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Help Files for the Dead Cat Bonus Map Packs

Select the Link for the Appropriate Bonus Pack

The Dead Cat Invasion Bonus Pack

The Dead Cat Special Weapons CTF Bonus Pack

The Dead Cat Normal Weapons CTF Bonus Pack

Contributed by: [DC] Toonces

How to Properly Use the Ion Cannon in UT2003

Fundamentals of the Ion Cannon

The Ion Painter is a LASER guided targeting tool for the satellite based ION CANNON. Directions:

1.) Check to make sure ION CANNON is visible from target position. If the CANNON can't see your target, it will not lock on, or discharge.

2.) Switch to ION PAINTER weapon.

3.) Pick a strategic position. You will need to fire the weapon from a location on the Z axis that is as high as possible. This will help you obtain the minimum 30 Degree Angle required to reflect the LASER image in a way that the satellite can target.

4.) Aim the ION PAINTER weapon on the ground. By default, the weapon must be pointed at the ground or other surface. The weapon must be pointed at a 30 to 90 Degree downward Z-Axis angle from X and Y. Alt-Fire will let you zoom in on your target location.

5.) Fire the ION PAINTER. The ION PAINTER weapon requires that you fire the weapon at a stationary target until the ION CANNON rotates into position and electronically signals your weapon with a "PLINK" sound that notifies you that it has locked onto your LASER targeted position. Once you hear the "PLINK" sound, you may stop aiming your weapon and regain cover from enemy fire. This process requires (3) seconds. If you move your weapon from the target location, the ION PAINTER will send a CANCEL signal to theION CANNON and the weapon will not discharge. You cannot be moving when you fire the ION PAINTER.

Note: The ION PAINTER weapon does not have enough power to damage an enemy without discharge of the ION CANNON. It is fruitless to chase after a moving target while aiming or discharging the ION PAINTER at the enemy. You can obtain best results by targeting a stationary ground location that is three seconds in front of the enemy's current location. If you aim at a location where the enemy is currently running, they should be out of the blast area by time the ION CANNON locks on and discharges.

Contributed by: [DC] DRCray

UT99 Tutorials
How to Set-up, Fly, and Use the Strangelove Device v2.0

Using the Strangelove Device v2.0:

[DC] Puma Rides the Rocket

To learn how to fly and use the Strangelove Device visit these links:

The Strangelove Readme File

The Strangelove Operation Manual

Contributed by: [DC] Toonces

Carry the Flag CTF - How it Works and How to Play

Carry the Flag CTF:

A Red Cat Bot Carries the Red Flag?

"Carry The Flag is CTF like it should have been," says the Mod's author, Versix. "You cannot return your own flag by simply touching it. You have to carry it all the way back to your home base."

In addition to making the flag bases mobile, there are many extra options for changing the way CarryTF is played. The Server Admin sets these options from the rules menu. On the Stuffed Cats Inc. Server the settings we use enable players to carry their own flag, but will not allow them to remove it from the stand in their base. Only an enemy player may remove it from the stand. Human players can "Drop Capture" the flag anywhere on the map. The Cat Bots can carry their own flag, but they're not able to score by using a "Drop Capture" out of their base. If a Cat Bot picks up its own flag, it will immediately attempt to return it to the flag stand in their base.

For a detailed explanation of Carry the Flag terms and set-up go here:

Carry the Flag Definitions and CTF Admin Settings

To learn the basics of Carry the Flag and some game strategies go here:

Puma's "How to Guide" for Carry the Flag

Contributed by: [DC] Puma & [DC] Toonces

How to Convert Cached Files for Use with Your UT Client

Converting cached files:

Have you ever wondered where all the maps and everything else you receive as downloads from servers go to? If you have, it all ends up in the unrealtournament\cache directory. Does that mean you can just move these items to the proper directories and then use them? Well, yes and no. You may use the files, but you will have to modify them first. If you open the unrealtournament\cache directory you'll find lots of files with the .uxx extension, along with the cache.ini file.

In order to actually use a cached item, you'll need to open the cache.ini file using a text editor. Once you have the file open, you'll need to find the correct name for the cached file you wish to use.

The conversion may be done for maps, textures, music, sounds, and .u package files.

