Road-Kill Journal Vol.1-5

Team Death Match Expands on the Dead Kitty's UT Server...
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Thursday, July 6th, 3:00 PM CDT

Four-Way Team Death match expands with new maps:

The Dead Kitty's UT Server will be rotating five death match maps tonight. The list includes: DM-Lost Tombs of Ra, DM-Sands, DM-Urban Arena][, DM-Simplicity][, and DM-Morpheus. All of the maps will be pushed by the redirect server, or you may choose to download the zipped files which are all available on the "FILEZ" page.

The maps are all set for 30 minutes or 100 frags to win. The only mutators in place will be chainsaw melee and the exploding ammo. The speed is set to 125%. The Cat Bots will be running at the "Experienced" level, which is about midway between "Novice" and the "Masterful" setting on used on Stuffed Cats Inc. I am definitely open to tweaking suggestions for the bots. The connections are capped at 16 and there will be four teams in play.



The 2nd Space Beacon Replaced by the 3rd Space Beacon...
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Monday, July 3rd, 4:00 PM CDT

Updated Space Beacon Map Tonight:

The map DM-2nd Space Beacon has been replaced with the map DM-3rd Space Beacon. This is essentially the same map made with fewer polygons and fewer textures. The frame-rate improvement is not dramatic, but it is significant under game-play conditions. A few of the weapons and pick ups have been moved around a bit and I think it's a little better balanced by areas. The bot play has been seriously enhanced. If the Cat Bots are just too much on this version, let me know and I'll de tune them a bit.

The zip file for the map 3rd Space Beacon is available here: DM-3rd Space Beacon


Road-Kill Journal Archives and the Team Skins...
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Sunday, July 2nd, 12:10 PM CDT

Road-Kill Journal Archives:

The Road-Kill Journal has been broken up into smaller segments and placed in an archive. The individual portions are listed by date ranges at the end of the current issue...Look at the bottom of this page for the links. The break up was not linear. It's based on the length of the material so that everyone will not have to put up with excessively long load-times. At some point in the future, I'll do a detailed topic index so you can go directly to the specific article you're looking for.

I most definitely welcome any and all suggestions regarding the layout and/or the content of the articles. It's very simple...I can't fix things that I don't know are in need of repair.

The New Team Skins:

The new Bullet Time skins are all finished and in place on all of the servers...I am not sure about the DOM server. The FOUR-Color Dead Cat skins are done and in place on Stuffed Cats Inc. and the Dead Kitty's UT Server...ZWUT will be updated later today.

[DC] Puma is working on the additional faces for the male skin and the Dead Cat girl skin as fast as he can. It's a lot of work and does take an enormous amount of time. Y'all be patient and and you'll get outstanding end results.


Server Changes and a Test Run of 2nd Space Beacon...
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Friday, June 30th, 3:30 PM CDT

Server Changes:

An interim skin pack is going up tonight. This pack has all four colors and will be needed if you want to play on either server this weekend as a Dead Cat. I am also replacing the Cat Bot skin with a four-color version. Just take the push on that one as you do not need the files on your machine.

I've emailed everyone the URL where the new skin pack may be downloaded.

Remember, it's very simple...put the file in the ut\system directory and the SoldierSkins_cd.utx file in the ut\textures directory.

When you select your skin, go to Male Soldier...then select: [DC]Clan and the face that you want to use...that's it.

Delete the file from the ut\system directory and the SoldierSkins_cc.utx file from the ut\textures directory. I am going to remove them from the server tonight and you will not need them. They are the same thing as the SoldierSkin_cd.* files except they only have two colors.

Test Run of the 2nd Space Beacon:

The DM-2nd Space Beacon map will be up and running as a 4-Team Tournament Death Match. I'll have the Cat Bots running back at their usual Level-5 settings, so I'd recommend staying out of the tight spaces with them. I'm going to cap the connections at 12 and match that number with the bots. That way, if only person wants to play, they'll still be able to experience a 4-team game. It will be better with 16 players in a real match, but this will have to do for the weekend.

The settings will be the same as on the Stuffed Cats Inc. Server with the exception that I am going to leave the relics out for the obvious reasons that the Relic of Strength would be too much of an edge for a top-flight sniper and the Relic of Vengeance would be a cheap way to score multiple frags without working for them. The map is simply loaded with goodies, so no one is going to run short of supplies. I'll start both servers as soon as Zoob revives the redirect machine.

I hope to see y'all inside the Beacon!


The 1st Team UT Project and a Match Proposal...
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Thursday, June 29th,11:30 PM CDT

The 1st Team UT Project:

[DC]Puma and I have been kicking this idea around for some time now and it's really time to lay it on the table. We want to do "Clan Portraits" and a "Team UT Portrait." I'll be the first to admit that it'd be a very ambitious undertaking, but wouldn't the pictures make grand wallpaper for our desktops? We need two volunteers to organize the member from each clan. These individuals would both have to be willing to work together to arrange the Team UT get-together. Please let me know if you're willing to take on this responsibility for your respective clan.

The Match Proposal:

And, if you think that sounds complicated, wait until you hear the match proposal. I've found a map which a number of folks have tested and, subsequently, waved their chickens over. The name of this map is DM-2nd Space Beacon. Yeah, that's right a suicidal Dead Cat suggesting a match with Bullet Time on a Death Match map. Actually, not quite...This map is not large. In fact, it goes beyond even huge and well into the realm of the gigantic. The .unr file alone is almost 18Mbs in size...For reference, CTF-Templar is is just a hair over 8Mbs.

Chronos has finished the four-color Bullet Time skins and the female skin is ready to go as well. [DC]Puma tells me that he is just about done with the four-color Dead Cat skins, although the female skin is still a way off. With the availability of the four-color skins, what I'm proposing is a Team Death Match with four teams of four players each. Each team would have two players from Bullet Time and two players from the Dead Cats. The map is designed in the author's own words, "...for hunting and stalking." We could probably set the frag limit to something like 20 or 25 and it still may take more than an hour to complete a single game.

As a teaser, I've prepared a serious preview of the map for y'all. See it here: DM-2nd space beaconThe 2nd Space Beacon

The zip file for the map is on the "Filez' page here: DM-3rdSpaceBeacon (File Updated 07/03/00)

Let me know what y'all think about both of these ideas...




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