The Dead Cat Special Weapons CTF Map Pack

The Dead Cat Special Weapons CTF maps were created for individual use and for network play on dedicated servers. They are designed expressly for the UT2K3 CTF game mode. All seven of these levels are copyrighted by Epic Games and Toonces T. Cat, Balefire, and Hobi-Wan. They may not be used for any purpose other than game-play without the express consent of the copyright holders.

Each map has ten additional weapons built in that are usually not a part of "Normal Weapons" game-play. These include: the Helios Rifle, a Colt Peacemaker, an MP5 with Grenade Launcher, a Benneli Shotgun, the Fyrian Cannon, the PIC...or Personal Ion Cannon, Sentinel Deployer...which places either floor or ceiling mounted Sentry Guns much like those from the film Aliens, the Noisy Cricket from Men in Black. and the Sniper Rifle from the original Unreal Tournament...Two of the levels also contain a Super Shock Rifle.

There are no known weapon bugs.

The weapons alternate with the following keys:

           0 = Redeemer, Ion Painter, PIC, Sentinel Deployer
           1 = Shield Gun
           2 = Assault Rifle
           3 = Bio Rifle
           4 = Shock Rifle, Super Shock Rifle, Colt Peacemaker
           5 = Link Gun
           6 = Minigun, Fyrian Cannon, MP5
           7 = Flak Cannon, FireChucker, Noisy Cricket
           8 = Rocket Launcher, Benneli Shotgun
           9 = Lightning Gun, UT99 Sniper Rifle, Helios

If you re-bind any of the standard UT2003 weapons to another key the special weapons, as listed above, will also move to the new key binding.


To ensure full compliance and no version conflict errors, completely remove all files associated with any earlier versions of the weapon mutators.

This includes all files that are part of an earlier version of the Wild West mutator:


...and all files that are parts of the Sentinel Beta, Beta2, Beta3, or Beta4 mutators.

Any files that need to be updated will be replaced by the .ut2mod installer.

All of the weapon mutators may be used with other maps as installed by the .ut2mod file. For details on using each of the weapons, please see the ReadMe files here:

The Wild West Colt Peacemaker

The Personal Ion Cannon

The Fyrian Cannon

The Sentinel Guns

The FireChucker

The UT99 Sniper Rifle

The MP5 and the Benelli Shotgun

The Helios Rifle

The Noisy Cricket

There have been numerous changes in the maps. Expect the unexpected and you won't be disappointed...:-)


Several of the CTF maps have secret areas. These areas can be extremely difficult to reach without killing yourself. In two of the maps they are protected by deadly mazes. Make sure that your "World Detail" setting is set to at least "High" or you will not be able to see the things that can kill you.***


In order to use the Dead Cat Map Pack on a UT2003 Server, you will need to add the following lines to their ut2003.ini file in the [Engine.GameEngine] section of the file:



          -Toonces T. Cat