The files in the unrealtournament\cache directory will appear like this:


A section of the cache.ini file will look like this:


There are two sections in each line of the cache.ini file. The section to the left of the = sign is the name of the cached file. The section to the right of the = sign is the actual name of the file.

For this example, we'll use line 3 of the file:


          92F12B6111D4F6374000859C95B6E205 plus the extension .uxx is the cached name

          CTF-Aquamarina_X32.unr is the actual name of the file

There are three simple steps needed to make the file useable:

          1.) Locate the correct file using the cached name
          2.) Rename the file using the actual name and extension
          3.) Move the file to the correct directory location

In this case, you would take the file 92F12B6111D4F6374000859C95B6E205.uxx and rename it to CTF-Aquamarina_X32.unr. Then you would move it from the unrealtournament\cache directory to the unrealtournament\maps directory.

Here is a simple guide for placing the files:

          .unr           files go to the         unrealtournament\maps
          .utx           files go to the         unrealtournament\textures
          .umx         files go to the         unrealtournament\music
          .uax          files go to the         unrealtournament\sounds
          .int            files go to the         unrealtournament\system
          .u              files go to the         unrealtournament\system

There are two potential problems with this procedure:

          .1) When extracting maps, also modify and move any custom textures that accompany
                the map. This is easily handled as if you have missed a required texture, UT will let
                you know when you attempt to start the map with your client. Simply note the name
                of the missing file, revisit the unrealtournament\cache directory and then convert
                and move the needed texture.

          .2) Mods and mutators may be pulled out of the cache directory for use, but they will not
                function without a matching .int file to tell UT that the mod is available. Compilers are
                available for download that make .int files, but the process is at best problematical.
                Downloading the original mod or mutator is always a better choice in these cases.

Once you've done all of this, load UT and the new level should appear in your map list. Choose that map and start the game. If you get an error message that looks something like "Failed to load url. Can't find file package for xxxxxxx" then obviously you've missed something.

An easy way to identify associated texture, sound, music, and package files is to check the dates in the unrealtournament\cache directory window. It's a sure bet that if you downloaded the map on 1/31/01 at 7:16AM then any files that were also received within a few minutes of that time on the same day are going to be a part of the map package.

Have fun with it!

Contributed by: [ZEB] Kojak

Official Guide to Creating a Stuffed Cats Inc. Approved Map

Making a map for the [DC] servers:

After playing on the Stuffed Cats Inc. Server for the better part of the last year, I came to realize that there are certain maps that we just love. An in-depth analysis produced the following list of map making guidelines:

1.) As we only play in Low Gravity, the map must be extremely viable in the Low-G mode. This goal may be accomplished in a number of ways. Most importantly, structures on the map cannot have low ceilings. This is usually achieved by having a large outside setting. As demonstrated by CTF-Acid Pipe and CTF-Lucius' Pit, however, as long as the central area is high that is really all that matters. (also see number 5 below)

2.) We are translocating-whores. Don't make the bases so far apart that it takes overly-long to get to the base when using the translocator. Also, don't make it so small so that it nullifies the translocator's use. The bottom-line is that the level should be considered a medium-sized map.

3.) We love our ammo. There should be plenty of ammo pick-ups spread throughout the map. This even holds true for the Redeemer.

4.) There should be multiple entrances in and out of the flag room or flag area. If we know which direction the enemy is coming from, then defense will always rule the day. A few maps like CTF-Boom Boom Bridge compensate for not having multiple routes into the flag room in other ways. On Boom Boom Bridge once you get to the bottom of the stairs there are two routes away from the stairs and, finally, a third exit route which takes you straight to the bridge after you work your way out of the enemy's base.

5.) There should be a central area that the flag runner must cross. If there are large numbers of separate routes between the bases, then luck may play too great a role. If you choose the wrong route to defend, the flag runner will be home free before you realize they're not coming the way you thought they would.

6.) There should be sniper points for our sniping-whores. The sniper perches should be able to cover the entrance and exit routes of the enemy's base. One of the most satisfying kills is when the enemy flag runner is just about to enter the safe haven of their base and they hear those two little words, "HEAD SHOT!"

