Road-Kill Journal Vol.1-11

Two New Maps and a Revision for Lucius' Pit
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Sunday, September 3rd, 3:00 PM CDT

CTF-City Scape, CTF-Noctambulant, and a revised CTF-Lucius's Pit:

I have put up the revised version of CTF-Lucius' Pit...CTF-Lucius's Pit][. The author revised the map, but did not rename it. So, I added the ][ suffix to avoid any version conflicts for people that may have the original release of the .unr file. It will push from the redirect server or you may download the zip file here:

CTF-Lucius' Pit

There will also be two new maps going up tonight. Along with CTF-Lucius' Pit, I'll be adding CTF-City Scape and CTF-Noctambulant as well. CTF-Noctambulant is not only a well laid out CTF map; it is also some serious eye-candy. The Cat Bots appear to play it very well and I think they access the entire map during game-play. They appear to be equally effective on both offense and defense.

CTF-City Scape, on the other hand, is dark and dismal and one of the meanest fire-fight maps I've yet encountered. I am not sure if the Cat Bots use the sewer system, but they are deadly in the buildings and in the streets. I am hoping that this map changes properly in the rotation unlike so many other urban style maps. It is fully self-contained in the .unr file, so I am very optimistic about the prospects.



CTF-City Scape


   The zip file for CTF-Noctambulant may be downloaded here:     CTF-Noctambulant

         The zip file for CTF-City Scape may be downloaded here:     CTF-City Scape

Please let me know if there are problems with any of the maps.


A Match on CTF-Templar and Zoob Moves to a New Job
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Friday, August 30th, 4:00 PM CDT

A rematch with the UnClan Regulars and the Army of Good:

We have a rematch pending with the combined clans of the UnClan Regulars and the Army of Good. I don't think that anyone that played them on CTF-Warrior and CTF-November could deny that the games were absolutely terrific in every respect. We were well matched and all of their players were great sports when they lost the low gravity game. More importantly, they were gracious winners in the normal gravity games.

We are currently shooting for Saturday the 16th of September as the date of the match. Most of y'all have stated a preference for mid to late afternoon or early evening as a time frame. The match proposal is as follows:

1.) 2 games on the same map

2.) 1 in normal gravity and 1 in low gravity

3.) The total scores from both games will determine the winning team

4.) Teams of anywhere from 8 vs. 8 up to 12 vs. 12...We have already tested the new server with a player load of 20 and it handled it with ease.

5.) The map we've suggested is CTF-Templar for the following reasons: Excellent frame rates regardless of the client video card; it is an enormous map that can comfortably accommodate 16 to 24 players; unlike CTF-Warrior it is very flat and will not give an unwarranted edge in either gravity mode; it is a "Team Play" intensive map...lone guns cannot win on it; it is very simple and can be learned in no time at all; it is perfectly symmetrical and gives no advantage to either color...geography and picks ups are identical on both sides of the map

6.) Each game will be 60 minutes in length...a full hour...with no flag capture limit. We will take a 15 to 30 minute break in between the two games

All of the above is completely open to negotiation, but it appears that the UnClan and AoG are ammenable to it as it is laid out. I'll place CTF-Templar in the server's map rotation starting tonight and leave it in until the match. This will give the AoG and UnClan players lots of opportunies to play on it in the low gravity mode.


CTF-Templar is not only a great map to play, it's also fine eye-candy...

The zip file for CTF-Templar may be downloaded here: CTF-Templar

To take a screen-shot tour of CTF-Templar click here: The CTF-Templar Screen-Shot Tour

Zoob moves on and a great server goes away:

As everyone knows by now, Zoob is moving on from Onvoy to a new job...Which sadly means the end of the ZWUT Server and its Death Match madness. Both of the email lists have been relocated and if you'll visit the Tutorials Page you'll find instructions explaining how to subscribe to the new discussion list.


Two CTF Oldies Revisited and a News Archive Index Page
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Wednesday, August 30th, 3:30 PM CDT

The Green Monster and Orbital come to Stuffed Cats Inc.:

CTF-Hall of Giants

The Green Monster can easily handle the full 16 player load...


Orbital is still one of the best maps ever written for the game...

Both of these maps have been around for quite a while. They were originally introduced as the Digital Extremes CTF Map Pack in December of 1999. I believe they were released at the same time that DE released the exploding ammo mutator. Despite their age, they are both still real crowd pleasers. CTF-Hall of Giants ran last night and filled the server to capacity every time it came up in the rotation. I'm sure that CTF-Orbital will do the same this evening.

The zip file for CTF-Hall of Giants may be downloaded here: CTF-Hall of Giants

The zip file for CTF-Orbital Station may be downloaded here: CTF-Orbital Station

An index to the Road-Kill Journal Archives has been added:

An index has been created for the Road-Kill Journal Archives. Hopefully, it will help to reduce download times and provide y'all better access to the older news items. They are listed by date/subject with the newest volumes at the top of the page. There is also a permanent link to the to index located at the bottom of the current Road-Kill Journal.

Here the direct link to the Archive Index: Road-Kill Journal Archive Index



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