Road-Kill Journal Vol.1-1

New Map, Weapons Priorities, and Cat Bot Revisions...
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Friday, May 26th, 4:53 PM CDT
Hey There!

I posted the "Weapons Priority" stuff before, but here it is again:

Paste this into your user.ini file under the [Engine.PlayerPawn] section:


You may shift the priorities any way you like, just leave the "SmallSpark" designations in their current slots and only move the weapons. This is pretty intuitive, but the code above puts the weapons in this order:

Highest Priority is the Enhanced Shock Rifle followed in descending order by the Redeemer, Sniper Rifle, Minigun, Flak Cannon, Rocket Launcher, Razor Jack (Ripper), ASMD Shock Rifle, Pulse Gun, Double Enforcer, Enforcer, Assault Rifle (only available in CTF-EXOR), Bio Rifle, Impact Hammer, Chainsaw, and the Translocator.

I've tuned the Cat Bots a bit by turning down their aiming capabilities. Chronos was right it was just too much and it made playing them in the tight spaces almost impossible. I compensated in other areas...You figure it out. And, with the advent of the 4.20 patch I have turned on the random bot selection so all 32 of them will now be in the game at various times...You're gonna see a whole lot of new cat names.

The only new Map is CTF-PROJECT-X...Watch out for the Skaarj Warrior. I don't think he respawns once he's killed, but he'll kick your ass if he catches you in the caves without the Enhanced Shock Rifle. He is an equal-opportunity antagonist as he kills both Red and Blue players...and yes, I watched him slaughter a couple of the Cat Bots in the narrow places in the cave. That should be some indication of what a bad-ass he is...:-)

There will be 5 maps running over the 3-day weekend: CTFURBANHOTZONE, CTF-PROJECT-X, CTF-ACIDPIPE, CTF-BLASTED (The revised version ala Toonces & Chronos), and of course CTF-EXOR.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


New Maps on the Stuffed Cats Inc. Server...
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Thursday, May 11th, 10:57 AM CDT
There are four new maps running on the server.

They are:

CTF-ACIDPIPE - This isn't the biggest map on the server, but it's well balanced and offers placement of the ammo pickups that will let an effective sniper use them like satchel charges...special fun here!

CTF-NALISAZURE - Another big, low grav, jump-fest with multiple levels. With the low grav on you can use the rooftops in much the same manner as in CTF-CHASM. This a beautiful map to look at...true eye-candy!

CTF-INSIDE - Yeah it's "inside" but it's like inside the Astrodome. Trust me, you'll like it...;-)

CTF-URBANHOTZONE - This map had to be designed with low grav in mind as it's huge and the rooftops are littered with goodies. It's an urban map, but the open roof access also makes it ideal for sniping fun.

There are four more new maps in the chute, but I haven't finished testing them yet, although the files are available if you want to check them out: CTF-RIOT, CTF-DAMTOOFAR, CTF-GAZPACHO, and CTF-HOLYWATER. Be sure to send me a report on any bugs you find in them. Cathode is in the process of fixing the sticking bots in CTF-CROAKOR and will send me the revision as soon he's finished. It's a great map and deserves a second chance.


That Was Humbling...
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Monday, May 8th, 10:58 PM CDT
The headline really says it all. Perhaps HV will agree to have a fun match with us on a big low gravity map sometime...I suppose stranger things have happened. Obviously, playing them on unfamiliar maps at normal gravity was a serious mistake on our part.

Well, there's not gonna be any whining here...Congratulations to Clan HighVoltage on their win!


Dead Cats vs. HighVoltage Match on Monday Night...
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Sunday, May 7th, 9:19 AM CDT
Hey Y'all!

The Dead Cats' match with HighVoltage is set for Monday night at 7:00pm CST. The three maps are going to be: CTF-Lava, CTF-Orbital, and CTF-face if a tie-breaker is needed.

Tomorrow, before I leave the University, I'll start a UT server up on with just those three maps running on a 20 minute or 3 flag rotation. All the mods will be turned off. The skins and voices will stay as they don't really matter here. That server will run continuously throughout the weekend as a practice platform named Dead Kitty's Test Server.

The password will be: XXXXXXXXXXX

As far as setting up the times for practices, I'm gonna leave it up to Puma, Cat-Dog, Cougar1, Caretakerscat, and Fat-Cat to work out with the Bullet Timers...You have a lot of volunteers work out a schedule with them. I'm sure that Barkeep or Chronos will help you to coordinate things.