7.) The bots should play the map well. We have custom bots on the Stuffed Cats Inc. Server...and the Cat Bots know how to play. While their flag running ability is far from being their strong suit, they more than make up for it when it comes to defense. This is especially true on maps where there is a large flag room or flag area. Place six Cat Bots on the flag in CTF-Braveheart-3 and I guarantee you won't make it more than two steps with the flag.

8.) The maps should be as close to symmetrical as possible. Although CTF-Braveheart-3 isn't totally symmetrical. It's basic design ensures strategic balance. Having an asymmetrical map would be alright as long as the bases were placed on the same vertical plane. As CTF-Urban Hot Zone has shown us, we will exploit any and all advantages to the fullest extent possible. If one base is markedly higher or lower than the other, it will not be suitable. The flag that is located on the higher level will be capped more times than an East Coast Gangsta in LA.

9.) The maps must be playable on medium-speed machines. Not everyone can afford a Pentium-IV with 512Mb RAM. Manageable frame-rates are also very important. We aren't looking for the most beautiful maps in the world, although we never object if they contain a bit of bonus eye-candy.

10.) The maps should not be overly difficult to defend. On the other hand, they should not be rediculously hard to score on. The flags should be relatively easy to take, but very hard to carry away from the enemy base. You must always remember that all the defense in the world can be eliminated with one well placed Redeemer. Play a game on CTF-A Dam Too Far for a prime example of this principle.

So there you have it Mr. Map Maker. A fresh batch is always needed. Can you create a Stuffed Cats Approved Map? If you do, you will forever be honored in the Stuffed Cats Map Makers Hall of Fame...well, just as soon as Toonces or Zoob builds it that is.

Contributed by: [DC] Tack

Setting Up and Using the Dodge Moves

Dodging made easy:

This is a very useful technique that I have been using for some time now. It's called the dodge move and it's a standard feature in Unreal Tournament.

The first thing you need to do is set UT to allow the dodge move. In the Preferences Section, click on the Game Tab, and make sure that the Dodging Box is checked.

Next you have to bind several keys. I am going to use my setup as an example. You do not have to follow this pattern and may edit it at will. I use the following as my movement keys:

E = Forward
D = Backwards
F = Strafe Right
S = Strafe Left

Another common configuration is:

= Forward
= Backwards
= Strafe Right
= Strafe Left

Note that I have the F and S keys mapped to strafing instead of turning as this allows for additional dodge moves.

The dodge move in normal gravity is just a quick jump in any direction. In low gravity, as on the Stuffed Cats Inc. Server, it is a quick and long jump in any direction. You will be able to cover more ground faster and be able to jump much further than in normal gravity. It's like being the virtual version of the Six Million Dollar Man. The dodge move allows you to travel even faster than you can with a translocator. Imagine the distance you can cover with a few quick dodge moves. The only drawback is that you can't do it in successive, instant moves. UT has a built in .5 second delay between dodge moves.

Using the dodge move is very simple. Start a practice session with low gravity and no bots. Go to an open area on a large map. Pick a direction that you want to move in and then do a quick double-tap on your key that is bound for that direction. You'll instantly notice how far and fast you move. Try it once in every direction.

After you master the single dodge, try to do a double dodge and move as fast as you can. You'll quickly notice the roughly .5 second delay in-between moves. This is where I believe there tends to be significant differences in the way people use the dodge move. I've noticed that players tend to stop, use the dodge move, and then start moving again. You don't have to stop between dodges. You can use this technique while continuously moving in any direction.

While holding the forward key down, and actually moving forward, dodge to the left or right, but continue to hold the forward key down. You'll notice that you will still move forward, but with an even faster arcing movement while covering far more distance than you would with a normal dodge move.

The possibilities are limitless. A route that you could easily take via the translocator, but could not use making only simple jumps, is now available even when you have the flag. If you have snipers hot on your heels, what better way to get them to miss than to simply move faster than they can follow? If you're hunting down a player that has your flag and you don't want to use the translocator, use multiple dodge moves to close the gap. And, you can do this while keeping your weapon trained on them for maximum damage. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Contributed by: Barkeep

How to Set Up God-Like Vision During a Game

Setting up a GodCam system:

The tutorial for setting up a GodCam system may be found here: GodCam Tutorial

Contributed by: [DC] TopCat

How to Make and View Unreal Tournament Demo Movies

Making Unreal Tournament demo movies:

The tutorial for making UT demo movies may be found here: Demo Tutorial

Contributed by: [DC] Toonces

How to Subscribe to and Use the Clan Mailing Lists...

