Road-Kill Journal Vol.2-22

It's the Dead Cats vs. Crackaz Crackdown on October 27th
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Friday, October 19, 2001 11:00 PM CDT

A Best 2 Out of 3 Low-Gravity CTF Match:

On October 27, 2001 the Dead Cats Clan will host the Crackaz Crackdown Team in a best 2 out of 3 Low-Gravity CTF match. This will be our first match against another Unreal Tournament team that actually prefers to play in the Low-Gravity mode. The maps are CTF-Showdown and CTF-A Dam Too Far, plus CTF-Braveheart-3 will serve as the match tie-breaker if it is required. Big T Crackaz is acting as the coordinator for their team. To date, communications have been excellent and it looks like this may prove to be a new high-water mark in well handled inter-clan warfare.

Here the official rundown:

The match with the Crackaz will be played on October 27th on the Stuffed Cats Inc. Server. The first game starts at 5:00pm CST. The server will come down and restart in match mode at around 4:00pm CST to give all players ample time to make sure they can get on the machine with a stable connection...and allow for a bit of pre-game practice time.

The rules are the best 2 out of 3 games; each game will be for 30 minutes or 10 caps; and all games will be played in the Low-Gravity mode.

          Game #1 - CTF-Showdown: 125% speed, 55% air control, hard-core, no mods, everything else
                             set to default.

          Dead Cat Players for Game #1: Sanecow, Cronic, Missing Lynx, Frisky, Zombie Woof,
                                                             M.C.Escher, Willer, and Feral

          Game #2 - CTF-A Dam Too Far: 100% speed, 35% air control, hard-core, DE Ammo Mod,
                             everything else set to default.

          Dead Cat Players for Game #2: Sanecow, Cronic, Missing Lynx, Frisky, MeowMeow,
                                                             Puma, Katz-N-Jammer, and Scratch

          ...and if needed:

          Game #3 - CTF-Braveheart-3: 125% speed, 35% air control, hard-core, no mods, everything
                             else set to default.

          Dead Cat Tie-Breaker Team: Sanecow, Cronic, Missing Lynx, Frisky, Puma, Zombie
, M.C.Escher, and Willer

The DC Clan Skins will be up, but all the other custom file pushes will be turned off. All DC players must wear your skin if you want me to get your name right on the pictures for the website. Big T Crackaz will help me to identify their players if I don't get them all written down during the games.

Visit the Crackaz Crackdown website here:

Crackaz Crackdown


Two New CTF Maps From Hobi-Wan Start Tonight
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Monday, October 15, 2001 3:30 PM CDT

CTF Treats from Hobi-Wan:


Camp on this puppy at your own risk...

CTF-Floating Fortress

Very dark and very tough means no cheap captures...

CTF-Camouflaged and CTF-Floating Fortress are two new Capture The Flag maps that will start running on the Stuffed Cats Inc. Server tonight. Typical of all of Hobi-Wan's work, both Camouflaged and Floating Fortress are straight-up shootout maps that pretty much eliminate the possibility of scoring any cheap flag captures.

CTF-Camouflaged has an excellent little anti-camper feature built into the map. It is possible to stand still, but only if you're very alert and only for brief periods of time. CTF-Floating Fortress is a very dark map. How dark is "very dark?" Well, it is brighter than CTF-Evil Exor. Camouflaged is small and tight and will demand serious team-work to score. Floating Fortress is quite large, has multiple levels, and is very well suited to a Low-Gravity game setting.

Get the zipped map files here:


...and here:

CTF-Floating Fortress


CTF-An Acid Pipe Xmas ~ A Christmas Map Special
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Tuesday, September 17, 2001 1:30 PM CDT

Toonces' Christmas Gift to all the Dead Cats:

CTF-An Acid Pipe Xmas

A small hint of the many Xmas treats that await you...

CTF-An Acid Pipe Xmas is my Christmas gift to all of you. It was not set to run on the Stuffed Cats Inc. Server until sometime in October. The terrible events of the past week have spurred me to put it up early. I hope that playing on this very special map will help to lift all of your spirits.

The map is all about enjoying the holiday season...nothing more...nothing less. I am only posting the one screenshot as there are many treats to discover on the map and I do not want to spoil the surprise for anyone. The basic layout is still CTF-Acid Pipe in almost every respect. It has the Impact Hammer added in the same location as on the Acid Pipe Dead Cat Special Edition. All other weapons and pickups are unchanged other than as in the SE. They have all been more precisely located and are a bit better balanced.

Many thanks to Steve Nabors aka |NoVa|Slick_Willy for his precip generator and portions of his, and Shock Systems, snow textures, Dale "Hobi-Wan" Hobil for pointing me in the right direction several times, Wet Chicken for looking over my shoulder and keeping me focused, everyone else that I kept dragging into my office during the construction phase to get their opinions, Bing Crosby...and of course my most sincere gratitude to Boris Niclas, [UTFC] Zeratul, for letting me use CTF-Acid Pipe as the base for this map. Acid Pipe has been the signature standard for the Dead Cats for almost two years now and it still gets played several times a day on our main server. When the notion of a Christmas map popped into my head, there was no doubt that it had to be Acid Pipe in winter trim and properly decked out for the holidays.

So get out your elf hats, start up UT, turn up the music slider in your preferences menu, and then kick-back and enjoy CTF-An Acid Pipe Xmas!

Get the zipped map file and readme text here: CTF-An Acid Pipe Xmas



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