Match Scheduled
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Thursday, May 4th, 8:45 PM CDT
Your match with High Voltage has been Scheduled for the following time:
Monday, May 8th 7:00 PM (CDT)
Should you need to reschedule this match for any reason, a team admin may request to do so by clicking on the "Arrange Match" link in the pending battles section.
Challenge Has Been Made
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Tuesday, May 2nd, 1:19 PM CDT
Your team has been challenged by High Voltage in the UT/CTF.
New Maps and Other Stuff...
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Sunday, April 16th, 1:32 PM CDT
My apologies to everyone regarding the network outage last night. I talked with the network ops folks in Austin and it was definitely a denial of services attack. The good news is that they believe they've identified the source and if they verify it, they are going to sic the fedz on them...I wish I could get a lick or two in as well. Barkeep wants them sentenced to playing UT with us.

It's time for more changes on the server...just maps this time. The consensus seems to be that the bots should stay set up as they are. Hey, if they run off a few players, then so be it. I'm going to try to be a bit more selective about the maps in the future. IMHO, they've all been quality maps...The rub is in matching them to the parameters that are set before the server is dropped into the dedicated mode. Not being a code guy I do not know what it would take for Epic to allow different settings for different maps.

I do know that some maps, as great as they may be, just don't belong in certain mixes. The main one I'm thinking about here is CTF-Horus. It's a stunning piece of work. Atje even went to trouble to fix the HOM errors and add a Redeemer to the map. The problem is that as a low gravity map, it sucks! If ever a map cried out for normal gravity and 140% speed, Horus is it.

The other real problem map is CTF-Adobie (The Ancient Valley). I will not deny that it’s a blast to play, but it’s as unbalanced as Noork’s. There may be a way to fairly play these unbalanced maps and I’d love to have some feedback from y’all on it. I’d suggest that instead of a match where we play two different maps and a tie-breaker if needed, we play two games on the same map. Make them 40 to 50 minutes each and then swap bases after the first game. Let the winner be determined by the sum of the scores from both games.

The other map that’s going to go is Purple Flame. It’s stunning to look at and the bots know how to play it. The problem seems to be that for most people it gets very old, very quickly. I grabbed it because it was written by the same designer that made Templar. As good as it is, however, it’s not the great piece of work that Templar is…I am open to negotiation on any of these deletions if someone has a real problem with them.

That leaves CTF-Chasm, CTF-Exor, and CTF-Warrior…all of which everyone seems to still be enjoying. I’m going to add three more maps to the rotation: CTF-Antimatter, CTF-Blasted, and CTF-Snitched. All three are huge! I don’t mean large…I really mean huge. We played on CTF-Blasted last night for awhile during the network attack. I had the flag and actually managed to get lost and wound up back at my own base…and all of the big doors will kill you if they close while you’re standing their path. Y’all are welcome to take the push from the server, but I’d urge everyone to either get the maps from Nali City or from someone who already has them like Puma, Barkeep, Chronos, or me for starters. You are probably going to want to explore all three of them without having the jacked-up bots on your butt at the same time. I haven’t found any errors or bugs in any of them with one exception. There are two teleporters in CTF-Snitched that drop you into the middle of ponds of water. You can jump back up into them and they do not work in the opposite direction. I think this is by design and that they are intended to be one-way devices.

It looks like we’re on with the clan reorganization. Nino needs to get together with Zoob on the web page issues…establishing links etc. All of you Bullet Timers can slip on those cat skins anytime you like…I’m sure we’ll be trying out the BT skins very soon...:-)


Major Changes on the Stuffed Cats Inc. Server
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Thursday, April 6th, 10:39 AM CDT
The Stuffed Cats Inc. server ( has had some major revisions made to it's layout. The main changes involve the removal of most of the custom skins and a few of the other mods.

The server now only pushes 3 custom skins: the Dead Cat's team skin, Bullet Time's CTF skin, and the Dead Cat bot skin. The DC team skin has four faces at the moment and we plan to add a few more, so that skin will change at some point in the future. For now, however, there are no plans to add any other skins. If the Bullet Time CTF skin changes, we will of course place the new one on the machine.

There are 3 voices left that folks really wanted to remain in place: Dark Lord, Eric Cartman, and the Marines voice from Opposing Force. [AC-DC]=CatDog is working on a voice module for Triumph the Insult Comic Dog from the Conan O'Brien show. If that comes together, it'll replace one of the others.