The TeamUT Email Discussion and Chat List

To join the Bullet Time, {WYA}, and Dead Cat email discussion list, send an email to:

Bullet Time Discussion List

Put the following in the body of the message:

Please give me an email account at  TeamUT  'cause it's so c00l I'll cry if I don't have one!

Be sure to include the "Name" for your account and a "Password" for POP Server access. Both SMTP and POP will use: mail.teamut.com

...or go here to use the web interface:

TeamUT Web Interface for Email

Enter your email account's username and password in the login box. If you subscribe through the web interface, you will have to access your email account with a web browser.

The TeamUT News and Announcements List

If you are a member of any of the three clans, you must be subscribed to the TEAMUT LISTSERV service. Zoob will be responsible for adding new Bullet Time members, [DC] Toonces will add new Dead Cats and {WYA} Thorvyn will add new {WYA} members to the list.

To read messages through the web interface or to modify your TeamUT subscription options, go here:

TeamUT Web Interface

You will not receive SPAM from the TEAMUT list. It is reserved for news announcements regarding clan activities and other important information related to the servers and web page updates. Only Zoob, Chronos, [DC] Toonces, {WYA} Thorvyn,and [DC] Puma have posting privileges on this list.

Contributed by: [DC] Toonces & Zoob

Tweaking Your "unrealtournament.ini" File's Purge Cache and Game Engine RAM Settings for Better Performance...

Are you tired of taking the same files pushes over and over again? If so, follow these simple instructions:

Find the unrealtournament.ini file located in your unrealtournament\system directory. Double-click the icon and the file will open in Notepad. It's always a good idea to make a back-up copy of any .ini file before you edit it. Once you are sure that the editing process has been successful, discard the back-up copy.

Find the following section of the file:


You are going to modify the first line of code: PurgeCacheDays=30

Change the PurgeCacheDays=30 to read PurgeCacheDays=9999

Save and close the file and then restart the game.

This will set your cache expiration to 9,999 days or approximately 27.5 years...I hope we're all playing a different game by the time that point rolls around.

Cleaning up your cache directory:

Having changed your purge time, it's usually a good idea to edit your cache.ini file once in a while and clean out some of the older files that will probably not be used again. The cache.ini file is located inside the unrealtournament\cache directory. Double-click it and it will open in Notepad. The lines of code will look like this:


To eliminate an unwanted cache file, do the following:

1.) Identify the file you wish to remove.

     In this case it's the CrotchShot mod: 45B967C011D3DF51500026AD9CC875DA=CrotchShot

2.) Find the file in the unrealtournament\cache directory with the name that matches the number to the       left of the equals sign: 45B967C011D3DF51500026AD9CC875DA.uxx and delete it.

3.) Go back to the cache.ini file and delete the corresponding line of code.

4.) Save and close the cache.ini file.

How to properly set the Game Engine RAM size:

Find the section of the unrealtournament.ini file that looks like this:


You are going to modify the first line of code: CacheSizeMegs=4

Change the CacheSizeMegs=4 to read CacheSizeMegs=96*

*The value entered here is dependent on the actual amount of RAM in your machine.

The following are estimated values based on user experiences resulting in the best performamnce:

  PC has 64Mbs of RAM     CacheSizeMegs=32

  PC has 96Mbs of RAM     CacheSizeMegs=64

PC has 128Mbs of RAM     CacheSizeMegs=96

PC has 192Mbs of RAM     CacheSizeMegs=160

PC has 256Mbs of RAM     CacheSizeMegs=224

PC has 384Mbs of RAM     CacheSizeMegs=256

It seems that any increase beyond 256Mbs offers no noticeable increase in performance.

After you've changed this value, save and close the file and then restart the game.

Contributed by: [DC] Toonces

Placing UT Files in the Proper Directories and Correcting Version Conflicts When UT Servers Won't Let You In...

