Road-Kill Journal Vol.2-18

The Dead Cats vs. The Clowns That Carry Redeemers
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Tuesday, July 10, 2001 4:30 PM CDT

[DC] vs. [CTCR] this Saturday:

Coming Soon to a Server Near You!

Featuring two great maps and several insane Mods...

On July 14, 2001 the Dead Cats will face off with the [CTCR] Clan...or the Clowns That Carry Redeemers...on the Stuffed Cats Inc. Server. The first game will start at 10:00pm EST or 9:00pm CST. The match will consist of two 30 minute games. The map and the rules for game number one were selected and set by [CTCR]. The map and the rules for the second game were selected and set by [DC]. Both games will run for 30 minutes each with no flag capture limit. There will be a 15 minute break in between games. The scores from both games will be added to determine the winning clan...As if anyone will really care by that point...:-)

     The games will be set up as follows:

               Game 1: Map - CTF-Bedrooms][a
                              Gravity - Normal
                              Speed - 110%
                              Air Control - 80%
                              Translocator - On
                              Mutator - Strangelove Device
                              Mutator - Matrix Moves Beta 4
                              Relics - Speed, Strength, Redemption,
                                            Regeneration, and Defense

               Game 2: Map - CTF-Acid Pipe-3
                              Gravity - Low
                              Speed - 100%
                              Air Control - 35%
                              Translocator - On
                              Mutator - Chainsaw Melee
                              Mutator - DE Volatile Ammo

The Dead Cat team for Game 1 will consist of: [DC] Sanecow, [DC] Willer, [DC] LunaTik, [DC] Cronic, [DC] Puma, [DC] Frisky, and [DC] Missing Lynx. The team for Game 2 will be the same except that [DC] Tack substitute in for [DC] Willer.

The server will go off-line for public use at 9:00pm EST, or 8:00pm CST, until the match concludes.


A Brief Refresher Course on the Server Rulez
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Sunday, July 8, 2001 12:30 PM CDT

Use MapVote3 to see this screen:

Stuffed Cats Inc. Rulez

Four simple steps to avoid having problems...

The Stuffed Cats Inc. Server has several unwritten rules which the admins will apply as needed. These include behaviors such as cheating, or equally bad, accusing another player of cheating when they are just good at the game. The enforcement of these general rules regarding fair play and good sportsmanship is solely the responsibility of Toonces and Puma. We do our best to apply them fairly and evenly whenever our intervention is required.

The Stuffed Cats Inc. Server also has 4 written rules, which may be found listed under the MapVote3 Information Tab, listed on the Server Welcome Window.

                                                      1.) Do not whine
                                                      2.) Do not curse
                                                      3.) Do not use Auto-Taunts
                                                      4.) Do not make it personal

These 4 simple rules are not negotiable and they are not open for quibbling arguments. They are intended to maintain a reasonable and orderly game environment without sucking all of the fun out of the game in the process. Substituting repeated and very rapid keystrokes for an Auto-Taunt is not acceptable behavior. The no Auto-Taunt rule specifically means do not use Auto-Taunts. Common sense, however, also says that it means do not Type-Spam and substitute keystrokes for that which is prohibited by other means. Behavior like that only says that the player is contemptuous of the admin's wishes and is finding ways to circumvent the rules rather than abiding by them. That sort of behavior is not appreciated and will not be tolerated.

In reality, our server is an on-line community. It exists as a place for virtual social gatherings and, in my humble opinion, the game-play is incidental to the personal interaction among friends. If I did not believe that to be true, I would not invest the time and the effort to keep it going. Puma and I could simply play UT on a thousand other servers and avoid all of the work and the responsibility. We do, however, believe in that effort and will continue to zealously protect it from any degradation by an unwelcome presence.


One from Hobi-Wan and Two Other New CTF Maps
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Saturday, July 7, 2001 3:00 PM CDT

New CTF maps x 3:

CTF-Rock Island

An over-view of the entire map...

One of Rock Island's nastier permanent residents...

CTF-Moon Base Alpha

Small bases combined with a gigantic outdoor area...


No tunnels yet just as bloody as Car Park]|[...

CTF-Rock Island is the latest offering from mapper Hobi-Wan. The most salient thing I can say about this new map is that it's just plain fun to play. It is a simple straight-forward fight from one end of the map to the other. There are no hidden goodies or secret paths back to your base...What you see is really what you get here. The creatures can be killed, but they will quickly respawn. If they come up behind you, they can do a significant amount of damage by the the time you get turned around and in a position to fire at them.

CTF-Moon Base Alpha is actually an older map that I found by accident on the mapper's own personal website in the UK. It's an unusual map in that the bases are very small, easy to defend, and really tough to attack. If you manage to get the enemy flag out it's base, then you'll have to cross a vast outdoor expanse back to your own side of the map. It is symmetrical and balanced in all respects.

CTF-Outlook][ also came from the same site in the UK. In spite of all the walls, it is a completely outdoor map. There two supply on each side of the map in the middle area...but hanging around inside them would likely be very hazardous to your health. CTF-Outlook][ is also symmetrical and balanced.

All three maps are available as zip files for downloading on the Filez Page.



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