Road-Kill Journal Vol.3-1

A Gaming Concept that is Too Terrible to Contemplate!
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Friday, December 28, 2001 11:50 AM CDT

Too many Zoobs spoil the broth:

Now This is a Scary Picture!

If one Zoob really sucks, how bad can this be?

Life often has it's little nightmares, but the DC - BT match the other night crossed the line and stepped way beyond the pale. The first game went well enough, but then Bullet Time stooped to using extremely unfair tactics. I mean we all understand that one Zoob can easily be one Zoob too many, but nine of them? That is a notion that could unnerve anyone! We also know well that when it comes to inane, mindless, babbling, smack-talk, Zoob has no equal. The mere thought of that much blathering times nine would have made me want to lay down my weapons and go home.

Not being a clan to fold under pressure, however, the Dead Cats hung in there despite the fact that seeing that many Zoobs on-screen at one time might lead to severe eye disease and possibly some arcane form of madness. After it was all said and done, Bullet Time came out on top, but I am still very proud of the DC troops for sticking with it even in the face of such unmitigated horror.

Perhaps the strangest fact to emerge from the match was that, even with a legion of Zoobs to deal with, a great and fun time was had by all!


CTF-Dawgz Out ~ A New Backyard Romp for the Kitties!
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Friday, December 28, 2001 11:40 PM CDT

CTF-Dawgz Out will replace the much hated Redneck Woody:

CTF-Dawgz Out

Dawgz Out is fully symmetrical and chock full of ammo...

The flag bases are wide-open and very tough to defend...

CTF-Dawgz Out is the newest offering from Hobi-Wan. He created the map as a Christmas gift for a group of friends that call themselves the Dog Boys. By his own admission, this is not the usual polished piece of Hobi-Wan map-making. There are a few minor problems with some of the Bot A.I.  I played it several times with the Cat Bots last night, however, and it will play just fine on the DC server. Rather than being about perfection, this map is about fun. It is a straight-up shoot out level with no hidden goodies or secret areas. What you see is exactly what you get with this map.

One side-effect that I am sure that many of you will be pleased to hear about is that CTF-Dawgz Out will replace CTF-Redneck Woody. This is a far more playable map and, regardless of the overt simplicity of the layout, there are multiple routes along the fences that are especially suitable for use in a Low Gravity environment. CTF-Dawgz Out will start on the .56 server later today.

Get the zipped map file for CTF-Dawgz Out here:

CTF-Dawgz Out


CTF-Templar DCSE][ ~ A Map Offering Special Challenges
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Tuesday, December 19, 2001 2:30 PM CDT

CTF-Templar DCSE][ is a map that fights back:

CTF-Templar DCSE][

One of the two Blue Titans on patrol...

One of the two Red Titans turns to attack...

CTF-Templar DCSE][ is probably as close as I can get to making one of our maps interactive in nature. This is a venue that absolutely forces team-play and will not permit a flag capture without it. The addition of the Titans to specific, and restricted, areas means that you may teleport around the map as you always have in the past. When you're carrying the flag, however, it is an entirely different story. Rapid dodging is helpful, but not a guarantee you'll get past these bad boys. The boulders they throw move at a pretty good clip. Constant motion and maintaining a sharp angle between yourself and the Titan will improve your odds of living quite a bit.

There are two Red Titans and two Blue Titans. Although the colors look great, these monsters are not attached to a team and are equal- killers. One advantage you will have over them, versus the Invisible Skaarj, is that the Titans have almost zero jump capability and if you can stay high enough on the level, they cannot come after you. Additionally, their to lose accuracy when they throw them in an upward direction.

The added walls are to keep Titans in...not players out

Heed this warning and you'll probably live longer

There are only a few physical changes in the map itself. Chief among them is the addition of rock walls in key areas. These walls have been placed to keep the Titans in specific locations...They are not there to restrict player movement. I attempted to make them high enough to block the Titans, but low enough to permit dodging over them. There are a few additional pick-ups and even a couple of new ones...that y'all will have to find for yourselves. Finally, you'll find four newly placed warning signs that are located at gateways around the map. Even though I know you will not, I do strongly advise you to heed them.

Earlier in the month, I exchanged a few emails with Hobi-Wan over the subject of Critters on the maps and we agreed that if they are only there as an annoyance, then then they have no place in the game. I hope that in CTF-Templar DCSE][ I have managed to make them an integral part of the game and much more than simply an annoyance factor.

Get the zipped map file for CTF-Templar DCSE][ here:

CTF-Templar DCSE][



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