Road-Kill Journal Vol.3-7

There's Big Trouble in Acid Pipe...It's Under Siege!
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Friday, June 28, 2002 2:30 PM CDT

Terrorist jail-breaks can be such a nuisance:

Yikes! That's one strange looking structure!

There's really BIG TROUBLE in the Pipe! In CTF-Acid Pipe - Under Siege][ you will be able learn about the entire sordid affair. As it turns out, several of the terrorists from CTF-Die Guys! DCSE had been captured and placed in confinement in the prison cells in CTF-Acid Pipe DCSE. But like so many things that are built by the lowest bidder, the cells were flawed and the terrorists staged a jail-break.

The exact number of them left alive is unknown at this time, but we are pretty sure it's somewhere between 1 and 4. No one has reported seeing any terrorists once 8 humans are in the facility. We do not know why this seems to happen. As you all are aware, the major construction project in the Pipe, designed to return it to active service, has been completed. As added protection against any terrorist strikes, the Toxin Suits have been replaced in the closed entry tubes at the top of the central core. The main boost shaft is now finished, but the jump pads into the entry tubes are still on order so you'll have to use your Translocators to jump from the top platform to the tubes in order to get a suit. Once you have the Toxin Suit on, you'll be free to enter the acid filled areas of the facility.

Use extreme caution inside the boost shaft!

It has not been fully fine-tuned as of this time and any attempt to steer a path inside the shaft may result in death or serious injury to the user. If you reach the top at the exact center of the overhead deflector shield, you may be crushed or returned back down the shaft. On its own, the boost shaft will place you onto the angled suface of the shield and you should be safely deposited on the top platform deck. Too much side pressure may also slow your ascent and could result in a failure to reach the top of the shaft. If perchance you do find yourself being dropped back into the shaft, try to land directly on the jump pad at the bottom and you will automatically be sent back up.

On a final note, the Redeemers that were located in the Flag Bases have now been relocated to an area where the terrorists cannot access them. These weapons have been replaced by two Keg's-O-Health. We realize that this action may pose an incovenience for some, but in this case it is better to be safe than sorry. It must also be noted that the reinstallation of the main boost shaft has eliminated the direct open line-of-sight between the two main Sniper Posts.

Be very careful and watch your back with the terrorists!

Go to the Filez Page to download your copy of Acid Pipe - Under Siege][


This Could be the Most Difficult CTF Map You'll Ever Play
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Friday, June 21, 2002 5:30 PM CDT

CTF-Templar DCSE-V is meaner than a cornered rat:

Want the ESR? Get by this bad boy first...

This will be the final version of CTF-Templar and I promise you that it's a real doozy! If y'all are smart, you'll heed the warning signs and leave the Titans alone. Knowing how the average Dead Cat behaves, however, I'm sure they'll start getting whacked shortly after the first person clicks into the game. You will need the Enhanced Shock Rifle to travel around this level with any degree of ease. The secondary, or spawning, Titans all have ranged attack capabilities, meaning they will throw huge rocks at you when you try to cross their area of the map. If you have the ESR, they are fairly easy to handle...Good luck without it! The ESR is located high up inside the hidden cave by the river crossing. To grab it you have to get by the Radioactive White Titan that now lives in the cave.

Go to the Filez Page to download your copy of CTF-Templar DCSE-V


You've Played Car Park...Now You Can Play Cow Park
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Wednesday, June 19, 2002 5:30 PM CDT

Cool map by Hobi-Wan...Crappy critters and textures by Toonces:

CTF-Cow Park

What in the heck are those things?

Well folks this one sort of speaks for itself. CTF-Cow Park's a twisted little offering from the twisted mind of Hobi-Wan. Add to all of that a few twisted textures and critters from Toonces and you just about have critical mass on the weird meter. We think y'all will enjoy playing this one, but keep in mind that you'll have to make a lot of hamburger out of all those little Nali Dairy Cows if you want to keep moving through the base's hallways...They do tend to block your path every now and then.

Go to the Filez Page to download your copy of CTF-Cow Park


The Perfect Blend of Unreal Tournament and Unreal
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Sunday, June 9, 2002 1:30 PM CDT

Operation Na Pali...The pros could learn from these guys:

Amazing Details and Great Game-Play!

A few days ago I posted a note in the Zoob's World Forums about a new Unreal Tournament total game conversion named Operation Na Pali. Since then I've had the pleasure of playing 18 of the 38 levels and I only have one word to describe it so far...WOW!!! With the two exceptions of Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Serious Sam - The First Encounter, I don't think I've had this much just plain fun playing a Single-Player FPS in the last year. It's likely this is partially due to my attachment to the first Unreal as it was the very first FPS experience that I played from start to finish.

Operation Na Pali combines the very best of both games giving the player all the great atmosphere and characters from Unreal while arming you with the kick-ass weapons of Unreal Tournament. The total attention to detail is simply amazing...Even the Credits are a self-contained mini video game. The story-line is both well written and absorbing to play. The In-Game Movies are unequalled in my experience and often hilarious to boot...Did I forget to mention that unlike many video game authoring teams, Team Vortex did not have their sense of humor surgically removed at birth. These guys are funny and they put it in the game.

Team Vortex has released two patches for the game which are available on mirrors through their website. You may either download the pre-patched file ONP 1.20 umod Full Version 158MB released or you may patch the original release with the file Patch ONP 1.20 zip Version 18MB released.

Operation Na Pali scores a big 10 out of 10...GO GET THIS GAME NOW!!!

See the Screenshots from Operation Na Pali

Get the game and patch at the Operation Na Pali Home Page



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