if I get a bit hard to follow, it's 4:00am, but here's my two cents, on the issue.

First of all, what the xxxx? See that URL up there, that starts with ""? Seriously, folks. Show some respect. I don't know whether to be impressed or disgusted that every mention of simply pirating the game to get around Steam isn't banned and deleted. I feel a bit of both.

But now that that's out of my system.. I'd like to talk about Steam itself.

And you know what? I'm sure it's all been said before, but there just isn't enough love out there. So here it is:

Steam is freaking amazing. What, you're having some problems? You didn't have these problems when you went out and bought Halo 2 or Doom 3? Hmm.. That's an interesting point. But let's think about it, for a second. You didn't have those problems with Halo 2, or Doom 3, because those games are about to be behind their time, even if they don't know it yet.

"What's this?" you say? "The future is a bunch of bandwidth and registration problems?" Hardly. Try thinking beyond your need for instant gratification, for a moment. Steam is providing you with a quick, easy way to get the games you want, when you want them. Let's imagine the release of HL2 in a world where Steam already existed, and actually had a decent amount of real-world experience. Midnight rolls around on that fatefull day it's released. Where are you? Waiting in a line around your local game shop? No. Sleeping? Maybe, but probably not. Waiting for that 11:59 to switch to 12:00 so you can double click that icon sitting on your desktop, and get your HalfLife on? Bingo.

Steam brings you your games when you want them. It allows publishers to let you, the consumer, load content as it is finished, so that as soon as everything is signed off and happy, you can play it. No waiting for installations, because it's already installed. No waiting in lines at the stores that are sold out, because you don't need box.

Spot a bug? Report it. As soon as the developers fix it, it is fixed on your machine. Easy as that. You don't even have to report it, if you don't want. Someone else will. Honestly, people, let's understand what we are complaining about, here. You are all whining that Valve is nice enough to give you your games as soon as possible. And not only that, you are whining that they are willing to take care of all the bug-fixes and stuff like that for you, as well. And this is only a tiny part of it.

It also has a built-in messaging system, account system, etc. No longer do you need to try 30 different names before you find one that works, and no more do you need to keep track of which name you are on which game. You use the same name, same account even, for as many games as are released on Steam, which will grow exponentially, as soon as you stop whining and realize what a good thing this is.

You know what? Yes, it does have some problems. You know why? Because nothing like this has been done, before. This is revoluntion, folks. Your other systems of getting games have their ups and their downs, too. Stores have hours, they can run out, you have to deal with annoying clerks who are annoying because of all the annoying customers they have to deal with. It really is a no-win situation. Steam is here to take care of that. You can't possibly expect something this revolutionary--something this new--to be perfect from the get-go. And I'm sure that no small percentage of the problems are also caused simply because people aren't used to the system yet. They do something they don't need to do, or aren't supposed to. Not saying anything against these people, they just need to get used to it. Roll with Valve, here. They are doing you a favor.

They are doing everyone a favor, actually. Except the big-shot publishers, of course. By implementing a system like Steam, you don't need a publisher. And when developers don't need to worry about publishers, breathing down their backs with "market research" (collected by various methods that are hardly indicitive of the "serious" gaming crowd) and deadlines, it leaves the developers free to worry about what counts: the game. It allows the developer a bit of a chance to innovate, with less fear. If you don't need to pay to stamp out a couple million copies, before you even know how many are going to buy it, then you don't worry quite as much for making a profit. Not to mention the fact that when you bypass the publisher, the people that earned it get the profits, rather than some people who simply want to capitalize on the good ideas of others.

And I mentioned Halo 2 and Doom 3 not having the problems HL2 is with Steam? Well, I can sit down with a deck of cards, and not have the trouble, either. Halo 2 and Doom 3 were released into known territory, with known results. I was honestly a bit disappointed with both, so my opinion might be a bit biased, here, but I think that as far as the publishers were concerned, at least, H2 and D3 were simply the proverbial "cash cows." And it shows, even in the gameplay. There is little truly new in either.

I will admit that I was a bit turned off by the fact that Steam, and therefore the games released over it, are geared towards broadband consumers. But, after I thought about it, it didn't really bother me, so much. Because you see, Steam is getting in ahead of its game. Think of this as the beta test for a whole new era in games. They are working to get things right now, before even more make the shift to broadband. It's going to happen, and you know it. You'll be sitting on a park bench, surfing the web on your phone at speeds faster than your dedicated DSL line goes right now. It's only a matter of time. So think of you bunch as the testers for this new system, before the entire world goes broadband. It won't be soon, but we have to start somewhere. And if HL2, or Steam, or some copy-cat system is enough to push even that one consumer over into getting broadband, so much the better. A step towards a more connected world.

