Road-Kill Journal Vol.2-3

Two New CTF Maps On the Stuffed Cats Server
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Wednesday, January 24th, 4:30 PM CDT

CTF-Satan Hollow:

CTF-Satan Hollow

Dark, foreboding, and yes, those are bats...

CTF-Satan Hollow is a very creepy map. It's dark, foreboding and filled with bats that fly around you as you fight your way across the open pits. There are a few minor errors, but nothing fatal. The author, Sean Swanson, also wrote CTF-Realm of Loki, so that should give some idea of the quality of map-making you'll be dealing with on CTF-Satan Hollow.

The map is perfectly balanced and the placement of the weapons, power-ups, and health packs could not be any better. It is fully pathed for the Cat Bots and they are just as agressive on offense as they are on defense. I tested the map using a VooDoo3 2000 in a machine with a PIII 600Mhz CPU and had no frame rate problems at all. You may either download the zip file or take the push from the redirect server.

To download the zip file for CTF-Satan Hollow go here: CTF-Satan Hollow

CTF-High Earth Orbit:

CTF-High Earth Orbit

Orbit is very unforgiving: A true skillz map...

CTF-High Earth Orbit is a new breed of cat (pun intended) for the Stuffed Cats Inc. Server. Even though it is a very small map, HEO is designed for 10 to 16 players. This map is all about skillz...mainly your skillz with air control. There are two jump pads on each side of the map. These pads have enough power, if you hit the "Jump" key as you run across them, to allow you to clear the entire map in a single hop. The trick is to be able to make the jump, control the path of your movement, and defend yourself all at the same time. Thankfully, the Cat Bots will not use the jump pads.

CTF-High Earth Orbit is balanced in all respects and, with the sole exception of the jump pads, is fully pathed for the Cat Bots. HEO probably comes as close to delivering the same feeling you get on DM-Morpheus as you'll ever find on a CTF map. This map was tested on the same system as CTF-Satan Hollow and I experienced no frame rate problems while playing it. As with CTF-Satan Hollow, you may either download the zip file or take the push from the redirect server.

To download the zip file for CTF-High Earth Orbit go here: CTF-High Earth Orbit


The 1st Annual TeamUT Frag-In Hits Dallas
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Sunday, January 21th, 2:00 PM CDT

TeamUT at Dave & Busters:

TeamUT Gathers in "Big D"

    Top Row L-R: Zoob, Barkeep, Punker, Cronic, Random, Tack, Toonces Middle Row L-R: Pure Rage, Deicide, Thorvyn                                         Front Row L-R: JAG, Missing Lynx, Hawk, Chronos, El Gato Diablo    

The first annual TeamUT Frag-In began Friday night in Dallas. The party got off to a great start at Dave & Busters in North Dallas. A few minutes after we arrived, everyone was surprised to see that El Gato Diablo had flown in to join us following his visit with the folks in the Wichita, Kansas chapter of the Dead Cats. We were all greatly relieved that Diablo and Chronos...see the picture above...quickly put all the bad blood behind them ensuring that a good time would be had by all.

Following an hour or so of playing the arcade games, we all sat down for dinner together. After the meal most of the group spread back out into the arcade area while Random, Pure Rage, JAG, and a few others hung around the pool tables. Around 10:30 PM, everyone decided to move the festivities to the establishment located next door. At this point, Toonces' age, good judgement, and basic sense of morality caught up with him. So, he said his goodbyes and headed back to the motel...Alas, the rest of the story will have to be told by those brave souls that lingered on for the rest of the evening.

To see all of the photos, go here:  TeamUT Dallas Pictures.


The Wichita Chapter of the [DC] Clan Will be There in Spirit
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Wednesday, January 17th, 4:30 PM CDT

The Wichita Dead Cats:

Dead Cats in the Heartland

The four members of the Dead Cats' Wichita Chapter...

The four members of the Dead Cats from Wichita can't make it to Dallas for the TeamUT gathering, but they promise to attend in spirit. [DC] Osiris, [DC] Caterpillar, [DC] Anubis, and [DC] Punisher all got together with Cat Bot El Gato Diablo, who is vacationing in the Wichita area, to pose for this picture. All regretted that they won't be making it to "Big-D" and promise that when we throw the next bash, they'll do their best to be there.

When asked about his visit El Gato Diablo said, "These are great guys! I thought the Cat Bots were party animals. Well, let me tell you I didn't know what a party was until I hooked up with this bunch...Who would have ever guessed that a town like Wichita would have an open mind about inter-species partying. Man does my head hurt after last night. Hey, you got any aspirin?"

Next time you'll make it guys...Just don't bring El Gato Diablo with you.



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