Road-Kill Journal Vol.2-17

Dead Cats vs. the [COD] Clan and Shoulderpads for the OMG
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Monday, July 2, 2001 3:30 PM CDT

The Dead Cats versus [COD] Clan:

An outstanding CTF match on 2 classic maps...

Saturday night, the Dead cats shot it out with the [COD] Clan on CTF-Coret and CTF-A Dam Too Far. Both maps were absolute blood-baths! The Dead Cats squeaked by with a 6-5 win on Coret. A brilliant run by RipClaw during the Sudden Death Overtime period won the game for us. This was as close a CTF game as I've ever played in. [COD] really plays the heck out of the map and the slightest change in the sequence of events could have given the game to them...It was really that close all the way through!

A Dam Too Far was much more wide-open and, being one of our standards, was not nearly as close of a game. The final score was 29-0, but that really doesn't tell the whole story. A look at the ngWorldStats for the game shows something very different. [COD] played very hard and, despite the margin, never quit, never wimped out, and played it through to the end. This was a very genuine display of serious heart and tremendous sportsmanship.

I've posted a large collection of screenshots from both games. There are approximately 15 pictures per page on four separate pages. Be patient when you view them as each page is close to 1Mb in size.

To see the [DC] vs. [COD] pictures, go here and follow the links:

[DC] vs. [COD] 06/30/01

I've also created links to permament, and trimmed down, versions of the ngWorldStats pages for both games. Click on the links below to see them. The same links are also available at the bottom of the last page of pictures.

To see the stats for Coret go here:

[DC] vs. [COD] on CTF-Coret

To see the stats for A Dam Too Far go here:

[DC] vs. [COD] on CTF-A Dam Too Far

The Old Married Guys get cool shoulder protection:

Endangered Species in UT

Jagroar makes some armor for the OMG troops...

[DC] Jagroar has made some very cool looking shoulderpads to go along with the face for the OMG skin. Is it just me, or can this guy really draw? I just hope the wildlife folks don't come after him for using Ridley Sea Turtles or some other endangered species...Now I'm very anxious to see how the whole thing will turn out. If this is any indication, it will be a great skin!


A New Map from Hobi-Wan and a New Face for the OMG
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Friday, June 29, 2001 11:00 AM CDT

CTF-No Frills is a virtual minefield:

CTF-No Frills

The entire map is a long octagonal tube...

The upper level has a large gap in the middle section...

The flag bases form the end caps on the tube...

12 ammo dumps...8 on the ledges and 4 on the floor...

CTF-No Frills is a very simple map. The layout is based on a long octagonal tube that contains an upper and a lower level. The flag bases are at the opposite ends of the tube and are wide-open to attack. The ceiling is high enough to afford excellent Low-Gravity playing conditions. Jumps to the upper deck are easily managed using the ledges on the sides of the tube. Both ledges run the full length of the map.

No Frills contains more ammo pick-ups than I've ever seen on a map of its size. There are 12 large ammo dumps...see the image above...placed throughout the length of the tube. Eight of the dumps sit on the side ledges and the other 4 reside on the sloping portion of the floor area. I thought of Sean Connery's line in The Hunt for Red October when he talks about the submarine's missile room. He says, "There are lots of things in here that don't like bullets." That statement could not be truer for a UT server that runs the DE Ammo Mod. You really do have to very carefully place your shots or you may set off a disastrous chain reaction in the ammo. Carrying the flag through these areas is like running through an exploding fireworks factory.

CTF-No Frills has not been declared a finished map. We are effectively going to be a part of the beta-test group. Consequently, I am not going to make the map available for downloading and I am also asking everyone to please not convert your cache file to a .unr until Hobi-Wan gives us the go-ahead. No one wants to have dozens of potential version conflicts floating around out there.

The Old Married Guys get a new look:

Is This an Old Married Guy?

Jagroar creates a face that may worry a few of us...

Now I've seen some scary skins over the last couple of years, but this creation from [DC] Jagroar is, hands down, the most frightening of the lot. If you've ever wondered what Bruce the Bot would look like as "Middle Aged Man"'s your answer. Jagroar has no fixed time-frame on when the finished version will be ready, but with a little additional skinning tutelage from Puma, perhaps we'll have a test run in the not too distant future.


A New Member of the Herd Enters the Hall of Llamas
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Sunday, June 24, 2001 5:30 PM CDT

The Llamas walk among us:

One of Many Pseudonyms

Taking a name from Dune does not ensure literacy...

The ngWorldStats clip above is the only one I could take which was printable. There's really not a whole lot to say about this wretched incident other than the fact that we were played like a game of Pong by this lamer. During their time on the .56 server, this person played as RapCat, JazzCat, and Dizzifox...and that does not count all of the XLC names they played under as well. The [DC] characters have all been removed from the Members pages and a new entry has been placed in the Hall of Llamas.

To see the Herd, go here:

The Hall of Llamas



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