So, I guess my point is that yes, Steam has some problems. Yes, it will continue to have some problems. Yes, it will get better. And most importantly, yes, it is worth it, beyond a doubt. It is about time someone had the guts to innovate.

Valve, I salute you.


Havoc01's Rave from the Steam User Forums

Posted November 21, 2004

From the Topic:

Steam is not bad, its great!

Steam is the best thing ever for gaming imo, it downloaded all my HL games and updated them to the lastest version. It can check for corrupt or missing files. It saves me time, don't have to go to the store to buy the game. My money goes right to Valve, no middle men. I don't see why everyone hates it so much, I have never had any problems with it. Alot of these people seem to whine about the stupidest things "The interface is ugly","You need an internet connection,whats that?!" Also, must of the whiners seem to be the ones who just joined the forums.

Who else thinks Steam is good?


CrazyLPB's Pleasing Rave from the Steam User Forums

Posted November 21, 2004

From the Topic:

Pleased with overall experience

Ok, so I take some time off from playing Half-Life 2 and come check on the boards only to find a lot of people having troubles (understandable considering the game just launched) which overtime will decrease and improve. More so I find threads about how people are generally unpleased about Steam or the performance on their computer. This seems to me, is a bit out of hand. Sure there are some repercussions (something the scale of Steam has never beein attempted before with even the notion of success) but it isn't all bad.

I myself am having no troubles with Steam. My games start when I click on them. I am able to jump into a game of Counter-Strike or Half-Life 2 with no problems of loading screens freezing. Sure my computer isn't up to date with only a processor of 1.5 Ghz and a measly GeForce FX 5700 Ultra compared to what is out there and the loading times can sometimes be long but I don't blame it on anyone but my computer's capabilities. Even so if I had a state of the art computer I wouldn't forget that Half-Life 2 is a state of the art game that pushes the current technology to its limit.

Some people even complain about having Steam installed at all. They claim it is such a bad thing. For one we know it isn't spyware so all these threads shouldn't even be here. Another is the fact that it uses RAM up. On my machine it is only using 20 MB, in fact I have it on right now without use. What is it with all the nitpicking?

It has even gone so far that in a previous thread someone, who states they are a software engineer, complains about Steam and how it's the worst User Interface (ok, so it can use some work and a bit easier to use but I have seen A LOT worse GUIs) and how if this is the future of gaming then he won't be doing any gaming in the future. Albeit that is his prerogative this is contradictory to the fundamentals of the field he works in. As a software engineer he should know how dynamic and ever changing this industry is so if he expects it to never change then he is just setting himself up to be disappointed.

All in all I am every pleased with my purchase and the game. It has a great story considering there is more to come, it has great physics to it, and the depth of character is amazing. I can't wait to see what is in store for Gordan Freeman. All I can say is that I will go with the flow as opposed to against it because I am eager to know in what direction the gaming industry will go in. I am just glad someting the scope of Steam is in the hands of a company like Valve. Would have been easy to put the game on shelves in an incomplete state but they stuck with it and I'm sure they'll stick with Steam(it's practically their child). Good job, Valve. Keep up the amazing work in you're future projects and with Steam. Once the bugs are ironed out who knows what effect Steam will have in the game industry.

-Not a Hammer Legion Member but someone who gives praise where sees due.


Dis Skillz Bi-Polar Rave from the Steam User Forums

Posted November 22, 2004

From the Topic:

Steam Good? Steam Bad?

I havent had any major problems with steam since its official inception. even minor problems were easily fixed in my case. ppl that have had trouble with the program are understandably more vocal in the forums than those withoutt problems. I mean, would u llike to see hundreds of threads that talk about how they have no problems? its pretty pointless. those with issues can post either constuctively and detailing their problem and most likely their problem will be solved or directed to the right direction, or they can rant on with their problems and and illicit appropriate responses which will not help them any faster.

-Dis Skillz

5743MROX's Poetic Rave from the Steam User Forums

Posted November 25, 2004

From the Topic:

Ode To Steam

im a bad bard, but i thought i'd offer you some artistry to even things out!


Wee, how i love the steamy steam
Will always be there as it seems
Why? you ask? that i will tell:

So perfectly is, what they sell
To people just like you and me
Enjoyed half-life 1, 2 and surely 3
Alas' it will be a big success as well!
My joy arises from valves source
Rich with content, and spares my purse!
Encrypted files that I preload -
Incredible opportunities on the Road
"Come all to Steam!" I surely say, get
Half-Life 2, download and pay!

Can anyone be ever mad
Of all the fun that I have had?
My resumé is: Steam is RAD


Meduza's Rave from the Steam User Forums

Posted November 25, 2004

From the Topic:

Steam Rocks!

Steam rocks so much... automatic updates... easier access to games... Steam RockS!


