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The Dead Cat Map pack for UT2003 Floods the Internet
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Saturday, October 5, 2002 6:30 PM CDT

They're spreading like a virus:

The Stuffed Cats Inc. Server has switched over to UT2003 and is now running the all new Dead Cat Map Pack for UT2003. It is not, however, the only game server that's dishing up a healthy ration of DC CTF Fever. The maps have been downloaded over 5000 times as of this writing and it appears that the frenzy has yet to peak!

The Map Pack has been announced, put up for download, reviewed, skewered, and deep fried just for good measure. Every time I look, I find new links, download sites, feature articles, and reviews...far too many to list them all. So rather than pasting in a bunch of links, I've compiled a selection into a Cool Lynx page for everyone to enjoy with just a few clicks and a modest amount of scrolling.

   Follow the links to see it all:

Internet Coverage of the Dead Cat Map pack for UT2003



UT2003 Goes Gold! - The Stuffed Cats Server Will Convert
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Friday, September 20, 2002 10:30 AM CDT

Stunning graphics and excellent net code:

The Gate Guard in CTF-Lily Liver DCSE-XL

Epic has formally announced in their official forum that UT2003 has gone gold and will be in stores within two weeks. Mark Rein, Vice President for Marketing, posted an official message earlier this morning. You can read all the details at this link:

UT2003 Goes Gold!

Assuming that that it is true that the UT2003 CDs will actually be in stores in two weeks, it's probably safe to bet that you will have at least another three to four weeks of UT on the Stuffed Cats Server. We are running limited tests on the UT2003 Demo now and, so far, it looks very, very good. We will also have the test the full game when it's available as I don't want to do lots of trouble-shooting on the active server.

Additionally, four or five of the traditional Dead Cat maps have been completely remade for UT2003. Three of them, Acid Pipe, Car Park, and Lily Liver...the replacement for Braveheart...are pretty much ready to go. DRCray is working on A Dam Too Far, although I am not sure where he is with it at the moment. Balefire is about 90% done with Boom Boom Bridge, but it needs work on the A.I. and a few other minor tweaks. All of these will need to be brought up to speed to ensure full compatibility with the new game. That will NOT happen over-night, and the server will not convert until at least 3 or 4 of the 5 maps are good to go. I am posting two screenshots from each of the maps, except for A Dam Too Far, below.

Here are a few facts about how the Stuffed Cats Server will be configured for UT2003:

1.) Until BDB creates a MapVote Mutator for UT2003, the server will host CTF games only. After the Mutator is available, we will run both CTF and Bombing Run.

2.) The speed will be set at 110% initially, and later moved up to 120% if it is not fast enough to suit everyone. This new game is slower than UT, but bumping up the speed helps a great deal.

3.) Many of you will simply hate the new Sniper Rifle: aka the Lightning Gun. Be patient, help is on the way...:-)

4.) The server will continue to use Low Gravity at all times.

5.) There are no Relics in UT2003, so Chronos will finally get his way and the Skull will be gone. The Relics have been replaced with Adrenalin pick-ups which give you the ability to perform certain moves after you accumulate 100 Adrenalin points. You also get Adrenalin by killing other players and Bots. There are Adrenalin pick-ups in all of the maps. There is also a Mutator which allows you to disable the Adrenalin pick-ups. For starters, everything will be enabled. If there are problems with too much Adrenalin, as in the "Special Moves" stop being special, then we will disable the pick-ups. You will continue to get the Adrenalin from kills.

.6) All of the other server rules will remain in place...i.e. no cursing, etc.

UT2003 has an encrypted net-check code on each CD. This code is checked by the Master Server every time you access a host that is advertising through the Epic system. So go spend some money and don't jack the game. Multiple identical net codes will be blocked from playing and, according to the net rumor-mill, repeat offenders will be banned from accessing the Master Server.

Finally, let me add the above link provides a list of known issues with the new game. Here's a very blunt heads-up for all of you VooDoo owners...Forget about it! Yes, the VooDoo cards will run the game, but the performance is completely unacceptable. I am running it on a GeForce2 Ti that I picked up at a Best Buy for $80 and it runs the game extremely well at 1024x768 with all of the currently available details turned up to the maximum levels. On a fast machine with a GeForce4 Ti 4600, I can run it at 1600x1200 with 14 Bots and have zero jitter or lag. This is a very detailed game, but the efficiency of the engine and the net code are a quantum leap beyond UT.

Here are the preview pictures as promised:

Acid Pipe: The Center Core and Blue Flag Base

Boom Boom Bridge: The Bridge and Blue Flag Base

Lily Liver: A Map Over-View and the Red Base

Car Park: The Garage Area and the Red Flag Base

See you on-line inside UT2003 in a few weeks!



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