Road-Kill Journal Vol.2-9

Two New Maps...One Exclusively for the Botless Nights
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Thursday, March 8, 3:30 PM CDT

CTF-Abyss][ and CTF-Hall of Giants-II:


Dark, narrow and tight...This one's not for the bots...

CTF-Abyss][ is not a map to play with the Cat Bots...No human is good enough to pass that test! [DC] Puma and I gave it our best shot and the bots roundly kicked our butts for us. The map, however, is an outstanding piece of work and a lot of fun to play. Perfectly balanced, the Abyss][ has three routes by which players may traverse the map. All three of these paths require crossing a series of rope and board suspension bridges built above the "Abyss" itself. The original version of this map had terrible frame rate problems. When [DC] Puma and I tested the cleaned up "][" version it ran very smoothly for both of us using relatively low-end video cards.

Get the zip file here: CTF-Abyss][

CTF-Hall of Giants-II

Where's the hell is the flag?...You'll find out...

CTF-Hall of Giants-II would be more appropriately named CTF-Hall of Giants-II-Really-Really-Difficult! This map is just plain hard to score on. It has more ways to screw up and kill yourself than just about any other UT CTF map I've come across to date. It is very well pathed for the Cat Bots and will likely be available at anytime whether MapVote is enabled or not. This is one you need to explore a bit to figure out its secrets...Skillz will be very helpful, but tactics and strategy are going to be far more important if you want to score and win on this monster.

Get the zip file here: CTF-Hall of Giants-II


Botless Nights on Stuffed Cats Inc. and He's Baaaack!
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Sunday, March 4, 2:30 PM CDT

"No-Bots" nights on the .56 server:

As an experiment, on Tuesday and Thursday nights the Stuffed Cats Inc. Server will be running without the Cat Bots and the Dog Bots in place. Having the Cat & Dog Bots off of the server will, hopefully, accomplish two goals: 1.) Stop all the whining from Chronos and Hostile Lucidity (aka [DC] Missing Lynx) about the bots, and 2.) Allow the use of many of the smaller maps that are not playable with the bots in place.

One of the problems with running the bots at the current level is that different maps are pathed more efficiently than others. A good example is CTF-Braveheart-3. It is a simple, fun map to play, but it also has some of the best bot pathing I've found on any map. As a result, CTF-Braveheart-3 will only run in the fixed map rotation on the nights when the bots are not in the game. On the other end of the spectrum, is CTF-Lucius' Pit-3 which is a stunningly well designed and excuted map that has very weak bot pathing. Consequently, it may be run with or without the bots.

Regardless of the results, the botless nights will not expand beyond these two days per week.

He's baaaack!:

Be afraid...Be very afraid!

    First there was this...          And then there was this...

Now prepare yourself for...

The return of [DC] Benny the Ball...

Yes! That's right...It's [DC] Benny the Ball. The ultimate flag camping, Redeemer-Ho'ing, base squatting UT player of all time is about to return to the Stuffed Cats Inc. Server. No player in the history of the game can kill a flag carrier, and himself at the same time, faster than Benny! Missing in action for many months now, Benny is promising that as soon as he gets that dual-boot system up and running he'll once again become the defensive nightmare of CTF-Acid Pipe. His pup tent is pitched, the campfire is burning and Benny is ready to rock!

See Benny's new bio here: [DC] Benny the Ball



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