A|ucard's Rave from the Steam User Forums

Posted November 26, 2004

From the Topic:

Steam Doesn't Suck…

I'm fed up with all of the "steam is awful" threads. A few things people need to remind themselves of:

* VALVe is treading on relatively uncharted territory. No one has really tried to do anything similar to steam before.

* The support team is working as hard as they can to catch up with everyones requests. Just be patient.

* HL2 is an amazing game. It is truly worth all of this time. * Steam, when working, is a truly revolutionary program. It runs smoothly, well, and is really easy to use and understand.

* In a few months, when everything is worked out, we're going to look back at this and laugh * Calm down! Unless you are trully being cheated, which I don't think is really happening all that much, you have no reason to be freaking out.

I'm not saying I have no problems with steam/valve, but you guys, its just a game. Just don't flame me to bad, kay?

(margarita time!)


[KTA]KeIto's Rave from the Steam User Forums

Posted November 29, 2004

From the Topic:

Way to go Valve and Steam

Ive been playing CS since it first came out in stores. It was basicly the day it came out we got it. I remember when in office there were these blast doors to get into the building. Everything was much different. Back then there was basicly the game and thats it no one had made warcraft3 or somthing like that no amx mod. Since then I am extremly impressed what the game of CS has come to. Now I own cs, cz cs:s , hl, hl2. When steam first came out many hated it including myself. But after the first week, I started to really like steam. VAC is a huge steam success. Banning hackers that make the game no fun to play. I hate it when people are always dissing the hard work that people put into steam. If they could make a program that tens of thousands of people log onto to play each day then they might have some say. Half Life was the first game that I know of that enabled a user to use a console. So many games have caught on to that now. I would just like to thank the makers of Steam for working the hard hours to meet the satifaction of the people who play it. Half Life 2 is a huge improvment from the old days of HL with no updates. That game was top of the line back then and now HL2 is top of the line now.

Thank You Valve And Steam


Acidrainy's Brilliant Rave from the User Forums

Posted November 20, 2004

From the Topic:

Why are you so against steam? It is a brilliant system for content delivery

The benefits outweigh the drawback in so many ways. How about worldwide simultaneous launch? This is fantastic for anyone outside the US that knows how frustrating it can be to have to wait longer for a game than you should.

Secondly, how about never running out of stock?
When I went to the store to collect my pre-ordered copy of Doom3, they did not get enough copies in, so i have to wait a further 3 days than I should of... That just can't happen with steam.

Thirdly, how about transportability?
The last time I took my PC to a LAN, I had to take a huge bunch of CD's with me. This was simply so I could play installed games (As I don't believe in NO-CD Cracks). Now tell me when I will need a CD to play any steam games?

Fourthly, no installation!
Yes, that is correct -think about it- I never installed HL2; I downloaded it! It was ready to go on day one, minus deception, to play. If someone can give me an example of another published title that can claim to be played 5mins after its worldwide launch, please give me an example.

Fifth, no patching!
A system that will automatically patch itself, and games held within in it, without me having to go hunting for files. Brilliant!

This is by no means an exhaustive list of reasons why I like steam. But I think that it is quite clear that the system is a step forward, not backwards.

True, the above is my personal opinion. If you are willing to give mature negative examples about why you don't believe the system is worthy of use, by all means do so. Personally, I think people may take you seriously if you back your argument up with supporting information/evidence.


BC_Cereal's Rave from the Steam User Forums

Posted November 30, 2004

From the Topic:

I love steam!! Whos with me?

I love steam. I've had no problems since the first few weeks. Steam is great! The quick patches, the no CDs-required games, warez people getting bashed, and hl2! I feel like the only one on the steam forums who likes steam. Isnt there anyone else out there? Steam for life! w00t w00t


Viranth's Rave from the Steam User Forums

Posted December 3, 2004

From the Topic:

Steam Rocks!

So, since everyone and their grandma is bashing Steam, I thought I'd voice my opinion.

Steam works perfect here, it has never done anything weird or wrong, I think it's a great platform and I enjoy using it.

If you like Steam and have no problems with it, please write so here, so the voices of the people with working Steam can be heard, not just the negative ones.


Frost's Rave from the Steam User Forums

Posted December 17, 2004

From the Topic:

New Steam Update Rocks!

Great job Valve! The new update is amazing, fixed soo many things that were essential to making gameplay smoother... and the new map, where do I start? I thought the old prodigy was OK but this... the atmosphere and the architecture are amazing, I can really see this map being great for Clans, keep up the great work like always. Looking forward to hopefully seeing Nuke, Train and Inferno... with all the Winter CPL gaming going I'm reminded of how much fun those levels were and how much they are still used in competitive gaming because they are some of the best levels ever made, if you can do close to what you did with prodigy then you'd make lots of fans VERY happy! So what does everyone else think? What can still be improved? What did they get right with this patch and what maps would you like to see next?

PS: College Finals are OVER hell yeah!


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