Road-Kill Journal Vol.1-21

A New CTF Map and Something Different for the Dead Kitty's
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Wednesday, December 31th, 6:00 PM CDT

New map - CTF-Arctic Outpost][:

CTF-Arctic Outpost][

Slick and Icy Outside - Tight and Mean Inside

This map was first released about three weeks ago but had a couple of serious bugs that made it worthless for network play. The author has corrected them and it is now a very nice medium-sized CTF map. The weapons, ammo, health-packs, and power-ups are well placed and perfectly balanced.

The outside areas are quite slick in places. So if you set up to snipe, be sure to apply the brakes early and often or you may well find yourself sliding around on things. The inside areas have very sure footing, but are fairly in CTF-Lucius' Pit-3...and you may prefer the more exposed run through the outside area.

Assault and CTF in one map:


The outside area is very simple and very big

You have to get through here first

This unique map may well be the wave of the future for Unreal Tournament. It is a true blend of both the Assault and the Capture the Flag games. As with normal CTF, to win your team must capture the flag more times than the other team. Unlike other CTF maps, however, on CTF-Hybrid your team will have to accomplish specific tasks and achieve mission goals before you are able to gain access to the other team's flag room.

The map is perfectly balanced and the placement of supplies and weapons has been very well thought out. One noticeable exception is that the long run between bases has to made without any additional ammo or health packs. Whatever you leave the enemy base with is all you're going to have until you get back to your own base. Without covering fire, this will be a very tough run to make. There are a very few spots where the poly-count gets over 200, but the average is only around 100 so no one should have any serious jitter problems with this map...even on a medium-fast machine. I am guessing that a computer faster than 400Mhz with any model VooDoo card in it will not have problems.

The bots will not play on this map. The author says that he found it impossible to path them across the two different game formats. This is a map that is just crying out for a 10 vs. 10 match! It is designed to accommodate 16 to 32 players and I believe it. There was a README file included with the map, but I have omitted it from the zip file. You need to solve the mission problems on your own. I did it, so y'all can it too. It certainly shouldn't be too tough without the bots breathing down your necks.

I am going to have it running on the Dead Kitty's UT Server with the usual mods in place: Low Gravity, Exploding Ammo, CTF Do The Right Thing, Chainsaw Melee, and the Skull. The rules will be set for one hour with no capture limit...That should make for a very interesting game.

A few other minor things:

CTF-Revenge][ has been replaced with CTF-Revenge-3...which sports lower poly counts and improved bot pathing.

The zip files for all three of the new maps, CTF-Arctic Outpost][, CTF-Hybrid, and CTF-Revenge-3, may all be found on the "Filez" page.

The following maps have been permanently removed from the "Filez" page on the website: CTF-Adobie, CTF-Baranco, CTF-City Intro, CTF-City of Synn, CTF-Cityscape SKW, CTF-Forsaken Summit, CTF-Fort Caskin, CTF-Howling Gods, CTF-Inside][, CTF-Meteoroids, CTF-Midtown, CTF-Millencollin, CTF-Riot, CTF-Siberian Warfare, CTF-Waterfront, CTF-Hill Forts, CTF-Where Eagles Dare, and DM-BathroomDOW][.



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