Road-Kill Journal Vol.1-10

Something Very Different on the Dead Kitty's UT Server
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Friday, August 25th, 11:30 PM CDT

CTF-City Intro:

An enormous version of CTF-Intro, titled CTF-CityIntro, will be added to the Dead Kitty's UT Server tonight:

CTF-City Intro

This is the side of the City Intro you're accustomed to seeing...

This is the side you never get to see...The Liandri Tower Complex

Remember this room? "Dare you challenge [DC] Toonces?"

This map appears to be a gigantic rewrite of the original conversion of the UT intro movie, CTF-Intro. Weapons and pick up placements have been radically altered and the map has been more than doubled in size. The major change is that where the Liandri Tower Complex was merely background in CTF-Intro, it is a fully accessible part of the map in CTF-City Intro.

I pushed the map as hard as possible, including using 16 bots, and I was unable to induce any lag or jitter. This may be due to the digital size of the map. CTF-Zeitkind, which is notoriously laggy, is almost 12Mb unzipped and has many additional texture files that must be loaded along with the .unr file. CTF-City Intro, on the other hand, is only 3.6Mb unzipped and uses no extra textures. In the zipped form it is less than 1Mb in size.

CTF-City Intro is not a perfectly balanced map. It is not, however, as unbalanced as CTF-Noork's Elbow. Each side has distinct advantages and disadvantages for both defensive and offensive play. The map is very unusal in that, with the exception of a couple of the highest rooftops, all areas are completely useable. There are even large zones of complete darkness that are traversable and provide for excellent alternate routes for carrying the flags. It goes without saying that the entire map is a sniper's delight. The place is littered with sniper rifles and sniper ammo pick ups.

The zip file for CTF-City Intro may be downloaded here: CTF-City Intro


CTF-AcidPipe][ and a GodCam Hack for Net-Game Viewing
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Thursday, August 24th, 3:00 PM CDT


The revised version of CTF-AcidPipe will be added to the Stuffed Cats Inc. server tonight:


Enjoy the view because you'll only see it 16 times per game instead of 80...

Chronos has made some minor modifications to CTF-AcidPipe which has now been redesignated as CTF-AcidPipe][. Three changes have been made to the map:

1.) The spawn points in the sniper's hallways and on the grid platforms have been relocated to different areas of the map...i.e. - no more cheap spawn kills in these areas.

2.) There is now a very small platform suspended just above the acid which is just high enough to allow a teleport back up to the main grid sections. You cannot save a flag capture on this platform, but you can save yourself.

3.) Finally, the Redeemers respawn every five-minutes rather than every minute. This results in 8 Redeemers per side per game maximum rather than the 40 per side in CTF-AcidPipe.

The zip file for CTF-AcidPipe][ may be downloaded here: CTF-AcidPipe][

Super-secret Dead Cat member  [DC] TopCat  has written a GodCam Hack:

Rather than explaining this clever hack, go here and read all about it in detail: GodCam Hackz

I've also placed a permanent link to this page on the "Tutorials" page.


A New Map and a New Voice Pack on the Servers
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Wednesday, August 23th, 3:30 PM CDT


There will be one new map added to the Stuffed Cats Inc. server tonight:


An angled overview of the map as seen from the blue side

The zip file for CTF-Overcast may be downloaded here: CTF-Overcast

The Three Stooges join the Dead Cats:

A new voice-pack for the Three Stooges has been added as well.

Download it here: The Three Stooges Voice-Pack


Permanent Tutorial Available for Making Demo Movies
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Monday, August 21th, 10:30 PM CDT

Recording and playing demo movies:

The complete tutorial for making and playing back demo movies may be found here:

Making Demos Tutorial



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