ZenCoder's MP5 and Benelli Shotgun for UT2003


ZEncoder's Weapons v.1.7
Released April 6, 2003
Updated April 10, 2003; April 20, 2003; April 23, 2003.
Author: -=Musc@t=-

Thanks to ZEnCoder for these weapons and his permission.

The Benelli Shotgun was skinned by Lonewolf

Credits for the MP5:

- Model - Raven_TK

- Skin - SixShooter

- Sprites - Siro

- Animations - PRiMACORD/Murtaza

- Special Thanks - MAXX3D + Arnold

Weapons coding: ZenCoder

Mutator, interface, hud, additional coding and modified coding: -=Musc@t=-

These weapons models and skins are also available here:


For More info about the first integration of these weapons in UT2003:



Important: You need to Install at least the UT2003 patch 2225 before (compiled with patch 2225)

unzip : All .int and .u and .ini files in your UT2003\system directory
unzip : All .UTX files in your UT2003\textures directory
unzip : All .UkX files in your UT2003\Animations directory
unzip : All .UAX files in your UT2003\Sounds directory
unzip : All .USX files in your UT2003\StaticMeshes directory

and add (for your server)


Remove old ZencoderWeapons.u file and other ServerPackages or EditPackages lines with the word ZencodersWeapons in it from your ut2003.ini

If you have MP5/Benelli maps in your server you can keep the flakammo for the Shotgun in the map by adding (changing) this line in your ZenBenelli.ini: bKeepFlakAmmo=True

If you don't want the minigun ammopickup or want the assault grenades ammopickup in your server you can keep or remove these items by adding (changing) this line in your ZenMP5.ini:


By default the mutator adds Grenades in maps built without grenades.

You can disable that by adding (changing) this line in your ZenMP5.ini:


If the Weapons are to powerful, you can use the WeaponStuff mutator to decrease the damage:


You can create an Shotgun Instagib server by using the Arena mutator (included in the game) and by adding damages (LoL) with the WeaponStuff mutator. Simply choose the Benelli shotgun in the Arena mutator configuration.

Thank you to Tounces T. Cat for the first beta testing and v.1.2 bugs repport and modified MP5 ammopickup skin :).

...and to Christian Roy for his great server (with this mutator installed since the first beta release) "UT2003 Wicked Game server"

Version 1.7
Centered weapons added.
Config for the MP5 Grenades added.
Add MP5 Grenades Pack in maps originally without Grenades pack. (can be disabled in the ZenMP5.ini)
Mutator not showing in the Filter result list in the UT2003 Browser fixed.

Version 1.5
MP5 grenades pickup fixed (added)
Ammopickup disposition in the map changed (because the Ammopickup rotation is not updated online)
It's possible now in the ZenMP5.ini to Keep or remove the Minigun ammopickup and Assault grenades ammopickup.
You can keep the flak ammopickup by editing the ZenBenelli.ini with notepad (if you use Mp5 maps for example)
Mutator version number added in the UT2003 browser.
SmallWeapons properties added

Version 1.2
Hud icons Added
Textures changed for the Original weapons textures from PrefabLab
Ammo skins color changed.
Files renamed for Server Admin.




You may not distribute, sell, or make it your own. Strictly not for commercial use. Only for fun, hobby and acadcemic use. For additional instructions please contact said authors.