Road-Kill Journal Vol.1-2

Zooming with Any Weapon and the Clan Grows Again...
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Tuesday, June 13th, 8:50 AM CDT
Good Morning,

I accidentally omitted [DC] JAG, another new member of the clan and Team UT, when I welcomed [DC] Hawk to the crew in yesterday's news. He'll be wearing the "Benny the Ball" face and playing defense in the game...I'm sure that Barkeep will give them both a proper initiation when he returns.

I've put this out before, but I want to make sure that all of the new folks have it as well...Now that the Enhanced Shock Rifle has been thrown into the mix in CTF-BLASTED and CTF- PROJECT-X, it has become far more relevant.

I don't know how useful this will be to everyone...Personally, I think it's the slickest thing since sliced bread! Follow the instructions below and you'll be able to zoom with all of the weapons in UT:

1.) Use the tilde key to go to the console, type Preferences, hit return.

2.) Expand the "Advanced" menu, then the "Key Aliases" menu, then the "Aliases" menu.

3.) Find your first open slot, usually 25, and expand that menu. In the "Alias" menu type:

"Zoom" w/o quotes.

In the "Command" menu type:

"SetDesiredFov 10" w/o quotes.

The "10" is a variable that may be replaced with any number from 1 to 90. Using 10 will give the zoom function approximately the same field of view as the sniper rifle at X8.3.....90 is no zoom, or normal view, and 1 will let you put a rifle round through the other guy's eye at maximum range.

4.) Next, in the "Raw Key Bindings" menu find the key that you want to use to zoom. When there, type in:

"Zoom | OnRelease SetDesiredFov 90" w/o quotes.

The spaces and the letter case are critical. Type the code exactly as it's written above.

One more note on this feature: It only works in single player mode unless you make the following change in your unrealtournament.ini file.

Find the line that reads:


Change it to True and that'll fix multiplayer. I have already changed the server and it will work on-line.

There are two rubs here: One is that at extreme zooms some of the weapons, like the ASMD, are not sighted in correctly. I do not know how to change that yet. Mine shoots a little low and to the right and it's pretty easy to compensate for the error. Two is that it will only work on the Stuffed Cats Inc. and Dead Kitty's servers. Of course, Zoob or Chronos could change the bAllowFov=False to True on ZWUT and the domination server and then it would work there as well...:-)



An Important Notice and One More New Dead Cat...
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Monday, June 12th, 10:46 AM CDT
Hey Y'all,

Give a big Dead Cat welcome to [DC] HAWK, our newest inductee to the clan and to Team UT.

I am really tired of all the laggy play on the Stuffed Cats Inc. server. I'm convinced that most of it is due to players joining the game that are not using either 4.13 or 4.20 version of UT. If they are below 4.13, they still take the push from the game-server and not from Zoob's file storage area.

As a result, this morning I set the "AllowDownloads" parameter to FALSE. What this means is that if you're running UT 4.00, 4.02, or 4.05b and I have changed anything on the server, like a new map, you're not getting into the game. These versions do not have the redirect feature and the server will no longer push the files to you.

Along with this, Puma is moving the machine to a 100Mbps port that sits right on the switch. That will let the UT traffic by-pass everything else and go directly to the net. I hope all of this will significantly improve performance during game-play.

The bottom-line here is that if you haven't upgraded to the 4.20 patch, then do it now or you may not be able to get in the game.

Thanks for listening!


Yesterday's Match and the Stuffed Cats Server is at #3
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Sunday, June 11th, 7:42 PM CDT
Hey Y'all!

The game-play has never been better or more fun than it was during yesterday's match. I never bothered to put a password on the server and, as a result we had some new folks playing with us...Welcome to Stuffed Cats Inc. Hawk and jag...Although, I do have to say, jag, that wearing a bot skin is going to get you killed a whole bunch. Both [DC]ClawHammer and [DC]Frisky made us very proud of them in their first appearance in a fun match as full-fledged Dead Cats.

The beefed-up server is running great and the connections have never been better. Last night, the server was #3 on the mods list at ngWorldStats.

I am sorry to see our very own "Minister of Defense," [DC] Benny the Ball, retire from the game. The business end of that flak cannon will be sorely missed defending our flag and our butts. I also want to add that Barkeep's most excellent skills were also greatly missed. He always kills me 25 times for every once that I get him, but that 1 kill out of 25 is so satisfying that I did miss it.

