Road-Kill Journal Vol.1-14

One More New Map - CTF-Olden Aquifer][
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Wednesday, October 4th, 11:30 AM CDT

CTF-Olden Aquifer][:

CTF-Olden Aquifer][

An overhead view of CTF-Olden Aquifer][

The Blue Flag Room in CTF-Olden Aquifer][

I've added one more new map, CTF-Olden Aquifer][. This is a CTF rewrite of the DOM-Olden map from the original Epic release. The map's author states in his "readme" file that he had low gravity in mind when he created the large outdoor area that separates the two bases. The map may appear to be quite confusing at first glance, but it is totally balanced and actually very simple once you figure out the interior areas. Weapons placements are uniformly excellent as are the rest of the pick-ups and power-ups. I have not found a Redeemer on the map. The large inside areas are loaded with sniping perches and dark hiding places for campers. Many of the ammo pick-ups make for excellent satchel charges with the DE mutator turned on.

When I played on the map last night there were about 9 or 10 humans and 2 or 3 of the Cat Bots in the game. It played extremely well, including the bot support and pathing. CTF-Olden Aquifer][ should really be terrific with 16 humans on it!

You can get the zip file for CTF-Olden Aquifer][ here: CTF-Olden Aquifer][


The {WYA} Clan Joins TeamUT and Two New Dead Cats
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Monday, September 26th, 10:00 PM CDT

TeamUT grows again:

(WYA} Clan becomes a part of TeamUT

The {WYA} Clan...Whoop Your Ass...has become the third team to join TeamUT. All of you already know {WYA} Punker, aka [DC] Catfish. Now meet the rest of the crew: {WYA} Schmuck, {WYA} Thorvyn, {WYA} Skold, and their adjunct member ViDMAR. {WYA} says it's ready for a rematch with the Dead Cats and, of course, the Dead Cats were born ready.

Two new Dead Cats come into the fold:

Say hey to the two newest members of the Dead Cats: [DC] BiGT83, Todd Nienkerk and [DC] 4U2NV2, Orlando Gomez. [DC] BiGT83 is a Computer Science major at the UT Austin campus and is also a first-rate web designer. [DC] 4U2NV2 is a student at UTPA and works with us in Academic Computing as a HelpDesk Technician...which means that [DC] Necro Kitten is his ultimate "Jefe" so we all know that he is under a great deal of pressure.

Check out their full bios here:   "Members"


Same Dead Cat Skin.....Twice the Number of Faces
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Friday, September 22th, 5:00 PM CDT

Fourteen new faces:

Two of the New Faces in the [DC] Clan

   Tooncinator                         Catborg Ops.

The final Dead Cat male skin pack is here!. [DC] Puma has completed the addition of the new faces and the files are installed on both of the Dead Cat servers. Check your messages from the TeamUT mailing list for the hidden URL to download the actual skin files. The number of faces has been doubled from the original 14 to an astounding 28. To see all of the new faces visit the "Cool Lynx" page and follow the links.


[DC]Puma Solves the Mystery of the Bullet Time Skins
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Wednesday, September 20th, 7:30 PM CDT

Secret conversation intercepted:

The Bullet Time skins are now functional again on the Stuffed Cats Inc. and the Dead Kitty's servers in "Team" games. The problems stemmed from a number of things, but mainly from the version of the Unreal Tournament Editor used to make the skins. Apparently, the new version that was first released in the 4.25 patch, is no bueno por nada for making skins...which translates to worthless poop for those of you that no habla Espanol. [DC]Puma, showing the amazing skills and acumen possessed by all Dead Cats, quickly analyzed the problem and rushed in to save the day. After the skins had been repaired, your correspondent was privy to a conversation between [DC]Puma and his former skinning mentor Chronos. Fortunately, I was very quick and actually managed to record a small snippet of [DC]Puma's comments.

To hear [DC]Puma speak click on his picture.



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