Road-Kill Journal Vol.1-8

Three from Evil Atje on the Stuffed Cats Inc. Server Tonight...
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Saturday, August 5th, 5:00 PM CDT

CTF-Horus, CTF-Atje's Towers, and CTF-Cryptic Villages on the Stuffed Cats Inc. Server:

To replace the failed CTF-Baranco I'm putting up three maps by Evil Atje: CTF-Temple of Horus, CTF-Atje's Towers, and CTF-Cryptic Villages

Get the zip file for Temple of Horus here: CTF-Temple of Horus

Get the zip file for Atje's Towers here: CTF-Atje's Towers

Get the zip file for Cryptic Villages here: CTF-Cryptic Villages

Over-view screen shots of CTF-Atje's Towers, CTF-Cryptic Villages and CTF-Temple of Horus may be seen below.


CTF-Atje's Towers

CTF-Cryptic Villages

CTF-Temple of Horus


A Much Revised "Valley of the Giants" and CTF-Baranco
on the Stuffed Cats Inc. Server Tonight...
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Friday, August 4th, 3:50 PM CDT

A Revised "Valley of the Giants" and CTF-Baranco on the Stuffed Cats Inc. Server:

Tonight will see the debut of Eric Poggel's beta-2 version of CTF-Valley of the Giants. He has made a couple of very clever changes that significantly improve the play and variety of the map...Different weapons and different paths are the principal revisions, but there are a couple of other very neat goodies he's added as well.

Here's another map found by Chronos, CTF-Baranco, that promises some really good game-play. It may well be the next CTF-Acidpipe. It is large enough to accomodate 16 players while still being compact enough to provide the potential for some very tough fire-fights. I doubt we'll see many 10 point games on this map if the teams are reasonably well balanced. I like the layout and I think it has a lot of potential, but as always your feedback on new maps is very welcome.

Get the zip file for Baranco here: CTF-Baranco




CTF-Howling Gods - A New Map on Stuffed Cats Inc....
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Tuesday, August 1st, 11:00 PM CDT

The Howling Gods come to the Stuffed Cats Inc. Server:

Here's a CTF map that Chronos came up with about a month ago: CTF-Howling Gods. I have been unable to decide if we should use it or not. It's written by the same author that made CTF-Templar and CTF-Purple Flame. It is technically excellent as are all of his maps. This one has a short-cut that by-passes much of the map. If the short-cut is defensible, the map may prove worthwhile. Let me know how y'all feel about it after a few games.

Get the zip file here: CTF-Howling Gods


CTF-Howling Gods


New Faces...A New Dead Cat...Changes on Stuffed Cats Inc....
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Monday, July 31st, 2:00 PM CDT

Changes on the Stuffed Cats Inc. Server:

I'm back and there will be quite a few changes on the CTF server tonight. Briefly, here's what's up:

1. Strangelove is going back into storage for a while...The mod is a hoot, but it does radically change the character of the game and I do not want to wear it out.

2. CTF-Valley of the Giants is going away forever, or at least until Eric Poggel comes out with a rewritten version...He is planning to modify the map based on the comments of the folks that have been playing it on Stuffed Cats and the Dead Kitty's servers.

3. The number of bots will stay at 12 and not revert to 16. Chronos was correct on this point. The problem with the bots is not the "Masterful" skill level or the tweaking, but the sheer numbers of them. I raised the minimum number of players to 16 about a month ago when I noticed that it was possible to have uneven teams with 12 bots until 16 players were in the game. I'll turn "Bots Balance Teams" on, but it doesn't always work. That means we may have the occasional game that sets in at 7 vs. 6 or 8 vs. 7...It's the best of a bad compromise, but it is definitely better than trying to fend off 6 or 7 of the little twerps in the flag room in CTF-Chasm.

4. The bots will go back to the "Masterful" setting with the following problem fixed....Y'all were correct. The bots were totally out of control. I do not know how, but the individual settings had been seriously FUBARed. Interestingly, the "Accuracy" setting was at its proper level, but the "Alertness" tweak was moved up to a Xan level. It was so high that I am sure they were literally seeing through walls and the invisibility pick up would have had no effect on them whatsoever. Everything is now back to the way it was at the "Masterful" setting with accuracy and alertness at reasonable levels. I am going to keep the minimum number of players capped at 12. That means that there will never be more than 11 bots in the game at any one time. If they're still too tough, just suck it up.

5. I'm gonna bring some oldies but goodies out of storage for the week. Some hate'em, some love'em, but they always get a rise out of everyone...CTF-Noork's Elbow with the "stealth" pick up, and CTF-Adobie (Ancient Valley) of the worst balanced but immensely fun maps we've ever played. If you win on this thing on the blue side, you'll really have some bragging rights...of course the same may said about the red on Noork's.

A new Dead Cat:

Y'all say hey to [DC] Cringer...aka Robert Jarero. He's been playing with us for many months as Logius and now he's completely turned to the dark side. [DC] Cringer's personal info is already up on the web site. Visit the "Members" page now to learn the rest of the story.

Some new faces for the male skin pack:

Meet Gato del Muerto, Big Fang, and the Tooncinator. Along with the Cheshire face that Chronos will use, these three will also be included in the upcoming final version of the male skin.


New Faces for the Dead Cat Male Skin


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