Road-Kill Journal Vol.2-25

CTF-A Xmas Stomp or Toonces Finally Gets His Snowman!
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Sunday, December 9, 2001 2:30 PM CDT

CTF-A Xmas Stomp will add some bounce to your game:

CTF-A Xmas Stomp

Say Hey to the Stuffed Cats Inc. Sasquatch Brothers...

CTF-A Xmas Stomp is an add-on .UNR file for CTF-An Acid Pipe Xmas. One of the things I badly wanted in the first Christmas map was a Snowman. No matter how I modelled the Snowman, it always caused serious problems with the map's structure. New BSP or HOM errors would pop up every time I added it.

So, this version of the map is my answer to the problem. I have added two Titans...from the original game of Unreal...They're in a shiny new set of snow-coated skins I made for them. For those of you that never played Unreal, the Titans were the number two Boss Creature, second only to the Skaarj Queen. I have disabled the Ranged Attack mode on these Titans, so they will not be throwing pieces of the map at you. They do have their full Melee capabilities, however, and if you land on the platform, you are most likely going to be toast! I've also limited the range of their Stomp effect. You'll figure out what that is when you try to run around on the lower platforms in the pipe. On the upper decks, it has little or no effect.

Everything else in the map is identical to the original and both Xmas maps will remain in play throughout the holiday season. The zip file only contains the .UNR file. If you want the on your machine, you will need to download both Xmas maps.

Get the zipped map file for CTF-A Xmas Stomp here:

CTF-A Xmas Stomp


CTF-Noork's Elbow DCSE ~ A Major Revision of the Level
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Tuesday, November 27, 2001 5:15 PM CDT

CTF-Noork's Elbow DCSE rewrite attempts to balance the map:

CTF-Noork's Elbow DCSE

No more HOM errors in these mountain tops...

The Blue Base "Backdoor" error has been closed...

CTF-Noork's Elbow has been re-written into CTF-Noork's Elbow DCSE, or CTF-Noork's Elbow][. This was a serious attempt to create an approximation of a fair and balanced map. Chronos took on this task about a year ago and, aside from all the "Known only to Chronos" goodies that he planted in the map, it just never really worked out very well. Noork's Elbow has always been a problem map to begin with as it had a massive HOM (Hall of Mirrors) error on the top of the mountains that was extremely distracting in Low-Gravity play. The first task was to either get rid of that error and/or minimize it to an acceptable point, or not go any farther with the project. After managing to lose about 99% of the HOM error, what's left of it is highly directional and cannot be teleported into from any angle.

Aside from that, Noork's has also always been one of the most fun maps we've ever played on the Dead Cat server. The most serious rub has been the wildly unbalanced nature of the critter. For those that are not familiar with it, it was so badly balanced that for matches we would play it twice and change colors to ensure some fairness. When Chronos tried to fix it, his approach was to open up the Blue Base. I went the opposite way and closed down the Red Base.

There are far too many changes to list them all, but along with the alterations to the Red Base, I fixed the cheat in the Blue Base's entry-way, balanced all the weapons and ammo, and also added Miniguns for all you Minigun-Ho's out there. I tweaked the Bot A.I. on both sides, so the play is far more even than before. I also added a few Bot Sniper Points...Just in case there are not enough Human Snipers running around in your game...:-)

I noticed that several people on the server were having a rough time figuring out exactly what I had done to the Red Base. The composite image below shows the 4 major changes in the structure. The Roof Hatch takes exactly 1 second to open or close, and stays open for 4 seconds.

The 4 major revisions in the Red Base's structure...

Get the zipped map file for CTF-Noork's Elbow DCSE here:

CTF-Noork's Elbow DCSE


CTF-Car Park DCSE][ or Do I Really Want That Power-Up?
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Sunday, November 24, 2001 11:00 PM CDT

CTF-Car Park DCSE][ with a quirky new twist...or three:

CTF-Car Park DCSE][

Now, just how badly do you want that Shield Belt?

CTF-Car Park DCSE][ is still the same basic slaughterhouse of a map that we have all come to love. The only change in this version of the map is the addition of a trio of really nasty ~ invisible ~ Skaarj Lords that camp the Power-Ups. They are not invincible and can definitely be killed if you'll work at it. They are programmed to hang out in very specific areas and will not attack any player on either team unless they are provoked first. Once you rouse them, however, they absolutely will not back off until they are dead. Make no mistake, this does alter the game-play to some extent until all of the Skaarj are all killed. Standing on the Shield Belts and spamming the tubes with Razors is not really an option while these critters are still active...Oh, and did I mention that they are expert at dodging Rocket Spam...:-)

...and many thanks to Shock-Systems for the most excellent Skaarj eye texture!

These Skaarj Blades and gibs show they can be killed...

Get the zipped map file for CTF-Car Park DCSE][ here:

CTF-Car Park DCSE][



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