Road-Kill Journal Vol.2-16

Carry the Flag CTF Game on Stuffed Cats Inc.
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Friday, June 15, 2001 3:30 PM CDT

CarryTFCTF runs tonight on the .56 server:

Carry the Flag CTF

A Red Cat Bot with the Red Flag...and a new message

"Carry The Flag is CTF like it should have been," says the Mod's author, Versix. "You cannot return your own flag by simply touching it. You have to carry it all the way back to your home base."

In addition to making the flag bases mobile, there are many extra options for changing the way CarryTF is played. The Server Admin sets these options from the rules menu. On the Stuffed Cats Inc. Server the settings we'll use will enable players to carry their own flag, but will not allow them to remove it from the flag stand in their base. Only an enemy player may remove it from the stand. Human players will be able to "Drop Capture" the flag anywhere on the map. The Cat Bots may carry their own flag, but they will not be able to "Drop Capture" out of their base. If a Cat Bot picks up his own flag, they will immediately attempt to return it to the flag stand in their base.

For a detailed explanation of Carry the Flag terms and set-up go here:

Carry the Flag Definitions and CTF Admin Settings

For Puma's explanation of Carry the Flag and his game strategies go here:

Puma's "How to Guide" for Carry the Flag


Dead Cat Clan Listing and Services at UTClans.Org
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Wednesday, June 13, 2001 10:30 AM CDT

UTClans.Org offers services:

Dead Cats at UTClans.Org

The Dead Cat's Main Listing at UTClans.Org...

The Stuffed Cats Inc. Server status page...

The player listings on the server status page...

UTClans.Org is offering an excellent service for Unreal Tournament clans. Their site provides a number of really outstanding features that should prove to be very attractive to any clan. Whether that clan wants to offer basic benefits to their members, or as in our case, significantly enhance already existing services by establishing a page at UTClans.Org. The screenshots shown above speak for themselves and will show you most of what is available through the Dead Cat page.

When you arrive at the UTClans.Org home page, simply click on the "Clans" button and navigate your way to the Dead Cat main page. From there, you may go directly to our own web server, straight to the forum, or check on the status of the server. Once at the server status page, you will be able to see what map is up and who is playing on it. Also, be sure to check out the "Links" and "News" buttons. You'll find links and brief descriptions for the Road-Kill Journal, Gone Blind Gaming, and the TeamUT home page.

I have placed a permanent link to UTClans.Org on the "Cool Lynx" page so y'all will have easy and on-going access to this very useful and unusually well done site.

To visit UTClans.Org click here and follow the links:  UTClans.Org


Two New Maps and One Old Classic at Stuffed Cats Inc.
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Sunday, June 10, 2001 5:30 PM CDT

New CTF Maps on the .56 Server:

CTF-Flame Cove

Without a top-side kill-zone, it's made for low gravity...

CTF-Flame Cove is a huge outdoor map with no kill-zone on top...everything is completely accessible in low gravity. It is not completely balanced, but there are factors on each side that offset the advantages on the other...Kudos to [DC] Tack for finding this one! The Cat Bot play is only average at best on it. [DC] Zombie Woof tried it this morning with [DC] Rocky and [DC] Gina and said that he really liked it a lot. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing coming from the Woof...:-)

To download the zip file click here:  CTF-Flame Cove

CTF-Decyber Bridge

Decyber is still one of the best CTF maps ever made...

CTF-Decyber Bridge is a great classic that's very well suited to low gravity play. It is not a perfectly balanced map, but once again there are mitigating elements on both sides that tend to even things out quite nicely...'Nuff said.

To download the zip file click here:  CTF-Decyber Bridge

CTF-Wrath Complex

512 X 512 textures make the floors really look like dirt...

CTF-Wrath is a gigantic indoor level. At first take it may appear to be very complicated, but in reality it is extremely simple and you'll figure it out in just a minute or two of play...It is perfectly balanced. The Cat Bots are lethal on this thing. Almost the entire map has been built with 512 X 512 textures that make the dirt floors look like real dirt. In many ways, this map is a lot like CTF-Car Park][. The main difference is that the tunnels and the rooms are huge and they give you plenty of room to dodge away from rocket and razor spammers. I doubt we're going to see many individual scores going over 100 on this map.

To download the zip file click here:  CTF-Wrath Complex



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