The FireChucker

Final version - 4th May 2003

Miles Asvachin


Weapon/ammo models/skins by Kris Smith A.K.A LegionaireJoe

Special thanks to all those who helped in the beta testing.


A new weapon for UT2003 along with two mutators to add it.

A perennial favourite with pyromaniacs everywhere, the FireChucker is the ultimate close support weapon. Primary fire is a standard flamethrower, capable of spewing burning death to a range of 40m. Secondary fire compresses fuel to be hurled as a ball of fire of variable size which will explode on impact. Because electronic systems are prone to EMP, it uses a low-tech pilot-light for ignition and is almost entirely mechanical in operation. This makes it heavy, but very robust and 100% reliable in the face of nuclear and electromagnetic based weapons.


Put the following files in the indicated directories:

FireChucker.u                             ->        UT2003\System                           ->        UT2003\System
FireChucker.ini                           ->        UT2003\System
FireChuckerStaticMeshes.uax     ->        UT2003\StaticMeshes
FireChuckerSounds.uax              ->        UT2003\Sounds
FireChuckerTextures.utx             ->        UT2003\Textures


The FireChuckerReplacer mutator will replace a single weapon with the FireChucker. It has a configuration menu so you can choose which weapon. The setting will be stored in 'FireChucker.ini'. If you need more flexible control of weapon replacement, I suggest you try one of the many excellent mutators already available for the purpose (e.g. SwitchArsenal).

The FireChuckerArena mutator works just like Instagib except with the FireChucker instead of the enhanced shock rifle. It allows the translocator if it is enabled in the game options. Please note that with everyone firing the FireChucker all at once, you are likely to suffer from an intense desire for a faster computer.

Mappers can place individual instances of the weapon in maps in the same manner as any other weapon. Open 'FireChucker.u' in the editor and it will be available. Ammo for the gun can be found along with all the standard ammo classes.

There are two extra configuration options available in 'FireChucker.ini': 'FireDensity' controls how many particles are used for the primary-fire effects. The default is 2. Lower this to 1 if you want to improve performance at the expense of eye-candy. Increase it to 3 if you have a fast system and want better effects. I highly recommend that you do not set it above 5 unless you have a super-computer or enjoy really low FPS. The second option is 'bNeverDropDetail'. The default is false, which means that particle density will automatically be reduced if the frame-rate drops below 'MinDesiredFps' (in UT2003.ini), helping to keep performance acceptable. Setting to false means that the flames are always displayed with full detail, useful for screenshots.

If you run a server with either mutator, you must add the package to the server packages list in UT2003.ini. Add the line 'ServerPackages=FireChucker' under the section labelled '[Engine.GameEngine]'.

Known bugs: