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Dead Cat Marketing Strategy & Another New Map Tonight
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Friday, January 26th, 3:30 PM CDT

The Dead Cats gear up their marketing efforts:

Dead Cat Product Sales Soar!

This ad will help get the proper image out to the public...



Avacena is a clever twist on the "5 Cubes" model...

CTF-Avacena uses a unique adaptation of the "5 Cubes" model of map design. The author, Mattias Ekh, has mirrored the flag bases, which each contain five cubical rooms, and connected them with two separate and isolated paths.

The outside route between the flag rooms...

The outside route offers a variety of weapons and ammo pick-ups. It is the only area that holds Sniper Rifles and the Quad Damage Amplifier. There is a Shield Belt located along the outside wall. The top of the building is accessible and offers the sole campsite in the map. If you're a flag runner and you want to avoid the snipers, I'd suggest the indoor route.

Here's the only place you'll find the Flak Cannon...

A large room along the inside route is the only place you'll find the Flak Cannon. Shared by both teams, this large room can be a very hostile place to visit. This zone is very reminiscent of the Flak Cannon room in CTF-Exor-3.

The inside route between the flag rooms...

The inside path also offers a variety of weapon and ammo pick-ups...including the Flak Cannon which is down the stairs on the map's lowest level. The ceilings are vaulted and there's more than ample room for jump matches in the low gravity enironment. A second Shield Belt is located along the connecting hallway.

To download the zip file for CTF-Avacena go here: CTF-Avacena



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