Making UT Demo Movies

Demos: Recording and Viewing Unreal Tournament Games

Impossible screen-shots made possible:

The two seemingly impossible screen-shots below were not done in real-time, but instead were captured from the short UT game movie "Freaks.dem" during a replay of the sequences. Follow the steps below and it is a relatively simple process to make your own UT game movies.

Screen-Shots From "Freaks.dem" Movie

Jumping the wall after taking the flag...

Final flag capture...

The step by step procedure for making your own UT demo movies:

1.) Set up a multiplayer game on your machine or get ready to join a game on-line.

2.) Open the console by hitting the Shift plus the ~ key

3.) Type the command: demorec (filename) i.e. - With Freaks.dem it was: demorec freaks

4.) After the game is over, or you're finished recording, hit Esc, open the console and type: stopdemo

To play back a demo:

1.) Open the console and type: demoplay (filename) i.e. - With Freaks.dem it would be: demoplay freaks

2.) Hit Esc once or twice and you'll enter the demo playback

3.) Hit the Fire key to change views and you can see the game from the persepctive of each of the players...4 or 5 taps will take you to the [DC] Toonces view of the game

4.) Hitting the AltFire key will always take you directly back to the spectator view which allows you to fly around the entire map at will...I recommend watching the Freaks.dem recording this way and start at the opening of the tunnel directly below the Shield-Belt on the red side. About 15 to 20 seconds into the recording you'll see [DC] Toonces run up the tunnel and grab the Strength Relic. You can follow the action from there.

5.) If you want to stop the demo before it ends, hit Esc and open the console. Then type: stopdemo

The only caveat is that playing a demo recording always defaults your name to "player" and you have to go back into the "Player Options" and re-enter your character's name.

If you'd like to see the demo recording Freaks.dem, the zip file may be downloaded here:

Download: CTF-Freaks Come Out at Night - Movie

Unzip the file into your Unrealtournament\System directory and follow the instructions above...Then make your own movie!

The next time we have a Dead Cat vs. Bullet Time match, I plan to record the entire game. That way even if I only kill Barkeep once, I can enjoy the moment over and over again...:-)

Additional syntax for the command line:

1.) ?noframecap - This plays the demo back as fast as possible.

                     Command would look like this: demoplay freaks?noframecap

1.) ?timebased - This enables smoother playback on a significantly slower machine.

                     Command would look like this: demoplay freaks?timebased

1.) ?3rdperson - This allows access to other players cameras and the ability to "Fly" in the demo.

                     Command would look like this: demoplay freaks?3rdperson

The most common problem is with playback:

You may experience compatibility problems with demos recorded on machines that are using maps, textures, voices, or mods that are not resident on your machine. When I made the "Freaks.dem" movie, I still had the "Austin" and the "Dark Lord" voices installed on my PC at home. The file would not run on my machine at work until I reinstalled those two voice packages. Any demo recorded on your machine will run on your machine unless you remove a critcal file from your installation after you record the demo. When recording a match, be sure to distribute a list of the additional files required to view the demo to anyone who wants to watch it.

If you attempt to run a demo file and UT crashes and gives you an "Assertion Failed" critical error, do the following to resolve it:

1.) Open your Unrealtournament\System directory and find the UNREALTOURNAMENT.log file

2.) Open it with Wordpad or Notepad and search for the name of the demo file without the .dem extention 3.) That should be followed by the names of the packages used by UT to support the demo movie

4.) At the end of the string of loaded files, you'll find a line that reads "Failed to find" followed by the name of the missing package

5.) Download the missing package and and install it in UT

6.) Run the demo...If it fails again, repeat the process until it runs properly

The list of required files can be very large, but chances are that most of them will be a part of the basic game or the Bonus Pack. The list below shows all of the files needed to run the Freaks.dem file. All, except the 14 with the asterisks (***) next to them, are standard files.

Log: Attempting to play demo freaks.dem
FNAME=SGirlSkins_gd.utx ***
FNAME=SGirlSkins_ck.utx ***
FNAME=CTF-FreaksComesOutAtNight.unr ***
FNAME=dlpackage.u ***
FNAME=Austin.u ***
FNAME=MarinesPackage.u ***
FNAME=Marines.uax ***
FNAME=SoldierSkins_ut.utx ***
FNAME=SoldierSkins_md.utx ***
FNAME=De.u ***
FNAME=Soldierskins_cd.utx ***
FNAME=CTFDoTheRightThing.u ***
FNAME=Strangelove.u ***
FNAME=MultiMesh.u ***
DevNet: DemoPlayPendingLevel received:
Log: LoadMap: freaks.dem



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