Personal Ion Cannon

Final version - 1st May 2003

Miles Asvachin


Weapon model by NeroTBF, edited and skinned by Gusher.


A new super-weapon for UT2003 along with a mutator to add it.

There were those who said it was impossible - that an Ion Cannon could never be made small enough for personal use, but once again it has been proved that anything is possible. The combination of newly developed lightweight composite materials and cutting-edge energy storage technology, brings instant destruction of the highest magnitude to your fingertips. The PIC is in no way inferior to its orbital counterpart, delivering the same 2TW of power to the same devastating effect. It comes complete with variable zoom scope, self-adjusting shoulder rest and a smart carry-case.

Ion Cannon are very sensitive to movement whilst firing. To prevent disruption, the PIC uses a gravitational stabilizer to hold itself and the wielder perfectly still during the firing sequence.


Put the following files in the indicated directories:

PIC.u                             ->        UT2003\System                           ->        UT2003\System
PICSounds.uax              ->        UT2003\Sounds
PICMeshes.ukx              ->       UT2003\Animations
PICStaticMeshes.usx      ->       UT2003\StaticMeshes
PICTextures.utx              ->       UT2003\Textures



The PICReplacer mutator will replace the Ion Painter or the Redeemer or both with the PIC. If you need more flexible control of weapon replacement, I suggest you try one of the many excellent mutators already available for the purpose (e.g. SwitchArsenal).

Mappers can place individual instances of the weapon in maps in the same manner as any other weapon. Open 'PIC.u' in the editor and it will be available. It's a one-shot weapon so there is no ammo for it.

If you run a server with either mutator, you must add the package to the server packages list in UT2003.ini. Add the line 'ServerPackages=PIC' under the section labelled '[Engine.GameEngine]'.

Known bugs: