Road-Kill Journal Vol.2-23

Dead Cats vs. Crackaz Crackdown Match Results
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Sunday, October 28, 2001 5:00 PM CDT

The Dead Cats take 2 Out of 3 in Low-Gravity CTF Match:

Scratch led the Dead Cat defense on CTF-A Dam Too Far

The Dead Cats emerged victorious, but not unscathed from our match with Crackaz. The three games went as follows:

                              Game #1 - CTF-Showdown                   DC 6 - Crackaz 10

                              Game #2 - CTF-A Dam Too Far          DC 10 - Crackaz 0

                              Game #3 - CTF-Braveheart-3              DC 10 - Crackaz 1

The first game on Showdown was an absolute bloodbath, but it was clearly their venue. Our timing on the elevators was awful and the absence of Sniper Rifles and Shock Rifles was not a good thing for the Dead Cats. In no way is that an excuse, they whipped us fair and square.

Game #2 on A Dam Too Far proved that turn-around is fair play for the Crackaz. This may surprise y'all, but the MVP of this game was Modem Boy himself...[DC] Scratch. He was an absolute monster on defense. Even with his 250 ping, he was blowing up Red Team players with amazing regularity.

Game #3 on Braveheart was also pretty rough for the Crackaz, plus they lost one of their players for about 3 or 4 minutes of the match. But it was still a better game than #2. Cronic Blunt was outstanding on offense, but once again the MVP has to go a relative newbie...[DC] MeowMeow. His defense was superb and I don't think the Crackaz got our flag out of the base more than a handful of times during the entire game. He was so good, that it became fairly obvious that the Crackaz were very definitely getting perturbed with the boy...not in a bad way...he just made himself very irritating...:-)

When it can be arranged, we are going to give them an identical rematch on their server.

The Crackaz are a great clan and great group of people that really showed their character and their good sportsmanship last night. I am hopeful that at some point they will join us in becoming a part of TeamUT.

As ngWorldStats is totally FUBARed right now, there will not be any detailed stats pages at this time.

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Dead Cat Player Trading Cards by [DC] TopCat
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Wednesday, October 24, 2001 3:30 PM CDT

Collectible card treats from [DC] TopCat:

The Dead Cat Trading Cards

There's a total of 91 player cards in the DC collection...

A slightly over-size scan of Mysterian's Trading card...

[DC] TopCat, aka Graham Toal, has produced a wonderful set of official Dead Cat Player Trading Cards. With a total of 91 cards, the collection includes all the Dead Cats and Dead Kittens, both past and present. A few members joined after the cards were created and they also may be available later as downloads for printing along with the rest of the set. Using each member's picture from their clan Bio on the Members Pages, TopCat has maintained the best aspects of each shot while still managing to cram everything into the standard 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" trading card format. This had to be a fairly daunting task as, having created most of the pictures, I can personally attest to their widely varied sizes and shapes. Each shot has been very nicely tweaked to maintain the best possible combination of not just composition, but color saturation and sharpness as well.

Put in the most straight-forward language, these trading cards look simply fantastic when they are printed on a high quality, photo-grade paper stock!

Each card, as seen in the image above, has the Dead Cat's character picture and their game NICK on the front and the player's real name and other biographical information on the back. A few of the player's names are not current as they were changed, by the players themselves, well after TopCat had finalized the images. This is almost always a problem with any dynamic material. If your NICK is not the one you are currently using, it is not a correctable situation. Follow the links below to view the entire set of player cards and to download the printable files.

TopCat has prepared a complete set of Instructions for printing out and finishing the cards. The trading card images along with the files and instructions will be a permanent feature on the Cool Lynx page. The files will be available in either PSD, Photoshop format, or as GIF files on TopCat's website. While there is no question that the PSD files will produce a slightly higher quality image, each of the "deck" files are over 30Mbs in size and there are 9 of them. All of the required files in the GIF format have been unified into one Zipped File, located here on the Dead Cat's website, that is just a hair under 27Mbs...or you may download the individual files from TopCat's website if you don't want them all.

[DC] TopCat shows us his favorite card from the set...

See the entire set of cards and get the downloadable files here:

[DC] TopCat's Dead Cat Player Trading Cards



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