Road-Kill Journal Vol.3-4

Two New CTF Maps and Two Updated Versions of Standards
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Monday, March 11, 2002 4:30 PM CDT

New maps and old maps...All different:

Get It if You Can

Car Park with no Skaarj but on steroids...

CTF-Get It if You Can is a lot like Car Park. Make no mistake, however, this is a Hobi-Wan map with all the excellence that implies. Wide open bases with tight tunnels that interconnect them will make this a real bloodbath to play and a guaranteed crowd pleaser on the Stuffed Cats server.

The Great Wall

Wide open and made for Low Gravity play...

The Great Wall is a huge map with lots of room to jump around in and lots of ammo to blow up...Exactly as the Dead Cats like'em. The map is simple in its layout and design, but will require good covering fire and team play if you want to cap a flag. Think about Boom Boom Bridge and you'll quickly realize that this map is vintage Hobi-Wan.

Spamtastic - Coming Soon!

It's still "Beta" and it's hilarious...

CTF-Spamtastic is very funny and it's coming soon to a server near you...'nuff said!

Two current maps have been changed to newer versions:

1) CTF-Hall of Redemption DC vs. HOB 2 has some minor fixes courtesy of Hobi-Wan.

2) CTF-Braveheart DCSE]|[ has several major changes in it:

          a.) There are two new towers on the map.

          b.) Each tower may only be accessed from the top.

          c.) There is a Redeemer inside each tower and it respawns every 60 seconds.

          d.) The Evil Skaarj by the Shield Belt is still there. His health is only 100 Points, so he is
               a piece of cake to kill. When you kill him, he will NOT respawn.

          e.) The other Skaarj are no longer free to roam the map. They are all inside the two towers.
               They are released when you kill the Skaarj that camps the Shield Belt. Letting him live
               is not really an option. He is easy to kill, but does heavy damage if you let him run free.

          f.) It is possible to get the Redeemers...very difficult, but completely doable...:-)

Get the zip files here:

Filez Page


CTF-Evil Exor Becomes Even More Evil as CTF-Evil Exor][
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Sunday, March 3, 2002 6:30 PM CDT

Beware the evil Fire Skaarj:

The Fire Skaarj Pit

Best advice is keep your distance...

CTF-Evil Exor has been further modified and will now be CTF-Evil Exor][. Most of the map remains the same, but the changes that have been made are significant.

Here they are:

1) The Assault Rifle and ammo packs are gone from the towers. You may still snipe from the towers, but you'll have to get the Sniper Rifle and ammo from the ledges in front of the castles and then take it all up to the tower with you.

2) There is an Enhanced Shock Rifle on the map. It's hard to see and extremely difficult and dangerous to pick up.

3) There is a new critter on the map, the Fire Skaarj. There will normally be 4 of them and they live in a caged pit on top of the bridge. They have very different characteristics than the Invisible Skaarj. They absolutely cannot get out of their pit. I suppose the more clever among you could probably blow one out with a Redeemer or a Rocket. I tired and failed. Every time I got close enough to give one of them a boost, it killed me. If you can keep from falling into the pit, you will never have to mess with them...Good luck if you do!

4) Due to the presence of the Fire Skaarj Pit, you can no longer hang around the bases of the towers and in the shadows as places to snipe. You'll have to find higher ground to shoot across the bridge.

5) Finally, the dynamic lighting is much improved in the outside areas.

Get the zip file here:

CTF-Evil Exor][


A New Inductee Into the Dead Cat Hall of Llamas
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Tuesday, March 1, 2002 11:00 AM CDT

Lameness is a disease for punks:

Meet the SnowLlama

New frontiers of ineptness confront us...

This we were not supposed to see...

The Dead Cats are probably guilty of many things, but ripping each other off, or jacking our community property, has never been one of them...until now. The lamer punk, that use to be known as SnowCat, has so thoroughly abused his privileges as a clan member that he has been removed from the roster of Dead Cats and earned the new top-spot in the Hall of Llamas.

To cut to the chase, after being forgiven for attempting to use an Elf Bot on the server, he then proceeded to snatch all of the TeamUT clan skin files and make them available for downloading on another clan's website. I want to hand out some special props here to [SNM] Kittie, the [SNM] clan's webmistress for quickly removing the skins from her site. The [SNM] clan seem to be good folks. They've even gone a step farther by tossing the vile SnowLlama out of their clan and they've put up a couple of very special goodbye cam-shots to the little punk on their homepage. There's an active link to their site in the piece on the Llama page.

Follow the links to SnowLlama's new bio in the Hall of Llamas:

Cool Lynx



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