Road-Kill Journal Vol.2-6

ViDMaR Hits 30 and Joins the Ranks of Grizzled Old Men

Another Youngster Bites the Dust:

Happy Birthday ViDMaR!

El Gato Diablo and ViDMaR celebrate in DM-Kitchen...

Life catches up with all of us and {WYA} ViDMaR is no exception. This Saturday he'll turn 30 and stop being one of THEM and officially become one of US...US, of course, being the legions of grizzled old men that actually rule the world as those under 30 are forced to do most of the heavy lifting...while at the same time attempting to control their hormonally fueled and reptile-like brains.

ViDMar it's great to have you on our side...but what is up with that cake and the hats? Is there something that you and Diablo need to tell us?.


Game Skins for SPAZ-O-RAMA by Chris Bernert
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Monday, February 5th, 4:30 PM CDT

The new SPAZ-O-RAMA skins are ready:

Leaping Lizards!

The SPAZO-O-RAMA skin with the "Shifty" face...

The SPAZO-O-RAMA game skins are ready to go and the author, Chris Bernert, has given us an amazing creation. The level of detail on these skins is absolutely stunning! The pack comes equipped with four distinct faces and the full array of colors for CTF and Team Death Match games. Words cannot not do justice to this work, so follow the link below to view the entire pack and all of the faces.

Follow the links to the SPAZ-O-RAMA UT Skins by Chris Bernert

The skins will be available for download from the Dead Cat website later tonight. I will send the URL to everyone in an email message on the TeamUT News List. The skins will be pushed by both of the [DC] machines through the redirect server. I will coordinate with [SPZ] Spanker to get them set up on the SPAZ-O-RAMA machine as soon as possible.


Meet the South Florida Dead Cats
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Sunday, February 4th, 7:00 PM CDT

The Florida Dead Cats show themselves:

Clan Party in the Tropics

Hey!...Who is this 9 Lives guy anyway?

The South Florida Dead Cats have finally shown themselves in this group photo recently submitted by [DC] Mr. DeAdCaT. We've often seen 9 Lives on the server, but to date his true indentity remains shrouded in mystery. Most importantly, does he have it what it takes to be known as [DC] 9 Lives?

I understand that our own El Gato Diablo...seen here in the background hanging out with the in possession of this information but he's not talking. What I want to know is how does he find out out where all these UT parties are being held?...and where does get the scratch for the airfare? It's for sure that he doesn't make that kind of money working as a Cat Bot.


Clan SPAZ-O-RAMA Hooks Up with TeamUT
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Wednesday, January 31th, 3:30 PM CDT

SPAZ-O-RAMA joins TeamUT:


The Newest Member of the TeamUT Family...

Clan SPAZ-O-RAMA has become the most recent addition to the TeamUT roster. Many of their members have played with us on the Stuffed Cats Inc. machine...and over the last week or two, a number of the Dead Cats have been jumping on the SPAZ-O-RAMA server. It's an outstanding Low-Gravity CTF machine that runs many of the same maps that we use on the .56 server. There are a few significant differences as they do not use the DE Ammo Mod and their Friendly Fire is set to I so rudely discovered when one of my own team-mates Redeemer'd me as I was about to cap a flag on Lava Giant.

The IP for the server is:

Their Team Captain is [SPZ] Spanker and he'll be posting SPAZ-O-RAMA news on the TeamUT news list for their clan. Most of you already know [SPZ] Desdinova, but be sure to welcome all of the SPAZ-O-RAMA members into the TeamUT fold when you see them on our servers. I hope that many of you will take the time to visit them on their server. I am certain they are going to be a great addition to TeamUT.

Follow the Links to the SPAZ-O-RAMA Home Page



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