Road-Kill Journal Vol.2-1

CTF-Boom Boom Bridge at Stuffed Cats Inc.
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Sunday, January 7th, 4:00 PM CDT

CTF-Boom Boom Bridge:

CTF-Boom Boom Bridge

Massive and mean...Crossing the bridge is very tough

It may be the toughest flag room in Unreal Tournament

CTF-Boom Boom Bridge debuted last night on the Stuffed Cats Inc. Server. This massive map is one of the best to come along in many months. It could comfortably hold 32 players with ample amounts of weapons, health, ammo, and power-ups to go around.

One of the most interesting features of CTF-Boom Boom Bridge is its nearly unassailable flag room design. These flag rooms make the Blue Base in the original CTF-Noork's Elbow seem like child's play. The pitch-black areas in the stairwell are an ambusher's delight regardless of whether you attack the flag carrier on his way in or on his way out. As far as sniping goes, this may be the best map ever! With at least 6 pick up points for sniper rifles and ammo everywhere, the air is as thick with bullets as mosquitoes after a hurricane in South Texas. After playing five or six games on the map, I don't think I ever grabbed the Keg-O-Health or the Redeemer without being hit at least once by a sniper.

If you haven't played CTF-Boom Boom Bridge yet, get on over to the Stuffed Cats Inc. Server and treat yourself to a serious frag-fest on this beast. Download the zip file from the Filez page or just take the push...You won't regret it!


MapVote Comes to the Stuffed Cats Inc. Server
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Friday, January 5th, 4:00 PM CDT

MapVote on the .56 machine:


The MapVote client window is simple and easy to use

MapVote will start it's run on the Stuffed Cats Inc. Server at 5:00pm CST today. The image above is what you'll see on your machine after the first map ends. All of the players that stay on the server will have 90 seconds to cast their vote for the next map. The default server setting is 70 seconds, but I bumped it up due to the large selection of maps we're going to have available for use. The only section you need to be concerned with is the "Map" tab that comes up by default. All of the other tabs are for information purposes or have been disabled.

The "Kick" tab is inactive and will stay that way on a permanent basis. Kicking a player is only a server admin's responsibility and it not going to be shared under any circumstances...which brings us to a critical issue. The possibilities for abusing the server with this mutator in place are pretty much only limited by the imagination. Keep in mind that, even if all 16 connections are taken, any two players working in concert can totally dominate the map selection process. It will require a minimum of at least three other players working together to overcome the decisions of the two that are voting in unison...Welcome to the Dead Cat's very own version of Survivor. The only other thing I am going to say about MapVote is that I will not tolerate any form of internecine warfare over this mutator. If it breaks out, I don't care who is at fault, MapVote is gone! And if you don't know what internecine means, get out your dictionaries and look it up.

Here's a complete list of all the maps that will be available:

All CTF: Accelerator, Acid Pipe-3, Arctic Outpost][, Atje's Towers, Blasted, Breathe, Bridge XL, Cadenza, Chasm, Cooling Fluid, Cretin Complex, Cryptic Villages, A Dam Too Far, Deck 16]|[, Desert Fox, Epic Boy, Exor, Facing Worlds, Faces of the Pharaohs, Freaks Come Out at Night, Hall of Giants, Temple of Horus, City Intro, Killgore, La Puta][, Lucius' Pit-3, Nali's Azure][, Noctambulant, Noork's Elbow, Noork's Elbow][, Overcast, Olden Aquifer][, Orbital Station, Project-X, Purple Flame, Revenge-3, Jupiter Run, Sky Rush, Snitched, Stronghold][, Sunday, Templar, Urban Hot Zone, Warrior

A total of 44 maps are in the inventory. The maps that are highlighted in RED above are the only 4 that are supported by Epic. The redirect server will push all of them except for CTF-Facing Worlds, which everyone has as a part of the basic game.

Here is a potential glitch that could very possibly show up tonight. There are several versions of MapVote available. If you have a different version of MapVote in your unreatournament\system directory or in your unreatournament\cache directory, you may receive a Version Conflict Error from the server. If you get this error, you will have to clear the problem before you'll be able to log onto the server. Simply go over to the Tutorials page and you'll find instructions for curing this problem.



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