Road-Kill Journal Vol.1-15

Two New Maps You've Already Played for Two Days
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Saturday, October 21st, 9:30 PM CDT

Two new maps on the Stuffed Cats Inc. server:

CTF-Erida facility

The Erida Facility is a massive and elegant construct

CTF-Diamond Samurai

Diamond Samurai...big, violent, and made for low gravity

Everyone has played them by now, but I wanted to formalize the introduction of both of these great new maps. CTF-Erida Facility is a fantastic map that requires both strategy and skills to score. Elegant and complex, I have yet to find a single flaw in this beautiful map. The placement of the power-ups, weapons, ammo, and health is nearly perfect in every respect. I'm sure that everyone has noticed by now that there is no Redeemer on the map. I also have yet to find the Keg of Health, Quad Damage Amplifier, or Invisibilty.

CTF-Diamond Samurai is a cross between CTF-Lucius' Pit and CTF-La Puta...Big, violent, fast and built for a low gravity environment! The outside areas allow you to make some fantastic jump moves when you have the flag and cannot use the teleporter. The Cat Bots play both maps at reasonable levels. I was able to consistently score against them...So the better players among y'all should have no serious problems with them.

If anyone finds bugs or problems with either of these maps, please let me know about them.

The zip files for both maps can be found on the "Filez" page.


Team DC Website and Dead Kitty's Returns Tonight
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Friday, October 13th, 5:00 PM CDT

Team DC Website started:

The Team DC Intro Page

The student players organize as Team DC

Thanks to the strong efforts of [DC]Missing Lynx the student Dead Cats have formed their own squad; Team DC. As a recognized student organization, Team DC's membership roster is open to any UTPA student, faculty member, or staff employee. If you're interested in joining up, follow the link below and drop [DC]Missing Lynx an email and he'll get you on the roster.

Want to join Team DC?...Go here: Team DC

Dead Kitty's returns with high-speed, normal gravity CTF:

The Dead Kitty's UT Server will return tonight with 5 maps. The server will be set up with the following parameters:

1.) Maximum of 8 players
2.) Maximum of 4 Cat Bots - Set to "Skilled"
3.) Mutator and Mods - Chainsaw Melee, Exploding Ammo, and the Skull
4.) Rulez - 30 minutes or 10 flags

Here is the obligatory BARF ALERT...Carefully note number 5.) below!


5.) Speed - 125% of normal
6.) Maps in the order of play:
         CTF-Car Park
         CTF-Lucius' Pit
         CTF-Jupiter Run

I hope everyone has fun with it!


A New Map Tonight - CTF-Cadenza
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Wednesday, October 10th, 5:00 PM CDT



A plan view of the three outside zones in CTF-Cadenza

The Blue Base's outside area in CTF-Cadenza

CTF-Cadenza is the large map I've been searching for for quite some time now. The map is totally symmetrical, has no frame rate problems, and the Cat Bots play it agressively and effectively on both offense and defense. The map is fairly complex with multiple routes in and out of all five of the major zones. Weapons placements are, in my opinion, absolutely perfect. There are enough ammo and health pick-ups to keep things very interesting. Several of the weapons and pick-ups are only available in the Spectral Fortress area located in the middle of the map. It is the only area that may be by-passed when moving from one side of the map to the other, but it is also where many of the goodies are located. The large inside areas are well laid out and very difficult to attack without adequate back-up. This is a great example of a team play map. I cannot imagine scoring on this map without help and support from your team-mates.

This map has areas, especially inside, that are definitely well suited for the gunfighters among you. It is not, however, another CTF-Lucius Pit][ with it's frantic action. Based on my tests with the bots, it has a pace to it that is way beyond a CTF-Templar but does not equal the smaller, tighter maps. If you don't like it, just visit another server while it's up as I think it will be around for a while.

The author of this gem is Gareth 'Ulukai' Spring and he has provided a brief back-story for the map:

Thousands of years ago, two feuding mages decided to construct two opposing magical forts as a setting in which to fight and decide once and for all who was the master of the universe. Using their magical powers, they looked into the future and realised that this accolade was destined for one called "He-Man" and his merry chums.

A little bit miffed at this, they decided instead that the fight would be over the impressive blackrock fashioned fortresses themselves, the winner securing a 9999 year lease on both forts in which to reap profits from leasing to the tourist trade, and the occasional wizened hermit. In the blue corner, was Megrim of Moonwych, skilled in the manipulation of the mind. In the red corner, was Zothan Runecaster, skilled in all that was fire.

Unfortunately, right at the beginning of the fight, Megrim attemped an old Jedi mind trick on Zothan, just as he was uttering the incatantion for a particularly cunning "Underpants of Fire" spell. Megrim's untimely interruption of the spell caused both of their heads to explode, leaving only their faithful cats in tenancy for the next 9999 years.

After enjoying an extended period in the luxourious kitty palaces, the decendents of the magical cats sold to the Liandri Corporation for a tidy sum. The smell from the long period of feline residency prohibited the Liandri Corporation from converting the buildings into a hotel, so instead they were converted for use in the Unreal Tournament.

We may have to make Ulukai an honorary Dead Cat for spinning that little yarn...:-)

You can get the zip file for CTF-Cadenza here: CTF-Cadenza

A complete visual tour of the map may taken here: Map Tours - CTF-Cadenza

To download a large version of the Plan-View go here: CTF-Cadenza Large Plan-View



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