I am pleased to announce that, at the moment, I am leading in Bullet Time's "Which Dead Cat do you most enjoy killing?" poll...:-) The Strangelove server was very enjoyable and I'll try to have it running at least one or two nights during the week.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and I'll see y'all on-line!


CTF Match this Saturday at Stuffed Cats Inc.
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Thursday, June 8th, 4:47 PM CDT
Hey Allanon...Be careful what you ask for....

DC vs. BT Fun Match...

CTF on Stuffed Cats Inc. -

60 minutes in CTF- ACIDPIPE no flag limit

...followed by:

60 minutes in CTF-FACES OF THE PHARAOHS no flag limit

Teams: Hopefully 8 on 8 in both maps...Although 6 on 6 would do the job.

Time: 5:00pm CST (6:00pm EST or 4:00pm MST for Gird...:-)

I'll stop the server after CTF-ACIDPIPE and give everyone a 15 minute break between the maps.

All the usual mods will be in place for ACIDPIPE and if enough people want it, I'll add the Strangelove mod for FACES OF THE PHARAOHS...It might be fun with all humans and no bots in the game. I'll start the server with "***********" as the password around 3:00pm CST. I'll have it set 45 for minutes in ACIDPIPE and 45 minutes in FACES OF THE PHARAOHS. A little after 4:30pm CST I'll shut it down and reset it for the match.

Both maps are balanced so let's not change colors and get things screwed up like we did last time in Noork's. Whatever color a team starts with, they'll use it for both maps.

On a more personal note to DC: The Dead Cats will all start on the same side and if someone needs to move to balance the teams, I'll let you know. Don't touch those "Player Options" until I tell you to! I think Sabertooth put it best, "If you're playing the Lakers, and you have more players than they do, and your only good player is Michael Jordan; who do you give them to balance the teams...NOT Michael Jordan."...Thank you for listening.

Please...Let's get a head-count going here so we'll know if we have enough to do this.



A Strangelove Update and a Match Proposal...
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Wednesday, June 7th, 3:07 PM CDT
***Strangelove News***

I am fairly confident that the problem was with the CTF-YETI map and not with the Strangelove mod. For tonight, I'll have the server set up as the "Dead Kitty's Strangelove Server" again starting at around 5:00pm. I'm going to have three maps running on it to offer a little variety.

The first map will be CTF-FACES OF THE PHARAOHS...It is possible on this map to use the Strangelove device to grab the other flag while in flight and return to your own base and score without getting off the rocket. I did it five times in a row...So, what with my poor skills y'all should be able to do it as well. Here's the rub: This isn't CTF-YETI where the Cat Bots stand around like a bunch of morons. This is CTF-FACES OF THE PHARAOHS where they play better than most humans. When playing against the bots, I still managed to grab the flag 4 out of 5 times, but the 4 times I did get it they shot me out of the air.

The second map will be CTF-KILLGORE which should work really well with the Strangelove mod, but I doubt that even Barkeep will be able to snag a flag mid-air on that puppy...:-)

The final map will be CTF-TEMPLAR where you'll have to choose between flying in to get the flag, or using the rocket to get you home...Going home, you'd have to navigate the tunnels against the Cat Bots. That should prove challenging to say the least...:-)

***A Match Proposal***

Allanon wants a match and so do I...I suggest Saturday sometime in the late afternoon. Y'all help me out with suggestions on the best time. For maps, I recommend 60 minutes with no flag limit on CTF-ACIDPIPE and then 60 minutes with no flag limit again on CTF-FACES OF THE PHARAOHS. No Strangelove mod for the match, just the usual low gravity set up with exploding ammo cans would be in place.

I would like to see a better balancing of the sides this time. The last match in Noork's had it's good points, but an even balance for the teams was not one of them. Noork's is inherently an unbalanced map. CTF-FACES OF THE PHARAOHS and CTF-ACIDPIPE are near perfectly balanced so with a relatively even player distribution, it should be a great match.

I'd like to have some feedback on this as we can play CTF-ACIDPIPE with 10 to 12 people, but CTF-FACES OF THE PHARAOHS really needs to have 14 or more. Y'all let me know what you think and please suggest some times when folks will be able to play.



The Dead Kitty's Server Hosts Dr. Strangelove Tonight...
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Tuesday, June 6th, 4:35 PM CDT
Greetings and Salutations Team UT!

