Road-Kill Journal Vol.2-12

A TeamUT Boss Skin and Four New Maps
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Wednesday, April 25, 2001 9:30 PM CDT

[DC] DeadCat whips out a TeamUT Boss Skin:

The New Kid on the Block

Sinister and fun at the same time...

[DC] DeadCat, after many very long and arduous battles over aesthetics with [DC] Toonces and [DC] Puma, has managed to gin out what is a really first-rate TeamUT Robot Skin. There's not much to say except for, "Got get that critter!" The skin will be supported on both of the Dead Cats UT Servers.

To get a better look at the skin in all four of the team colors, click below and follow the links:

The TeamUT Robot Skin Gallery

Four great new CTF maps!:

CTF-Project-X ][

Truly bizarre and alien landscapes dominate the map...

CTF-Project-X ][ is a follow-up to Jeff "Monger" Randall's is not a rewrite. There a few familiar elements, but the look, the feel, and the game-play are entirely different. As with the first Project map, the layout is not symmetrical, but it is beautifully balanced. Each team will have a few tactical advantages, but no one will have a strategic edge on this map. The weapons placement is perfect and the ammo pick-ups are well deployed and plentiful.

The map does have a ceiling on the skybox and the mountains are not as accessible as they were on the original Project-X. That is a good thing as it will limit the sniping, but not eliminate it...Additionally, I believe that most of the frame-rate problems that many players had were due to their staying up in the mountainous areas. I ran this this map on P-III 600Mhz with a VooDoo3 and had no problems at all. The Cat Bots simply play the heck out of it!

To get a far more detailed look at this tremendous effort follow the links below:

Map Tour of CTF-Project-X ][

To get the zip file click on the link below:

CTF-Project-X ][

CTF-Accelerator ][

A complete rewrite of an old standard...

CTF-Accelerator ][ is a rewrite of the original. It by no means, however, a minor rewrite. it is, in fact, a complete and total overhaul. And, in my opinion, it is a superb upgrade of what was already an excellent CTF map. One of the best changes is that there are now a few limited outside areas. Even if you cannot get into to them, they are terrific eye candy and add a lot to the flavor of the map. Most of the weapons and other pick-ups have been moved around a bit, but nothing radical.

To get the zip file click on the link below:

CTF-Accelerator ][

CTF-Close to the Edge

A very different map with a unique look to it...

The inside areas are huge and watch out for the critters...

CTF-Close to the Edge is something new on the Stuffed cats Inc. Server. This map has critters on it. They attack everyone in both bases regardless of the team and they respawn after you kill them. This not a Camper-Friendly venue. If you stand still for more than a few second, they will come after you. The entire map is composed of multi-level ramps above the floor of what appears to be a vast cavern complex. The Cat Bots play the map well, but it is open enough that you can also avoid them if you prefer.

To get the zip file click on the link below:

CTF-Close to the Edge


A solid design with large bases and high ceilings...

The bases are equally difficult to defend and attack...

CTF-Boom! is a lot like CTF-Revenge without all of the frame-rate problems. There are multiple routes between the bases and further variations are possible on each of them. There is a large open, albeit very dark, central area that will be tough to cross without sniper cover or an escort. Weapons placement and pick-ups have been thoughtfully placed. The map is both symmetrical and balanced. This is a teamwork map that will be tough for solo players to score on.

To get the zip file click on the link below:



[DC] Toonces Needs Your Help With MapVote3
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Friday, April 20, 2001 9:30 PM CDT

MapVote3 offers on-line map information:

MapVote3 Map Info Screens

Customs maps like Acid Pipe ]|[ will have file links...

Standards like Facing Worlds will reference the CD...

One of the best new features included in MapVote3 is the program's ability to link players on the Stuffed Cats Inc. Server to URLs that provide information about the server and the maps we run. As the sole Server Administrator, it will be my responsibility to keep the information page for the server up to date. The rub comes with manually filling in all of the information for the map pages. We currently have zip files for about 90 maps available for downloading on the website. We also have around 10 others that are not currently listed, but are being held in reserve for the release of the Strangelove Mod v2.0. It is simply not practical for one person to write all of the descriptions for all of the maps we use.

What we need are volunteers to write descriptions, commentaries, and even brief reviews of the maps we play. The windows shown above actually use the in-game UT Browser. As a result, they are fully capable of scrolling. This means that each map may have one or two, or even more, individual comment sections on its information page. I have prepared an HTML file on the web server for each of our maps. Right now, with the exception of the two shown above for Acid Pipe and Facing Worlds, they all say:

Map description coming soon!

The pages for the custom maps each contain a link to the zip file for that particular map. All of the pages have links to the Dead Cat home page.

So, please write something about your favorite maps...or even the ones you hate. I will post them all as long as they do not drift into obscenities. You will be credited on the information page for each piece you submit. Do not worry about spelling and grammar as Mysterian and Toonces will edit everything and make sure it's correct before it is actually posted on the website. All we fact all we can plain text. Either a Notepad File or a simple Email Message will do nicely. As the map pages begin to fill up, I'll post a list of the ones we still need information on.

Thanks in advance to everyone that takes a few minutes to contribute!

See a list of all of the maps here: The Dead Cat's Filez Page



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