We are still running low gravity, exploding ammo, and HeadShot Bonus. The bots are still set at Masterful with all of the attributes like accuracy, alertness, and strafing set to maximum...Don't stand still for long...:-)

The maps have changed to:

CTF-Adobie, CTF-Chasm, CTF-Exor, CTF-Horus, CTF-Purple Flame, and CTF-Warrior.

All are available for download at Nali City or you can take the push from the server. We hope to see y'all on the server again sometime soon!


Fixing the Incompatibilities with the 4.13 Upgrade patch...
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Sunday, April 2nd, 10:07 PM CDT
Epic created a bunch of problems with v4.13 and one of them is an incompatibility with the exploding ammo mod designed to be used with v4.05b and lower. I attempted to apply the v4.13 UMOD to the server and no dice...It wouldn't work. So, after backing up my own v4.05b system directory, I applied the UMOD to my machine and extracted the .int and the .u DE files. I know this sounds like a lot of trouble, but the problem was that anyone who had upgraded (more like downgraded) to v4.13 could not use the server with the exploding ammo mod turned on. I like most of the stuff we've put on the server, but the ammo mod is my favorite and I did not want to disable it because Epic screwed up big time. Well, I've got it all working for both 4.05 and 4.13 users.

There are two zip files attached: One is the fix for the ammo problem and the other is a replacement Dead Cat skin that Kelly has set up with red and blue color coding and four faces..."Toonces," "Night Puma," and Brad's "Cougar" face and Nino's "Dead" face. There will be one more iteration of the skin with all of the faces included...Great work folks!

1. Unzip the file and place both the and de.u files in your unrealtournamentsystem directory. If you've installed the older version of the DE mod it will want to over write the other files...say yes. That's it, now you should be able to play on both 4.05 and 4.13 servers running exploding ammo. I know for sure you can play on Stuffed Cats with either UT version...including the Fov mod.

2. The first Dead Cat skin "SoldierSkin_dc" (Chronos') and Kelly's first version "SoldierSkins_ca" are gone. You need to get the files out of your unrealtournamentsystem and textures directories:

In the system directory remove the and the files

In the textures directory remove the SoldierSkin_dc.utx and the SoldierSkin_ca.utx files

Then extract the files from the and place the .utx in textures and the .int in the system directory, restart the game and you're in business.

I apologize for all of the mail and files this week, but Epic has a created a serious compatibility problem with this patch.

Thank you everyone for your patience!


Stuffed Cats Inc. Server Updated
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Sunday, March 26th, 10:52 AM CDT
The Stuffed Cats Inc. server,, has been reconfigured. There are six new CTF maps running in the rotation; Adobie, Chasm, Exor, Horus, Purple Flame, and Warrior. All of them are large maps with both indoor and outdoor elements. Chasm and Exor are both updated versions. So, if the server says you have a conflict, go to Nali City and get the latest versions. I also have them in the shared CTF folder on my machine.

I've tested them all as extensively as possible and the only bug I'm still aware of is a small corner error on an inside wall in Horus. CTF-Exor is a remix Mattias Ekh did of his DM-Exor map that runs on Zoob's server. We found a very bad bug in it, disappearing flags, but that has been fixed by replacing the clouds with slime...Thanks Mattias! It's a great map and I think everyone will enjoy the facing towers and the potential for over-the-top firefights on the connecting bridge. Adobie, Purple Flame, Horus, and Warrior are huge and real low grav jump fests!

All of the Dead Cat bots are back, but I've turned them back down to level-3 enhanced. Sorry folks, but I'm just not the shooter that some of y'all are and the level-5 enhanced bots were just impossible for me in a map I don't know well. For this week they'll run at level-3; next week I'll jack them up to level-4; and the following week, I'll turn them back up to Masterful, or level-5.

I had a great time last night...Just watching Barkeep and Puma have their pissing contest was worth the price of admission. And no excuses, but I do feel obligated to point out that [AC-DC]=Cat-Dog scored 3 of Bullet Times flags in Noork's...:-) Also, many thanks to the folks in clan {DJ}. They're great players and they saved the match by filling in during the game in Templar!


CTF Match Tonight With Bullet Time!
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on March 25th, 11:03 AM CDT
Place: Stuffed Cats Inc.

Times and Rules: 1st game at 8:00pm CST in Templar for 90 minutes or 10 flags; 2nd game at 10:30pm CST in Noork's Elbow for 90 minutes or 10 flags

Wear your Dead Cat skins and come in on Red for Templar. The losing team in the 1st game picks their color in the 2nd game. Substitutions are allowed, so with 3 hours of game play, everyone will get in even if more than 8 per side show up for the match.


Oh yeah...Shoot everything wearing black!


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