Road-Kill Journal Vol.2-10

The Dead Cats Apologize to the People's Republic of China
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Friday, April 10, 3:30 PM CDT

To the PRC...From the [DC] Clan:

We are so very sorry!

Sometimes one picture really can be worth a thousand words...


Six Brand New CTF Maps for the Weekend!
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Friday, March 30, 1:30 PM CDT

A Wide Array of New Maps:

Six Great Ways to Kill Time!

These maps share almost nothing beyond the flags...

It never rains...It only pours. After a month-long drought of worthy new maps, there will be six brand new entries on the Stuffed Cats Inc. Server beginning tonight. All of the maps are quite different from each other and a couple them are unlike anything we've run in the past.

1.) CTF-Adrenalize is like playing a version of CTF-Orbital Arena on a heavy dose of steroids. It has multiple jump-pads that will throw you higher than anything I've seen on a UT map. There are also a few teleporters that move you around the map in some very interesting ways. The map only has one bug that I was able to uncover. If you fall off into space, you don't die if you have enough health points. You'll lose the flag, if you have it, but you can transport back up to the platform...This offers some very interesting possibilities for neutralizing the other team's Cat Bots...:-)

2.) CTF-All Your Base Are Belong To Us is a very strange map. It is almost a certainty that the author wrote it as a joke, but in spite of the built-in humor it plays extremely well and is great fun. The primary battle area is surrounded by a wall which separates it from a series of high towers that are placed around the entire map...It is truly Sniper City. The only rub is that ammo pick-ups are sparse and must be used very sparingly. Habitual campers are going to have a problem with this map. You have to stay on the move to compete for the available supplies.

3.) CTF-Jungbrunnen][ is a medium sized map that offers a variety of playing conditions. Some of the areas are confined and tight, while the connecting zone is wide-open...All of them play at a furious pace. It looks as though this will be a map that requires team play to cap a flag. The open region will be a very tough nut to crack without adequate covering fire from your team mates.

4.) CTF-Jungle Temples is very different from anything else running on the server. You will either love or hate this map. If you rely heavily on dodging to cross maps, you're probably not going to like it very much. The central zone in the map is covered with a thick palm forest and, although it does make excellent cover, dodging is nearly impossible under most conditions. Long dodges have to be carefully aligned or you are bound to hit a tree along the way.

5.) CTF-Outpost G1V is a very large map that is true test of individual player skillz. It's not difficult to learn, but actually playing it is something then again. Many of the pathways are narrow and, if you're knocked off, it's probably about a 50-50 shot that you'll be able to save yourself. The actual distance between the flags is quite short, but the direct route is also a wide-open shooting gallery. All of the other routes offer varying degrees of cover for the flag carrier. It is perfect for a low gravity game.

6.) CTF-Port L.A. is in some ways like a smaller, faster version of CTF-Chasm. Despite the fact that the spawn points are hovering helicopters on the red side and a submarine on the blue side, the map is perfectly balanced in all other respects. While testing this map, I kept having the nagging feeling that I needed to add ammo pick-ups. Actually, there is plenty of ammo on the map. It's just not placed in real obvious locations. Each player will have to learn where the ammo packs are located and then make sure they're around when the next supply spawns. Don't look for the obvious on this map and it will play a whole lot better. Oh yeah...and watch out for those sharks if you fall into the water!

I've provided two links below. The first will take you to the "Map Tours" page and then on to the full-sized images of the new maps...and also provide you with an amusing graphic treat. The second will take you the "Filez" page where you will find the zipped files for all of the new maps.

Follow the links for full-size versions of the pictures: Six-Pack Map Tour

Get the zip files for the maps here: Six-Pack Map Files


Pending Match with the Robot-Clan and Two Map Specials
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Thursday, March 29, 3:30 PM CDT

The Robot-Clan vs. The Dead Cats:

We have a CTF match pending with the Robot-Clan on April 28, 2001 at 4:00 PM CDT. {R-C} Gusher contacted me and proposed a friendly match between our clans. They are primarily an Instagib clan and we are not. So, in the interest of fairness, I proposed that we play two CTF games and the sum of the team-scores from both games will determine the winner. The Robot-Clan will set all the rules for game one and it will be played on one of the Homelanfed Private Servers.

