Road-Kill Journal Vol.3-3

Another New Face From [DC] Scratch
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Tuesday, February 10, 2002 3:00 PM CDT

Zombie Woof may get a new look:

New Dead Cat Skin Pack?

Incredible detail for 256 x 256 pixels...

[DC] Scratch has now finished a second new face for the mythical new Dead Cat skin pack. Will it actually happen and when? The rumors are running rampant, but only the Puma knows for sure...:-)


Two Brand New Capture the Flag Maps by Hobi-Wan
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Tuesday, February 10, 2002 2:45 PM CDT

DC vs. HOB Stats and Pictures are here:

CTF-An Uphill Battle

An over view of the Blue half of the map...

Lingering here will quickly get you killed...

The sniper's nest sits on a stone arch...

Almost every suface is set at an angle...

CTF-An Uphill Battle is among the latest offerings from Hobi-Wan. Perhaps the map's most noteable feature is that the majority of the surfaces are set at fairly extreme angles. It is an excellent Low-Gravity map, but dodging will be restricted by the inclines dependent upon the direction of travel. Teleporters will definitely be in vogue on this level.

CTF-War Zone

The Red Base and its automated tank...

The approach to the base is very tough...

You may go through or over this structure...

Yikes!...Shock Ball firing auto-cannons...

CTF-War Zone is Hobi-Wan's other new map. This is a far more complex level than Uphill Battle and it is also about twice the size. Even though there is a ceiling on top of the map, it is still one of the best Low-Gravity levels to come along in quite a while. Each of the bases is protected by a team-assigned tank that contains a Shock Ball firing Auto-Cannon. It is possible to get all the way to the enemy flag base and out again without ever triggering the Auto-Cannon. Remember when you try to do this that I said it was possible...I didn't say it was easy...:-)

Get the zip files for both maps here:

New Map Downloads


The Dead Cats Versus the [HOB] Clan Results
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Tuesday, January 29, 2002 9:00 PM CDT

DC vs. HOB Stats and Pictures are here:

Controlled Mayhem!

Run Cerebus!...Run!

The results of the Dead Cats Clan versus the [HOB] Clan in a 2 game Low-Gravity CTF match are in. The Dead Cats took both games, but the HOB Clan put up a terrific fight on both of the maps. In fact, the games were a lot closer than than the scores would appear to indicate. The pictures from the match are linked below and both of the final game shots with the scores are on the last page of pictures. A link to the ngWorldStats for each respective game is located directly beneath the screenshot shot.

There are approximately 70 pictures in all, so be prepared to wait a few seconds for the pictures to load on each of the six pages.

The HOB Clan vs. The Dead Cats:

Match Pictures and Game Stats



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