Road-Kill Journal Vol.1-3

The CTF Matches Tonight...New Skins...A New Map...
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Tuesday, June 20th, 9:00 AM CDT

Lots of news this morning...

The Dead Cats and Bullet Time both have matches tonight...

The Dead Cats are playing the UnClan Regulators at 9:00pm EST (8:00pm CST) on the Stuffed Cats Inc. server. Both maps will be CTF-WARRIOR. The games will be 30 minutes each with the first being played in normal gravity and the second in low gravity. Teams will be 6 on 6...more if both sides have 7 or 8 players available at game time. The skins and voices will stay in place, but all other mods and mutators will be turned off. The server will be available in case there are any technical problems with the .56 machine.

I'll have both servers up and running CTF-WARRIOR in the match configuration at about 5:00pm CST today. The .13 server will be running low gravity and the .56 normal gravity. All players should be in place on the .56 server by 9:00pm EST (8:00pm CST) at which point I'll restart the map and the game will begin. After the first game is over, we'll take a 5 or 10 minute break while I reset the server for low gravity. As soon as all players are back on-line, I'll restart the map and the second game will begin. Unless the UnClan Regulators have an objection, the Dead Cats will play on Red. I sent the password to everyone via email...Please get it there.

Bullet Time will be playing the =OuTLaWs= on ZWUT server at 11:00pm EST (10:00pm CST). The map will be CTF-LavaGiant and all the custom goodies will be turned off. I'm not sure of the team size, but I assume it will be either 5 on 5 or 6 on 6. Chronos has requested that the Dead Cats Roger-Wilco server be available to Bullet Time if needed. It should be free by 9:30pm EST (10:30pm CST)...The usual password will be in place.

New Skins...

When the Dead Cat servers start up on Wednesday, the new Bullet Time skins will be in place and the old CTF skins will be gone. Chronos has done an excellent job with this package! It has all four colors...and yes, it will function on the ZWUT DOM Server...and an extended collection of faces that are all outstanding.

[DC]Puma keeps threatening to add the gold and green colors to the Dead Cat skins along with some additional faces...I've seen one of them and it's hilarious! I do not know the status of the Dead Cat girl-skin but I'm sure he'll have it ready very soon now...So all of you ladies and cross-dressers get your face requests in now. As with the new Bullet Time skin, when the new Dead Cat files are ready, the old skins will come down. There's no reason to waste bandwidth pushing skins that no one will be using any more.

A New Map...

Along with the new Bullet Time skins, I'll be adding one new map: CTF-LAPUTA. It may possibly be CTF-LAPUTA][, if it's available. Rather than describe the map in detail, I'm going to let it speak for itself. All I will say is that it's sort of a cross between CTF-FACE and CTF-ACIDPIPE and of course it's huge! The maps author, Chris Sheridan, has created a real winner with this piece of work. The zip file will be available on the web site later today.

See y'all tonight!


Here's the Story on the Servers...
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Sunday, June 18th, 9:30 AM CDT

Here's the story on the servers...Last week we were experiencing some pretty laggy play. That was the result of three separate and distinct problems. Multiple-source trouble shooting is at best a pretty iffy deal.

The first problem was that we were, indeed, having denial of service attacks launched from the Sun Sparcs in the Engineering Building. We have taken care of that for the moment, but it could happen again. The second problem was a choke point in the THEnet backbone somewhere in San Antonio. That was reported to the UT (University of Texas) System Office of Telecommunications on Friday night by Puma. It also appears to have been resolved. We will, of course, continue to monitor both of these areas throughout Monday and Tuesday.

The third problem was the Stuffed Cats Inc. server itself. It failed a little after 1:00am CST on Saturday morning. [DC]Puma pulled it apart yesterday and found that the CPU was fried and even the motherboard looked pretty bad. It's been replaced and is back in business. I know that several of y'all played on it last night, and it seemed to be back to its usual robust condition.

The Dead Kitty's UT Server will continue to run CTF-WARRIOR in normal gravity for the rest of the weekend. We'll try to arrange a more formal practice session for Monday or Tuesday night when I'll be available to switch the gravity setting to whichever mode the team requests.

Thanks to all of you for your patience with these problems and a huge thanks to [DC]Puma for his tremendous efforts!

On a final note, I am going to attempt to add a "Pictures" link to the web pages where we can post screenshots and other assorted graphical goodies. I'll let y'all know when it's up and available.


CTF Matches and the Dead Kitty's Server...
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Friday, June 16th, 9:30 AM CDT

Congratulations to Bullet Time on their victory last night... Great win guys!

Details on Tuesday night's match:

The Dead Cats will be playing the UnClan Regulators in a CTF match on Tuesday the 20th at 8:00pm CST. The match will consist of two games, both to be played on CTF-WARRIOR for 30 minutes each. The first game will be in normal gravity, while the second game will be played with low gravity. All of the custom skins and voices will remain in place...The UnClan folks have agreed to this arrangement. The DE mod...exploding ammo cans, chainsaw melee, Headshot Bonus, CTF Do the Right Thing, and all of the relics will be turned off...and, of course, no Cat Bots.

[DC]Caretakerscat wants some practice time for the match...which I agree we need to have in the normal gravity environment. To accommodate this request, I will have the Dead Kitty's Server IP: set up all weekend in the above configuration with a password in place. It will run in normal gravity from 5:00pm CST today until Saturday evening, at which time, I'll enable the low gravity mod. It will continue to run in low gravity mode until 7:00am CST Monday morning. I will have the map set to a 60 minute cycle with no flag limit for the practice sessions.

I am going to provide Kyle Kelly of the UnClan Regulators with this information. They are welcome to hold their own practice sessions on the server, or just shoot it out with us over the weekend. I urge Bullet Time and the rest of the Dead Cats to jump in over the weekend and give our team a few players to practice against.



We Have a Match and Yet Another New Map...
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Wednesday, June 14th, 3:40 PM CDT
We are on!

Okay...We're on for Tuesday the 20th at 9:00pm EST (8:00pm CST) for the following:

We'll be playing the "UnClan Regulators"

The maps will both be: CTF-WARRIOR

1st game to be played in normal gravity

2nd game to be played in low gravity

If we need a 3rd game, we'll figure that out after the first two are finished.

Teams will be: 6 on 6...and if more show up on both sides that is also okay with us.

The games will be 30 minutes each with no flag limit due to the massive size of the map.

Forced respawn, translocator on, relics off, 0% same team damage...

We'll play it on the Stuffed Cats Inc. Server IP:

I'll provide y'all with a password on Monday.

All the bots will be off as will the forced balance features. The voices, and our team-skins will stay in place.

The starting team for the Dead Cats team will be: [DC]Puma, [DC]Cougar1, [DC]Caretakerscat, [DC]Cat-Dog, [DC]Frisky, and [DC]Newbie_Cat......[DC]Toonces will be in reserve if a 7th player is needed.

Everyone needs to be in place at their machines and on the server by 7:30pm CST...and it would really be nice if we had at least one more back up player.

The new map, CTF-Fantazy-2, is quite simply the most beautiful Unreal Tournament map I've seen to date. It's not perfectly balanced, but it's huge and it is just plain gorgeous. The zip file is up on the web site and the compressed files are already on Zoob's file server if you want to just take the push...If you don't like the way this map looks, then you have no soul.




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