Road-Kill Journal Vol.2-15

The Dead Cat Meowings Forum is Up and Running
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Wednesday, June 6, 2001 10:30 AM CDT

Have your say on the new forum:

Dead Cat Forum On-Line

The interface is simple and easy to use...

Meowings, the Dead Cat on-line forum is now available for use. The interface is clean and simple. The message post window has a small MS Word like tool bar that will allow you to customize fonts and the over-all appearance of each individual post. The forum is currently set to keep messages from the last 10 days on the default page, but that may be adjusted later as actual useage dictates. All messages, however, will be archived and the database is fully searchable from the default forum page.

[DC] Puma is the forum's moderator...Be careful what you ask for around here. There are no restrictions on topics on the forum, but please try to keep it reasonably clean as I'd like the kids to be able to use this forum along with everyone else. Any subject is considered fair game. If it's related to Unreal Tournament or other video games, that's great. If it's not, that also good...Just have fun with it!

To go directly to the forum click here:  Meowings Forum


CTF-Crater of Snipers the Dead Cat Special Edition
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Sunday, June 3, 2001 11:30 AM CDT

CTF-Crater of Snipers DC SE is ready:

Hobi-Wan's extended version is ready!

CTF-Crater of Snipers][ the Dead Cat Special Edition is up on the server and ready for the final phase of testing. Hobi-Wan has delivered a fantastic piece of work that is truly made to order for Dead Cat game-play. The center island in the lava pit is exactly big enough to permit a pair of dodge moves to get you to the other side. Time the jump incorrectly, or take some fire en route, and you're going into the lava.

The A.I. for the Cat Bots allows them to make the dodges as well which, put mildly, makes for a very interesting game. Please report any bugs you may find directly to me and I'll pass them on to Hobi-Wan. I spent several hours on it yesterday with the Cat Bots and I found zero problems. Of course, that doesn't mean, however, that I didn't miss something. I will not put up a zip file for downloading until we are sure the map is problem free. Only a few rounds on the server will ensure that.

For a look at the evolution of the map and a detailed tour, go here:

CTF-Crater of Snipers Dead Cat Special Edition


AimBots, ElfBots, CSHP, and Other Noxious Topics
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Sunday, June 3, 2001 11:00 AM CDT

Attack of the ElfBot!

ElfBot screenshot from [DC] Jagroar...

Code Monkeys and Warez d00ds plague us:

Last night it looked as though the .56 server had been hacked. That simply was not the case. Many weird messages were appearing on the screen that said things like: "This ElfBot does not work on servers that do not use CSHP" "Remove CSHP and this bot won't work" and "ElfBot Rulez" and stuff like that.

I tracked down the ElfBot folks in their chatroom and found out what was going on. The only AimBot out there right now that is a serious threat is the ElfBot. All of the others are pretty much useless in the game. Apparently there is a full-scale war raging right now between the ElfBot people and the CSHP group. The ElfBot makers have taken a new tack in their approach. The ElfBot will not function on any server that does not run CSHP.

What we had last night was an angry AimBot user that couldn't get his ElfBot to work on our server so he just started spamming everyone with the "voicemenu" function. It's a client side feature and there is really no way to prevent it except to kick and ban the player. I think I know who it was and after I kicked him it stopped.

Here's the latest ElfBot FAQ: (spelling and grammar is theirs not mine)

          FAQ section regards general questions asked by the ElfBot users.

          Q: "Why can't I get the hostile/team aiming to work?"
          A: There are several reasons;

          1.) You _MUST_ be on a CSHP enabled server
          2.) You cannot have shockball aiming on at the same time
          3.) You have incorrectly binded the function
          4.) You tried activated teamaim via set_do_team which is
          actually set_do_teammate. (sorry about the readme error).
          5.) You're doing something stupid =p, you might want to
          refer to your unrealtournament.ini configuration to see
          of any conflicts mentioned above

          Q: "Why doesn't ElfBot beat CSHP4v?
          A: We are currently working a 4v version of ElfBot.

          Q: "When I try to use the voice menu ut crashes"
          A: "No idea. Just don't use it =p"

          Q: "Whenever I use the name hack I can't jump! Wtf!?
          A: No idea, that is really strange. Sorry about that.

          Q: Why does UT crash when switching maps?!?
          A: Thats probably a CSHP related problem =p

So, the bottom-line is do not worry about getting your machine infected or anything akin to that. What the guilty party was doing was annoying, but harmless. The ElfBot people promised me that they would remove that function as this was not the first complaint they had received. Apparently they are only interested in messing with servers that run CSHP.

If it starts again and the same person is present, I'll ban him and we'll see what happens from there.


A Preview of a New Special Edition Map for the Dead Cats
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Thursday, May 31, 2001 12:30 PM CDT

CTF-Crater of Snipers becomes something more:

Master Hobi-Wan stretches a map for us...

Master map maker Dale "Hobi-Wan" Hobill has taken on the challenge of modifying one of his great maps, CTF-Crater of Snipers][, into a low-gravity Dead Cat Special. Hobi-Wan has stretched the existing the map in order to create a much wider lava pit. The single forward dodge move across the pit will become a thing of the past. Players crossing the larger pit will have to make a hop in the middle and use a second dodge to finish crossing to the other side. The opaque red oval located on the center island is an approximation of the size of the final area. Each dodge move will require a precisely timed take-off and and an equally accurate landing.

Hobi-Wan still has to place the rest of the weapons, the ammo and health pick-ups along with building in the A.I. for the Cat Bots and just generally making things look nice. It'll be up on the server as soon as it's ready to be don't ask. I do have to add that I just love the roofing materials he's used on the new huts.



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