Road-Kill Journal Vol.2-2

CTF-Magic Kingdoms: The Most Beautiful Map in UT
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Tuesday, January 16th, 11:00 PM CDT

CTF-The Magic Kingdomz:

CTF-Magic Kingdomz

This may be the most beautiful map ever made for UT

Multiple cloud layers float above and below the castles

Many of the textures were taken from The Wheel of Time

CTF-Magic Kingdomz is now available on the Stuffed Cats Inc. Server. This enormous map is one of the best built and most stunningly beautiful CTF venues I've ever seen. The author took most of the great textures from The Wheel of Time. The three-dimensional graphics are incredible! They act to instantly suspend disbelief and place you inside the virtual spaces the map-maker has created...It is devastatingly effective in its ability to pull you into its environment.

You can take the push from the redirect server if you like. However, I strongly urge everyone to take the time to download the zip file for CTF-Magic Kingdoms just to have the ability to explore it on your own. The map does have a few complex elements and it's a lot easier to figure them out sans half a dozen Cat Bots breathing down your neck.

I'm not going to try to kid anyone here...This map does have some pretty high frame rates. It ran just fine on my home machine...with the Athlon 800 and the VooDoo5 5500...but it is probably going to create some problems for many of the slower machines or those with weaker video cards. I suppose this is the real payoff for me for adopting MapVote. I really do not want to ignore masterpieces like CTF-Magic Kingdomz. MapVote allows me to make them available without force-feeding them to everyone in a fixed map rotation.

The zip file for CTF-Magic Kingdomz is available for download on the Filez page.


Screenshots From the Match on CTF-Boom Boom Bridge
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Tuesday, January 15th, 8:00 PM CDT

Shootout on CTF-Boom Boom Bridge:

~ BT ~ {WYA} ~ Dead Cats ~

It was very difficult to come up with an acceptable batch of screenshots from this match as the CSHP3 Mod kept shutting down the demo recording. I did my best to give everyone some coverage, but I was unable to come up with a single worthwhile shot for several players...My apologies, but it was totally unavoidable.

I've spread the pictures out over four pages. If you want to jump around to revisit specific pictures, each page has links to the other three pages at the bottom. I tried my best to get the correct names on each shot, but there are one or two where I was not absolutely positive about the identity of the player or players.

To see the screenshots follow the links: Frag-Fest on CTF-Boom Boom Bridge


A New Map ~ CTF-The Realm of Loki ~ Goes Up Tonight
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Tuesday, January 9th,11:00 AM CDT

CTF-The Realm of Loki:

CTF-The Realm of Loki

Loki is based on Facing Worlds...with some unusual twists

The map is simple, elegant, and very beautiful to boot!

Loki's flag rooms are very difficult to assault

CTF-The Realm of Loki will start it's run on the Stuffed Cats Inc. Server today. This medium sized map offers a very unique twist based on the Facing Worlds design. Although slightly on the small side, players are forced to use most of the map as direct teleports between the two flag areas are impossible. This tends to open it up and make it seem larger than it actually is. I played it with the Cat Bots and, after 40 minutes, I stopped the game with a zero to zero score.

Comparable in size with CTF-Lucius' Pit, the layout is perfectly balanced. The placements of weapons, ammo, health, and power-ups are excellent...and there's plenty of everything to go around. The principle difference between Lucius' Pit and Loki is that while Lucius' Pit is tight and confined, CTF-Loki is wide open. The massive column that separates the two flag bases is a stroke of genius as it forces teams to use large-map tactics in a much smaller area. The map does have a ceiling with a kill-zone, but it so high that unless you attempt to get on top of the central column you'll never know it's there.

Players are forced to either go around the column or use the lower level route through it. Using the lower level, however, gives you a known point of exit through the teleporter. It makes a very nice target out of least the Cat Bots think so.

The zip file for CTF-Loki is available for download on the Filez page.



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