Road-Kill Journal Vol.2-21

CTF-Evil Exor ~ A Halloween Map Special Edition
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Tuesday, August 31, 2001 4:30 PM CDT

A very special custom treat for the Dead Cats:

CTF-Evil Exor

A view of the night sky in CTF-Evil Exor...

CTF-Evil Exor is a holiday special designed for the Halloween season. It will run on the Stuffed Cats Inc. Server, at IP:, from September 5, 2001 until November 1, 2001. It will then disappear until next year. Other server admins may run the map whenever they feel like it. With the minor exception of a few added pick-ups, the placements and the locations of weapons and the power-ups are identical with CTF-Exor and the game-play is roughly the same.

This map is about creating a dark and creepy environment in which to play a game of UT CTF. It is very dark in most of the zones. The map contains 8 searchlight pick-ups which respawn every 5 seconds. In other words, there will never be a shortage of searchlights. There are 4 on each side of the map. Two are difficult to find and get. The other two are far more easily located, but you can die getting either one if you make a mistake or approach them in the wrong manner. Each side also has 2 flashlights located at the 2 darkest spawn points on each side of the map. These are easy to find and completely safe to pick up, but they only have enough battery power to last for about 45 seconds...i.e. they will light up long enough to let you find your way out of the spawn zone.

CTF-Exor has always had the toughest bridge to cross in the game. I've left Mattias' "Assault Rifle" in place in the towers, so if you ever wanted to know what the Sniper Rifle would be like if it worked like a machine gun, here's your chance...It'll fire those 50 rounds as fast as you squeeze'em off...:-)

The only final map related note I want to add is that in a heavy fire-fight, it's easy to get turned around on the bridge. If you get disoriented, check the towers. I've placed a pulsing blue glow in the sniper's nest on the blue side and a red glow on the red side. The map is best played in a dark room with the sound effects and music cranked.

Many thanks to Mattias Ekh for his truly great maps DM-Exor and CTF-Exor, upon which this map is based, and for graciously granting me permission to use them. Many kudos also go out to Puma and Wet Chicken for steering me in the right direction and to Mysterian for her excellent comments on the map's aesthetics. A special thank you to Dale "Hobi-Wan" Hobil for pointing me to the "Slippery Surfaces" tutorial and to John Carpenter for the creepiest musical score ever written. ...and a huge THANK YOU to [DC] Scratch, aka Nate Overstrom, for the fantastic "Caretaker" cat graphic!

Get the zipped map file and readme text here: CTF-Evil Exor


The Strangelove Mod v2.0 Runs Tonight on Stuffed Cats Inc.
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Tuesday, August 31, 2001 4:30 PM CDT

The Strangelove Mod v2.0 will be on the DC Server tonight:

The Strangelove Device

[DC] Puma rides the Strangelove rocket...

            Upper Left: The view while holding the Strangelove
          Upper Right: The redesigned HUD includes fuel gauges
            Lower Left: The nuclear blast on an Acid Pipe entrance
          Lower Right: The device leaves a contrail in the sky above

The Strangelove Mod v2.0 will be running as an active mod on the Stuffed Cats Inc. Server beginning tonight. The changes since v1.0 are far too complex and numerous to list here. In order to give everyone a fair shot at using the mod, I have placed two links below which will take you directly to the Strangelove Readme File and the Strangelove Operation Manual. The only item that's really likely to catch your attention that will not be available tonight is the "Yellow Jacket" weapon. These are replacements for the UT Enforcers. Unfortunately, they proved to be buggy on our server when activated. I just cannot over-emphasize the importance of reading the docs on this mod. The Strangelove Device may be used like any standard Redeemer, but it can also do a whole lot more as well. With this updated version you can carry a passenger and use your weapons while flying the rocket.

One very important thing to know is that unlike v1.0, the new Strangelove has a fuel gauge and a limited range. On all maps, the UT Health Vials will be replaced by Strangelove Device Fuel Cells. You may pick them up before you launch the rocket, or in the case of an open map like CTF-Freaks Come Out at Night, you may fly through the Cells to make a pick-up. The new Strangelove also has an Afterburner function, but you better be prepared to hang on if you use it!

To learn how to fly and use the Strangelove Device visit these links:

The Strangelove Readme File

The Strangelove Operation Manual

The above links will also be listed on the Tutorials pages for future reference:

Tutorials Page


A New Map from One of Our Own ~ CTF-Hostility
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Friday, August 11, 2001 3:30 PM CDT

Chronos makes a very cool CTF Map:


The areas outside the bases are enormous...

The inner bases are not a whole lot smaller...

Toonces' crappy textures...

CTF-Hostility is Chronos' first original map to hit the Stuffed Cats Inc. Server. The map is basically an inside take-off on the classic "Two Forts" design. The rooms are huge with very high ceilings...even in the hallway areas. This map is particularly well suited for play in a Low Gravity environment.

The map has a symmetrical layout and the weapons and pick-ups are equal on both sides of the map. One very interesting feature is that the one purpose built Sniper's Nest is in the geographic middle of the map and is shared by both teams. Watch your back! Chronos has really done a fine job with the bot A.I. and the Cat Bots are lethal on this critter. Also included in CTF-Hostility are a few original textures created by Toonces T. Cat...Go ahead, laugh it up fuzzball!

To download the zip file go here:




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