Pussy-Gatcho brings home the flag...Chronos covers him

Catfish and Spot guard the Red Temple

Pussy-Gatcho and Chronos catch Cat-Dog in a cross-fire

Dammacx reaches the river crossing with the flag

Chronos kills Dammacx and returns the flag

Chronos kills Cringer...along with everyone else

How many times did Chronos kill you with one of these?

Nomad and Chronos share a moment in the supply shed

...and the Chronos gib-fest just keeps on going!

Nomad takes out Apotheosis with the minigun

...yet even more gibs from Chronos' Shock Rifle

Cat-Dog finally ends Chronos' rampage in Templar

Spot defends the lake entrance of the Blue Base

KampnKat back-shoots a camping Dead Cat

Cringer carries the Red Flag into the Blue Base

Fat-cat defends the carrier...Spot hangs back with the flag

Chronos carries the flag in A Dam Too Far

Spot meets strong resistance exiting the Red Base

Cat-Dog and Spot kill Yami and then meet Mr. Skull

Chronos says howdy to his favorite relic

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