Puma & Chronos have been harassing the heck out of me to try a mod called "Strangelove." Now this isn't strange love as in kinky romance, but Strangelove as in Dr. Strangelove the movie and the Peter Sellars character of the same name. Now if you've seen the flick, then you have to remember the scene where Major Kong (Slim Pickins) gets down in the bomb-bay of the BUFF and, Stetson hat and all, rides the nuke down to the surface.

What the Strangelove mod does is to turn the Redeemers into steerable and rideable rockets that you can actually use to get from from point to point on a UT map. You just hit Alt-Fire and steer it as usual except, that from anyone else's point of view, your character jumps on the Redeemer and rides it away. When you want off, you just hit Fire, or Alt-Fire again, and the Redeemer continues on in a straight line while you drop to the surface below. In low gravity it's pretty easy to do. Just make sure you're not right in front of a wall or you'll kill yourself with the Redeemer blast when it impacts with the surface ahead.

Some of the screen-shots from the download site show two people on the Redeemer and apparently the passenger has the ability to fire other weapons. I can't figure out how to do this, but if anyone else does, let the rest of us know as this could make for some kick-ass dogfights.

So, for tonight only (and more if requested) the server will be renamed to "Dead Kitty's Strangelove Server" and will be running the mod.

Only one map will be running: CTF- A Yeti's Dream - Terminal Velocity 10,000

I don't want to spoil all the fun so I'll just say that the map already has jet aircraft on it that you can fly in and there are at least 16 no one should have any problems finding a ride. I won't tell you that this is a big map...It's WAY beyond big! Barkeep and I played in it once and I don't know if we ever saw each other more than a couple of times.

For those of you with access to my shared folder, the map .unr file and the 2 Strangelove files are available now. I have already compressed them and they are in place on Zoob's file share, so the server will direct any pushes to that machine...They should go very quickly. The map is set for 90 minute games with unlimited flags so no one will get cut off in the middle of a push.

One more thing...Be sure to have your audio turned up the first time you ride a Redeemer and don't have a mouthful of coke when you do it...I will not be responsible for ruined keyboards or monitors...:-)



Right Up There with the Edsel and New Coke...
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Monday, June 5th, 8:57 PM CDT
Hey again y'all,

All I have to say is that it was a very bad idea and the server is now back to 100% speed and 35% air-control.

Nuff said...


The Only Constant is Change at Stuffed Cats Inc...
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Monday, June 5th, 1:21 PM CDT
Greetings TeamUT...

I've been playing around with the server "settings" menu for a while now and have decided to change a couple of things. There's always been a real fascination with the speed setting on ZWUT. It seemed as though 140% was a bit too much. Now Chronos has changed it to 130% and I think he's on to something here.

I've experimented with faster ground speeds on Stuffed Cats Inc., but it never felt right as the jump speeds never quite matched up. Today I discovered exactly how the "air-control" setting functions in relation to the overall game speed. This discovery produced what may be an ideal combo for a faster, meaner, game in a low gravity environment.

Tonight the server will be set at 130% for game speed and air-control will be bumped up to 50% which is rough the equivalent of 65% of normal ground control. This'll probably give the snipers fits as everyone will be a lot harder to hit when they're moving.

These new settings are not cast in stone, but I do want some feed-back from y'all. If you like it let me know. If you hate it let me know...All I can promise you at this point is that it feels very different from the normal settings. Don't say anything yet as it'll take a couple of games to sort it out.



Welcome the New Dead Cats and Other News...
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Monday, June 5th, 1:04 PM CDT
Give a big Dead Cat welcome to the newest members of the clan: ClawHammer, Mrs.ClawHammer, Tummy Pokefinger, and Newbie. Their member profiles and pictures will be up on the "Members" page real soon now. Clan Bullet Time is also welcoming two new members: Random and Sloppy-Jane. Give'em a big DC howdy and put a round through them while you're at it...:-)

Chronos and Puma are working on the giant Bullet Time/Dead Cat combo skin-pack. It will contain both CTF and DM skins, have a female skin, and all the colors available. Get your special face requests directly to them. If you need help finding source material, let me know.

Zoob has put up a Domination server IP:'s a blast to play on! It's set up for 3 teams, so the existing team skins will not work. The new skin-pack will take of this.


Two New Maps and 4.20 Redirects...
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Thursday, June 1st, 8:45 AM CDT
There are two new maps on the server: CTF-Stronghold][ and CTF-Faces of the Pharaohs.

The server has been upgraded to 4.20 and is now redirecting all file downloads to one of Zoob's servers...It is much faster!

Bullet Time has a new member...Random. Be sure to welcome him to the fold when you see him on-line.



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