The following list shows you where to place every known type of Unreal Tournament file:

.UNR      files go into the unrealtournament\maps

.UTX      files go into the unrealtournament\textures

.UMX     files go into the unrealtournament\music

.UAX      files go into the unrealtournament\sounds

.INT        files go into the unrealtournament\system

.U            files go into the unrealtournament\system

How to Correct Version Conflict Errors:

When a UT server refuses to let you in and gives you a "Version Conflict" error, it's usually quite easy to resolve. The error is the result of a software author not renaming different versions of the same program or package. This is why the Dead Cat skins are sequentially named: SoldierSkins_ca, _cb, _cc, and the current _cd. Even if you have to attempt to join the game again, the most important thing is to write down the exact error message the server is sending to you. An example, and one we have dealt with in the recent past, is: ECPackage Version Conflict

What this is telling you is that the version of the ECPackage on your computer, regardless of whether it's the actual file or the cached version, is different from the one that is resident on the server. What you need to do to correct this problem is to find the ECPackage on your machine and move it to another location. The easiest way to accomplish this is to do a search of your C:\UnrealTournament directory (it may be D:\ or E:\) and find all the EC files. Open the search utility and type in:  EC*.*  This will ensure that if there are .int, .u, and .uax files associated with the ECPackage, you'll find them all. Once you've located the files, move them to a temp directory. Don't trash them as you may need to put them back for use with another server.

If you do not find any ECPackage files, then open up your unrealtournament\cache directory. Double click on the cache.ini file and it will open in NotePad. Find the line that says: =ECPackage. Write down the name of the file to the left of the  =   symbol.

It will look something like this: 45B967C011D3DF51500026AD9CC875DA.uxx=ECPackage

Delete that line from the cache.ini file and then save and close it. Find the file with the same name in the unrealtournament\cache directory and move it to the temp directory that you created earlier.

After completing either of the above actions, the server should push the needed file to your cache and then let you in the game. If the conflict is a skin, voice, mod, or mutator that you want to be an active file for use on your machine, contact the server administrator and find out where to download the original. Once you have the files, place them in accordance with the file instructions in the first part of this tutorial.

Contributed by: [DC] Toonces

Zooming with Any Weapon Set Up Instructions

Follow the instructions below and you'll be able to zoom with all of the weapons in UT:

1.) Use the tilde key to go to the console, type Preferences, hit return.

2.) Expand the "Advanced" menu, then the "Key Aliases" menu, then the "Aliases" menu.

3.) Find your first open slot, usually 25, and expand that menu. In the "Alias" menu type:

"Zoom" w/o quotes.

In the "Command" menu type:

"SetDesiredFov 10" w/o quotes.

The "10" is a variable that may be replaced with any number from 1 to 90. Using 10 will give the zoom function approximately the same field of view as the sniper rifle at X8.3.....90 is no zoom, or normal view, and 1 will let you put a rifle round through the other guy's eye at maximum range.

4.) Next, in the "Raw Key Bindings" menu find the key that you want to use to zoom. When there, type in:

"Zoom | OnRelease SetDesiredFov 90" w/o quotes.

The spaces and the letter case are critical. Type the code exactly as it's written above.

One more note on this feature: It only works in single player mode unless you make the following change in your unrealtournament.ini file.

Find the line that reads:


Change it to True and that'll fix multiplayer. I have already changed the server and it will work on-line.

There are two rubs here: One is that at extreme zooms some of the weapons, like the ASMD, are not sighted in correctly. I do not know how to change that yet. Mine shoots a little low and to the right and it's pretty easy to compensate for the error. Two is that it will only work on the Stuffed Cats Inc. and Dead Kitty's servers.

Contributed by: [DC] Toonces

Setting Up Custom Weapons Prioritization with the 4.20 UT Patch

Paste this into your user.ini file under the [Engine.PlayerPawn] section:


You may shift the priorities any way you like, just leave the "SmallSpark" designations in their current slots and only move the weapons. This is pretty intuitive, but the code above puts the weapons in this order:

Highest Priority is the Enhanced Shock Rifle followed in descending order by the Redeemer, Sniper Rifle, Minigun, Flak Cannon, Rocket Launcher, Razor Jack (Ripper), ASMD Shock Rifle, Pulse Gun, Double Enforcer, Enforcer, Assault Rifle (only available in CTF-EXOR), Bio Rifle, Impact Hammer, Chainsaw, and the Translocator.

Contributed by: [DC] Toonces


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