Road-Kill Journal Vol.2-8

A New CTF Map and New DM Map on Stuffed Cats Inc.
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Friday, March 2, 4:30 PM CDT

CTF-Misrule and DM-Zeitkind:


Small, nasty and very chaotic...

CTF-Misrule comes to the server in the tradition of other small and vicious maps like Lucius' Pit and Ice Flow. It is perfectly balanced and has a flow that is in absolutely perfect tune with the game-play. The bases are tough to defend, but getting out alive with the flag might just be even tougher. This is another true "Team Play" map...without it, you won't have a chance of capping a flag.

Get the zip file here: CTF-Misrule


It's an entire city built for sniping...

DM-Zeitkind is a polished rewrite of the CTF map of the same name. There are two huge differences, however, ammo is scarce and the poly-count is about half of what it is on the CTF version of the map. If you start running around on the top of the tallest buildings, it gets a little high but is never unmanageable. Even though the ammo is scarce, the place is littered with weapons. The simple answer...which has been tested against the to dump your weapon when you get down to one or two remaining rounds and find a fresh gun. I managed to survive with the Minigun for an extended period by picking up throw-away units from the dead Cat Bots.

We tested DM-Zeitkind on two machines. One had a low-end Voodoo card and the other had a low-end ATI unit using D3D. Both ran flawlessly and without any trace of jumpiness or lag even in the darker areas of the map. Make no mistake, even though DM-Zeitkind offers some real possibilities for rousing gunfights, this map is a sniper's delight. There are at least 10 to 12 Sniper Rifle pick up points, so if you exhaust one, finding a new rifle is never a problem. For some reason, the author did place a fair amount of Flak Cannon and Minigun ammo on the map, but very little for the Shock and Sniper Rifles. There are, by the way, easily as many Shock Rifle pick up points as there are for the Sniper Rifle.

Get the zip file here: DM-Zeitkind


Bullet Time & {WYA} Shoot it Out on Four Maps
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Friday, February 23th, 5:30 PM CDT

BT vs. {WYA} Report and Screenshots:

Official Match Program

Okay, so the screenshots aren't this
good but you'll like'em anyway...

The match between the BT and the {WYA} Clans covered four maps and lasted over two hours. The end result was that BT took three games and {WYA} took one...It must be added, however, that on CTF-Coret {WYA} really put the spank on Bullet Time shutting them out 14 to zip.

All in all the teams were well matched and [DC] Puma and I had a great time spectating through them and watching those gibs fly! Between the two of us, we took almost a gigabyte of screenshots. After a lot of sorting and cutting and pasting, the cream of the crop is now available for viewing by clicking on the link below. We apologize if we missed, or wrongly identified, anyone in the pictures. It was especially difficult to figure out who was whom among the {WYA} players when they were all using some iteration of the nick-name {WYA} Whiner.

Follow the links to the screenshots: BT vs. {WYA}



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