The website for the Robot-Clan servers may be found here: Homelanfed Private Servers

The Robot-Clan home page may be found here: Robot-Clan

The Dead Cats will set all of the rules for game two and it will be played on either the Stuffed Cats Inc. Server at IP: or on the Dead Kitty's UT Server at IP: Each clan has selected two CTF maps as their choices. As things progress, the number will be reduced to the two single maps that each clan will choose. You will find screenshots of the four maps, download links for the zip files, and some brief comments about each map below this article.

Here are the match specifics to this point:

      Game - 1
      30 minute time limit
      Friendly Fire: 0%
      Weapons Stay: Off
      Capture Limit: 0
      Frag Limit: 0
      Translocator: Off
      Mutators: Low Gravity, Instagib
      All other settings as Default
      Maps: CTF-Esprit de Corp or CTF-Icy Beaches
      Server: Homelanfed Private Servers
      Date: April 28, 2001 4:00 PM CDT (2:00 PM PST)

      Game - 2
      30 minute time limit
      Friendly Fire: 0%
      Weapons Stay: On
      Capture Limit: 0
      Frag Limit: 0
      Translocator: On
      Mutators: Low Gravity, Volatile Ammo, Chainsaw Melee
      All other settings as Default
      Maps: CTF-Acid Pipe-3 or CTF-A Dam Too Far
      Server: Stuffed Cats Inc. or Dead Kitty's UT Server
      Date: April 28, 2001 5:00 PM CDT (3:00 PM PST)

If possible, the teams will be 8 vs. 8 and substitutions for the second game will be allowed if either clan has additional members that want to play. Theoretically, each of the clans could field up to 16 players between the two games. This is a fun match, so we're not exactly playing for stats here anyway...:-) There will be a 30 minute break between games.

More information will follow via the TeamUT News List as it becomes available.

Robot-Clan Map Specials ~ CTF-Esprit de Corp and CTF-Icy Beaches:

CTF-Esprit de Corp

A few tight hallways, but mostly a wide-open gibfest...

CTF-Esprit de Corp is an old standard that we use to run on the Stuffed Cats Inc. machine. In fact the files for the map were still in place on the server. It should be a fun match with the Instagib option turned on. It will only run in the standard mode on our servers as the purpose is to let everyone learn the map's layout...and not to sharpen up your Instagib skillz.

Get the zip file here: CTF-Esprit de Corp

CTF-Icy Beaches

The mixed terrain offers some interesting possibilities...

CTF-Icy Beaches may turn out to be a map we continue to run even after the match...It has also been around for a very long time and I'm sure most of y'all have played it many times. We'll have to see how the Cat Bots handle it and that outcome may determine it's lifespan on the server. The map is well balanced with identical bases connected by a multi-level cave...In non-Instagib mode, most of the goodies are in the cave area. Once again, it will only run in the standard mode on our servers as the purpose is to let everyone learn the layout...and not to sharpen up your Instagib skillz.

Get the zip file here: CTF-Icy Beaches

Dead Cat Match Maps ~ CTF-Acid Pipe-3 and CTF-A Dam Too Far:

CTF-Acid Pipe-3

Meanest of the mean...A map that will test your mettle...

CTF-Acid Pipe-3 is of course the Gold Standard on the Stuffed Cats Inc. machine. Elegant and simple, this map is always a true test of skillz, strategy, and team work. This map should be a good choice as its perfectly balanced and ultra-clean layout will allow the Robot-Clan players to learn the map in a very short period of time. Nothing is hidden and the pick-ups and power-ups are right out there in plain sight for all to see. The Central Core Area...shown a bit tough to master, but everyone will have almost five weeks to get there.

Get the zip file here: CTF-Acid Pipe-3

CTF-A Dam Too Far

Sophisticated team combat on multiple levels...

CTF-A Dam Too Far is going to be our second choice as its moderate level of complexity does make it slightly more difficult to learn than CTF-Acid Pipe-3. It offers a wide variety of terrain, however, and has no lethal drop-off points for newer players to contend with. Weapons distribution is totally balanced and just about the best I've ever seen on a UT CTF map...Just don't stand around by the Flak Cannon. It'd be great if we could play all four of these maps. Who knows...Maybe we'll need a rematch.

Get the zip file here: CTF-A Dam Too Far



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