Road-Kill Journal Vol.1-4

Matrix Moves Mod Bites the Dust and a Few Other Things...
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Wednesday, June 28th, 11:00 PM CDT

I pulled the Matrix Moves mutator from both servers a few minutes ago. There seems to be a very serious bug in the code. It appears that the mod can involuntarily default you to a Boss Skin, whether you want it or not, in the middle of a game. I thought it was a fluke at first, but actually figured out how to replicate the problem.

Once I had this worked out, I could even get it to go to the Boss Skin in server play with only the cache in place. For now, I would recommend that everyone remove both the and the matrixmoves.ini files from their unrealtournament\system folders and also take it out of your cache folder as well.

After all, it is a beta version...I'll write the author tomorrow and let him know about it.....Darn shame!

I made some other changes to the Dead Cats web pages today:

1. The web pages will be moving from the address. I'll put out a notice tomorrow with the new location and I'll change my sig.file so if you miss the change notice, you can always find it at the end of my posts...

2. The "Tutorials" page has been started. Up so far are "how to pages" for Zooming with Any Weapon and Reordering Weapon Priorities. I need some input on this page and anyone that wants to author a tutorial...bring it on and I'll edit it and put it up on the page. Like maybe Chronos could do one on "How I Rulle" or something c00l like that...

3. It looks like the fast-normal-grav CTF server will be a standing unit at some point real soon now...

4. ZWUT Server is definitely sorted out for redirected file downloads, so if anyone has problems, write Chronos or myself and we'll help you fix the problem...

Finally, Chris Sheridan...MADCAP in the about to start work on another UT CTF map and is looking for suggestions. I wrote him today and told him that I felt that Enhanced Shock Rifles, Stealth Pickups, and invisible Skaarj Lords with glowing red eyes were always welcome additions to any map...

Now I know y'all love his La'Puta][ as I've been monitoring UT Watcher and I see that you're having a marathon on it as I write. The bottom-line is that y'all have seen and experienced the exceptional quality of Chris' work so let's not fritter away this golden opportunity to get in our two cents. I'm info copying Chris on this message, so if you have any suggestions for him, please either write him directly: or send them to me and I'll forward them to him.


Looks Like High-Speed CTF is a Hit and Two More Maps...
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Sunday, June 25th, 11:00 PM CDT

It looks like high-speed CTF is a big hit. At the moment, the Dead Kitty's UT Server is actually leading Stuffed Cats Inc. in the ngWorldStats for Mods servers. Dead Kitty's is ranked #34 and Stuffed Cats is ranked #35 out of 1,034 mods servers that are currently on-line.

Both CTF-WARFARE and CTF-WARISHELL created a lot of incompatibility problems for people and, in spite of their novelty, were pretty average maps. I've pulled both of them from the server. I have replaced them with them two outstanding new maps that are a fair amount larger. Both maps only use a single .unr file and should push to everyone from Zoob's machine in the compressed format. The bots are excellent on all four of the maps that are now up on the server. I've turned them down from "Masterful" to "Adept" and they should be manageable for anyone with modest skills.

The two shots below will give you an overview of the maps...

"CTF-Waterfront is a beautiful map with a special treat if you'll look carefully at the pictures on the left...No shortage of guns and ammo on this map and it should easily handle 12 players..."

"CTF-Dam Too Far...This map is the largest and the darkest of of the four that are running. The flagrooms have two approaches and are virtual killing-zones making captures extra tough..."

The Dead Kitty's UT Server will run as often as possible during the 5:00pm CST to 7:00am CST time slot and on weekends. Please don't expect the same degree of regularity as with the .56 machine. Dead Kitty's UT Server will continue to operate at IP:

Don't forget to try out the Matrix Moves mutator...You can clear the wall in the area below the flag-base and make a perfect capture in CTF-Acid Pipe if you're good enough with it.


Something Really Different on the .13 Server Tonight...
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Friday, June 23th, 3:30 PM CDT

We're going to have a different sort of weekend on the Dead Kitty's UT Server this time out. I have put up four new CTF maps that we've never played on before: CTF-WARFARE, CTF-GAZPACHO, CTF-WARISHELL, and CTF-CONQUEST. The server will run in normal gravity with all of the relics disabled and the game speed will be set to 130% of normal. CTF Do the Right Thing, HeadShot Bonus, and the Exploding Ammo mods will stay in place along with Chainsaw Melee. The Cat Bots will be in place, but limited to 1 player plus 7 bots...Total connections will be capped at 12 not as a bandwidth consideration, but due to the size and confined nature of the maps.

Two of the maps are very different from anything we've played before in UT. They have fixed heavy machine guns that players can use as in Half-Life. All of the map zip files are available on the "FILEZ" page. A word of caution here! The file contains a texture file named Citytex.utx that is about 92K in size. If you already have a file named the same, do NOT automatically overwrite the existing file if it is larger...KEEP THE FILE YOU ALREADY HAVE!!! It will work with CTF-WARFARE and if you overwrite it, other "Urban" style maps may stop working. If you mess up and overwrite it, let me know and I'll send you a replacement file.

The four shots below will give you a few hints about the maps...

"CTF-Warfare][...This thing even shreds the Cat Bots..."

"CTF-Gazpacho...Don't go in the other team's spawn room (upper right) or you'll wind up being turned into mince-meat like me (lower right)..."

"CTF-War is Hell...As you'll note in the shot in the lower left corner, this map is Gib City...Oh yeah, and don't teleport through the helo's rotor..."

"CTF-Conquest...This map is so pretty you'll want to move there..."

The Dead Kitty's UT Server will start up at approximately 5:00pm CST today at IP:

See you there!


A Great New Map and a Significant Change on the Servers...
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Wednesday, June 21th,11:30 AM CDT

The real news today is that we are introducing a great new map tonight: CTF-LaPuta][. It is a gigantic cross between CTF-Facing Worlds and CTF-Acid Pipe. The zip file is available on the "Filez" page. The UCC compressed version is already in place at Zoob's and the server should redirect you to it if you just want the cache file. The uncompressed .UNR file is also available in the shared CTF Maps folder on my machine for those of you with local access...Come 'n get it!

The shot below was taken from the mountains above and behind the red base.

"CTF-LaPuta][...You are gonna love this one!"

The significant change on the servers is that they will no longer recognize the old Bullet Time CTF skin pack. I have the .ini files set up to push the new skins..."SoldierSkins_ut"...that Chronos created.

Regarding the match last night: Although we dropped the two normal gravity games, by the narrowest of margins, and had a fairly resounding win in the low gravity game, everyone that played should be holding their heads high. It was a great match and if Caretakerscat's connection hadn't pooped out, we might still be in sudden-death overtime in CTF-November. The UnClan Regulators are a great bunch of folks, really good sports, and a lot of fun to play against...I hope we do it again.

Finally, be sure to visit the "PIX" page and check out [DC]Puma's efforts on Chronos' Dead Cat face.



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