Road-Kill Journal Vol.1-7

Strangelove Mod Comes to the Stuffed Cats Inc. Server...
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Monday, July 24th, 1:00 PM CDT

Strangelove mod will be a regular feature on the Stuffed Cats Inc. Server:

Starting tonight, the Strangelove Mod will be a regular feature on the Stuffed Cats Inc. Server. It worked flawlessly on Dead Kitty's over the weekend and everyone seemed to really have fun with it.

Having the Strangelove Mod in place will also help to reduce another irritating problem...the use of the Redeemers as Kamikaze weapons to defend the flag. Teams would, of course, still have the option to use the Strangelove device as a Redeemer, but it's surely a waste of what will be the most powerful offensive weapon on the map. I really hope this causes a few folks to rethink their tactics in the game and to begin to work more strategically with their team-mates.

I am also returning CTF-Valley of the Giants (beta) to the map rotation as it is a very fun map with the Strangelove Mod running.

I'll be gone from tomorrow morning through next Sunday. [DC] Puma will be running the server in my absence. All questions or requests should be directed to him.


First Crack at a Brand New CTF Map...
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Wednesday, July 19th, 2:30 PM CDT

CTF-Valley of the Giants...Eric Poggel's Newest Creation:

CTF-Valley of the Giants is a knock-out! I do want everyone to clearly understand, however, that this is a beta test of this map. Tonight will be the first time it has ever been run on a dedicated server over a large network. Eric has been good enough to allow us to test the map. What he needs in return is some serious feedback about the map. If you'll get that information to me, I'll make sure that it gets to Eric. As this is a beta test, the map file will not be available for download and will only be pushed by the server.

See a large set of screen-shots from the map here: CTF-Valley of the Giants

There are a number of very unusual aspects to this map. I believe that Eric has designed a large open-area map where it is absolutely impossible to capture a flag without very cohesive team-play. I am very excited about running it on the server and getting some feed-back from everyone.


The Wait is Over & A New Dead Cat...
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Tuesday, July 18th, 3:30 PM CDT

The Dead Cat "Hotties" are here:

Well, the wait is over...The Dead Cat Hotties have arrived! [DC] Puma has knocked out a brilliant skin pack for our ladies and resident cross-dressers.

See the complete set in a variety of pictures here: The Dead Cat Hotties

Say Hey to [DC] Hairball:

Formerly known as $1.98 on the Stuffed Cats Inc. Server, John Leckie has turned fully to the dark-side and will be known from now on as [DC] Hairball. Visit the Dead Cat's Members page to see all of [DC] Hairball's detailed information. Be sure to give him a big Dead Cat welcome on the server!


Sneak Preview of the Dead Cat Girl Skin...
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Monday, July 17th, 11:30 AM CDT

The Dead Cat Girl-Skin is almost here:

Well, the wait is just about over...The Dead Cat Girl-Skin is about to arrive! The Night Puss face seen in the shots below is the only one ready, but all the rest will follow very soon. [DC] Puma has a done a great job on the skin and deserves a round of cat applause from all of us. Now our Cat Girls are not only going to be killers in the virtual sense, but they'll have looks that kill as well.

I'll send out a notification as soon as the complete "DC-Hotties" package is ready for distribution.


The "DC-Hotties" Skin

Dead Cat Girl - Night Puss Face

Player Options Menu

Changes on the Stuffed Cats Server and a New Map...
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Sunday, July 16th, 1:45 PM CDT

Server Changes and Non-Changes:

I'll cut right to the chase and tell you what I did not do to the server. I did not remove the Relics from the mutator menu. I had a request to pull them and, in fact, a rather eloquent case was made for taking them out of the game. I either spoke with, chatted with, or emailed everyone that I could reach who wished to voice an opinion on the matter. The general consensus was that, although, they may be a bit problematical they are far more fun than trouble. If we choose to treat the idea that "winning and losing is the final measure of who is the better player" as being more important that having fun, then they should go. That approach, however, is completely antithetical to the whole philosophy we've stated on the Dead Cat home page:

"Our philosophy is simple: We play for fun and nothing more."

I believed in that approach when we started and I still believe in it now...So, the Relics stay.

What I am going to change are a few of the maps. CTF-Lucius' Pit is a great map, but it's just too small for the Stuffed Cats Server. CTF-Acid Pipe may the best map we've ever had up, but we're wearing it out and it needs a well deserved rest. CTF-Sunday has some minor problems, but I have not made a decision yet as to whether it stays or goes. Some of the truly great ones need to come out of the archives for a new turn...Case in point: CTF-Templar which we had a blast on last night. Several Dead Cats had never even played the map before yesterday. After all, it is CTF-Templar that started the whole thing.

A new CTF map that is well beyond big:

Go here to download: CTF-Zeitkind

Go here to see a preview of this massive map: CTF-Zeitkind Preview Pictures

It's bigger than DM-3rd Space Beacon and lot more fun to play. Unlike DM-3rd Space Beacon, CTF-Zeitkind does not have serious frame-rate problems over the entire map. I would imagine that an old PII 90 would have a hard time handling it. I've been running it on a PII 450 and it is just fine on that platform. I know that most of you have machines that are well beyond that level. If there are any serious problems, please let me know as I cannot correct problems that I don't know exist.

I urge you in the strongest terms to please download the zip file from the web site. I have compressed all the associated files and they will push to your machine, but it's a huge deal...the zip alone is 7.3Mb...and it is entirely possible that unless you have a very fast connection, you may not get all the files on the first try. Cable and DSL folks should be okay to take the push. If anyone is still using a 56Kb modem, get the zip file and save yourself some serious grief during a game.

I hope to be back later with some good news on the female cat skins...Stay tuned!


Meet the New Dead Cat(s)...
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Wednesday, July 12th, 9:30 AM CDT

Say hey to: [DC] Whiskers

Y'all give a big Dead Cat and Bullet Time hey to [DC] Whiskers the very first schizophrenic Dead Cat. In real life, [DC] Whiskers is Jennifer Sutton and in real life [DC] Whiskers is also Mike Sutton. Of course only one of them can play in the skin at any given moment. It will, however, add that little hint of personality identification crisis to the game that we've all been missing up to this point.

"Whoa, let's see...Is this Jennifer supporting me and I'm gonna score, or is it Mike supporting me and I'm gonna die?"

Be sure to check the update on the "Members" page here: Dead Cats



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