Road-Kill Journal Vol.4-1

Meet the New Cat Bots - Adding a True Cartoon Feel
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Sunday, January 5, 2003 4:30 PM CDT

Does this fellow look mean enough to be El Gato Diablo?

The new El Gato Diablo gets busy with his Enforcer...

The new Cat Bots are based on the Sabbath Cat Model by Captain Slug. It is available in all four UT colors and will be used for both CTF on the .56 server and for TDM on the .13 machine. If you'd like to see where the character comes from, go here:

Sabbath Cat's Home Page

...and for the latest Sabbath Cat cartoon, go here:

The Current Comic Strip

...and here's a link to a Sabbath Cat animated cartoon:

Sabbath Cat's Paranoid Dream


[DC]DRCray Really Did Have a Dead Cat Happy Halloween
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Friday, November 1, 2002 4:30 PM CDT

That is one spooky looking pumpkin:

[DC]DRCray shows us his vegetable carving skillz...

Excellent work DRCray! This shot is definitely good enough to make it into the Pix archive:

Scenes Too Grisly To Imagine


Unreal Tournament Returns to the Stuffed Cats Inc. Server
Posted by Toonces T. Cat on Thursday, October 31, 2002 4:30 PM CDT

Now this game is still ready for prime-time:

Toonces plays in An Uphill Battle as the Iron Kitty

I sent the following message out last night to the DC News List and I also posted it over at the TeamUT site...

     I don't want anyone to freak out here, but I am about a hair's width from going back
     to UT and abandoning least for the short term. I am not going to get into
     detail in this post, but I had a really unpleasant day today messing with the patch,
     When I take that into account, along with the huge number of really low-life people
     that have been showing up on the server in the last week, I've about had my fill of it.

     I mean what is this new game...a magnet for white trash?

     Tomorrow is Halloween. Don't be too surprised if Evil Exor suddenly reappears at a
     server near you...LOL

I fully expected a private response from someone. What I did not expect was 27 replies all in favor of going back to UT. And, with the exception of about 3 or 4 of them they were all from people that have actually played the new game. I would have to call that an overwhelming response that is crying out to have UT-99 back on the .56 server.

Last night I wrote a batch file and a few small pieces of code so that UT will work with ServerDoc just like UT2003 does. What that means is that if the server crashes...which it will with will instantly restart itself and should be back up and running by the time you attempt to reconnect.

So, at 5:00PM CST today El Gato Diablo, Archie, and all of the rest of the Cat Bots will make their triumphant return to the Stuffed Cats Arena along with MapVote3.02, Carry the Flag, CTF Do The Right Thing, DE Exploding Ammo, Low Gravity, Kick Idle Players, Chainsaw Melee, and of course, the Skull of Death...:-)

Having the auto-restart in place also negates most of my worries about running too many maps at the same time. Consequently, you will be able to choose from approximately 120 maps if you count both the CTF and the Carry CTF versions of each. All of the old favorites will be there including Dam Too Far, Desert Fox, Lucius Pit, Evil Exor and about 3 different versions of Acid Pipe...:-) I just can't tell you how good it felt grabbing a REAL Sniper Rifle and blowing El Gato Diablo's head off 2 or 3 times.

I love mapping for UT2003 and will continue to do so...I may even play it again once in awhile. It is definitely not going in the trash-can. I am hopeful that the good people at Epic and DE will make right what is wrong with it so that eventually we can bring it back to the Stuffed Cats Server.

As an added bonus, and completely out of the blue, ngWorldStats came back to life last night for Unreal Tournament. I went out and grabbed the pages for the .56 "All Time Stats" and for the "Quarterly Final Stats" just before they went down on September 12th. You have to love any server that has had almost 12,000,000 Translocator Throws.

   Follow the links to see to see the stats pages:

All Time Stats for the Stuffed Cats Server

Quarterly Final Stats for the Stuffed Cats Server



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